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we returned home with Alice in no time.Alice went of course to Jasper and Edward hasn't returned.then i i felt the smell of a human-Bella was in Edward's room,sitting in the black leather sofa.she was looking outside the window and i thought that she was thinking about something.i wanted to know what she was thinking because she is in my family now and i want to help her if it is possible.
Emmet Cullen:"Hi Bella"i told and laughed at her.
Bella Swan:"hi emmet"she told me.
she was a bit sad.
Emmet Cullen:"Can i help you?"
she looked at me confuse for a moment.after that she looked at me with eyes flaming with sadness and curiosity.
Bella Swan:"emmet,can you tell me about newborns vampires?"
she was worrying about her life as a vampire.

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Bella Swan

I couldn't believe that he was being serious for one time in his life! So...I asked the question that was disturbing me more those days.
I wanted so bad to become a vampire and be all my life with Edward...but how would it be? I wouldn't want to kill people if I turn into...
Emmet looked at me, showed a little shy smile (something very strange for him, because he was never shy at all), and came to sit beside me.

tbc by Emmet Cullen
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i hug her lightly.i didn't want to tell her more for newborns because Edward doesn't want us to tell her more about this.but she needs to know the truth.
Emmet Cullen.:"i know that you worry about your thirst in the first year.your body and your mind will want more blood.blood to survive,to live,to taste.but your mind will start to ignore it after the first year."
Bella Swan:"i don't want to kill take their lives in this way.
Emmet Cullen:"ME and Edward and all your family(cullens)...
i didn't manage to finish my sentence when Edward came in.
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Edward Cullen

I was furious with Emmett right now. I was going up to Bella with the glass of water she wanted, but then I heard Emmett's thoughts. I burst into the room, though I did so carefully so Bella would not be startled.

"Emmett, would you help me, uh, find Rosalie? She's been hunting for a while and we are worried," I said through clenched teeth as an excuse to get him out of there.
"How could you, Emmett?" I asked him once we were out of Bella's earshot. "You know I don't want to do it! What were you thinking?"

Emmett was startled. " I was just telling her the truth," he said. "You know she's going to find out sooner or later."

"Whatever, Emmett," I said, feeling a little guilty for my outburst at him. I went to Bella and took her to the one place we could be alone. We went to the meadow, where she forgot her worries and was happy.

I heard thunder on our way back, and once we were close to the house, I heard my family getting ready to leave.
"How about we play some ball, Bella?"

TBC by BELLA or ANY VAMPIRE (including nomads)
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i was disturbed and sad too.Edward had never talked to me like this way before.although, i was right at all.Bella would learn more about it anyway so i knew how to talk to her about this without scaring her.the weather was perfect for us to play ball.we were waiting for Edward to come.i didn't want to talk to him.i knew it was a bit...immature but he was wrong that time and he had to admit it.he is always so overprotective that he sometimes gets on my nerves.he had to cool a bit.we knew how to handle Bella like him.then we saw them coming
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