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Since the past few days, Alice was acting very strange. A lot of talking with our brothers and Esme, and when she was with me I felt her a little bit distant, thinking of something else than in our moments together.
I would hug her and kiss her, and she would return all my love, but...just not as the same way as before.
I also tried to talked to her about it...but of course that my always perfect "psychic" knew about my intentions and escape with anticipation or whenever I could catch her, refused about my fears.
I was beggining to, lose my faith. Could she be regretting about all our journeys (in fact, MY journeys that she would offer to join) and the fact that I was taking her away of the family, her great and loving family?

I didn´t know. She wouldn´t tell.

tbc by Alice Cullen/Hale

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen Hale

I looked at him, my perfection, my destiny the one that i called my fate. It was nearly impossible to hide things from him, but none than less i would have to try for a little longer. Not that i was scared, but i was well known for perfection. And so when it came to my lover, it had to be more than perfect. So the only thing that was really left to do was, take his hand and lead him away. Put your mind together, little pixie.

''Common Jazz, we have to go'', i said to him, not very patient. As we all know he was able to sense my feelings, he caught the nervous feelings that ran through my body. On his way over to me, Emmett had pushed him lightly giving a devilish grin, which put him a bit out of place. But then his perfect golden eyes locked with me again, and there was a little smile. The moment he reached me i wrapped my arms around him, kissing his cheek so lightly it must have felt like a feather.
''Where we going, darling'', he whispered while our faces were still close.
''Somewhere special, where all your doubts will leave you again.''
And so we left hand in hand, seeing that once again a rainstorm would come up. But then again this was Forks, so we didnt expect anything else.

TBC by Jasper Hale only
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita barbie91lala said…

we continue walking through the dense forest. She was feeling nervous and I tried to calm her...first with a kiss near her throat, but as that didn´t have effect I grabbed her hand tightly and let my powers to do the rest.
We reached a very nice place soon. It was in the middle of the forest, but the pine trees were not as compactly together as before, and we could see some pieces of cloudy sky.
We entered the majestic place as the rain began to fall quietly around us.
She stopped and her nervousness intensified a bit. I looked at her beautiful eyes, and couldn´t see anything else. Her sweet and adorable face was warm and a few rain drops began to fall down her smooth cheekbones, entering without permission within her lips.
I frozed there, looking her mouth...I wanted her lips, all her softness. She was looking shy, and because of that more lovely and desirable.
-I love you more than anything in this whole and wicked world...-said with a half smile, trying to make her more comfortable.
I waited her.
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen Hale

I looked at him, in a way i had never looked at anyone else. It was not only about being a vampire, it was about love, life and whatever else was left. If we were indeed alive, so to say. And now i stood in front of this one person that always understood me, and i babbled around nervous, which was really not me. But sometimes you had to be scared, to know how important things were. To show my bravery, i didnt try to forsee anything about his reaction.- i wanted this to be normal.

I held his hand, the rain was falling down on us.- but neither of us seemed to realize. The only thing that really did matter was his honey golden eyes, which made me lose all the reality i thought about. I held his had tightly, my tiny fingers running over his soft skin and then i probably shocked the living hell out of him. I got down on my knees, and his first intension was probably that i had a vision, but then he saw my look. It was clear, it was not foggy or anything like that.
''Are you okay, get up out of the mud'', he said, but i remained in position.
''Shhh. I need to do this, and i need to do it quick... .''
He wanted to say something again, but this time i was quicker and just spitting it out. God i wasnt even sure if he understood me.
''Do you wanna marry me... again.''
Then i closed my eyes, and hoped he would understand me, and where i came from. I wasnt like Rose, i didnt need big things for myself. But i needed something for US.

TBC by Jasper Hale only
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita barbie91lala said…

I frozed. Of course I was not expecting that...
I couldn´t help thinking of how much I love her, so I got down on my knees too, and held her face kindly.
-Of course I want to marry you again...I would marry you everyday of my life. You are everything to me...-but I couldn´t continue. I kissed her softly and lovingly.
I looked at her, she remained with her eyes closed, and added laughing:
-...but, love, you don´t have to ruin your favourite designer dress to do this.-

I stood up, lifted her on my arms as a baby, and kissed her passionately.

tbc by Alice Cullen/Hale
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen Hale

My faith was fading, but only for a little second when he looked at me. It was shock or probably excitement, and all of it was complete. He had me in his arms, and there was no other place that i wanted to be. Who cared about my dress? Well yeah me, but today was a special day so i would learn to live with it. The moment he let me down, i opened my eyes again.- seeing that well known look on his face. It still looked like guilt, and that did upset me. It was stupid, but that was who Jasper was. A southern gentleman, that couldnt accept his nature.- or probably not the light version of it. Being Vegetarian wasnt always fun, we all were able to tell.
''Why now?'', he asked, but i wasnt sure if the quesiton was for me. I reached out, my fingers running over his cheek.- i forced him to look at me.
''Cause we have to stop going back and forth. You have to realize this is our family, not only mine. And i want you to see that no matter what is in front of us, i will not go away Jasper. No human nor immortal things can seperate us.''
''But it can always happen again that... .''
''That you have to go away? And what? Then i will go with you, and about Bella. She will not always be a human... .''
He looked at me, raising one of his eyebrows. I giggled a little bit, moving my hand to his hair.- running my fingers through. Allthough i was like four heads smaller than him, i forced him to bend down and kiss me with all the passion that we had. It didnt take too long before he broke free, again questions in his eyes.
''You mean one of us... .''
''No. Well yes. But not you or me or Carlisle. Edward himself. We all will get our happy end, one day.''
''Everyone in the house knows about the wedding?''
If i would have been able to blush, now was the moment. I had it all planned along with Esme, my wonderful mother. I nodded my head lightly, knowing he would unerstand perfectly. Right before i was able to say something we heard laughter, not too far from us. Edward and Emmett. They of course heard everything, and amused themselves. It was good to hear them laugh, the past months had been too serious. And now with Bella saying yes to marry Edward and Jasper allowing me to love him for eternity, it was all good.
''You have to tell Esme'', that was not an order, it was a wish.
''Why me'', he asked, while grapping my hand.
''So finally understand you are just as much part of the family as everyone else, Jasper Hale.''
My eyes did sparkle at him...

TBC by Jasper Hale only
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita barbie91lala said…

There I was, holding my present in my hands, running my fingers through the soft lips of my future.
I really wanted to make her happy...but still, didn´t know if it was by my side, keeping her away of her family.
-Our family...-she repeated softly like if she was able to read minds.
"Our family", I repeated in my head.
I´ll have to try harder, because she was right. It was our family, and it have always been, it was just...I, I couldn´t see it. There were a lot of signs I couldn´t read, I couldn´t see, and now became clearer.. there they were, hiding behind the trees listening to our chat and laughing, like brothers usually do...and there she was, Esme, with all her love and comprehension, helping to make the best wedding to her childs...and Carlisle, always a company, always a shoulder to rely on. Family. A little bit different from ordinary ones, but just as its members...different.
It was OUR family and I couldn´t keep that truth away. Maybe I did it to protect me from the sadness that I had every time I had to leave...maybe I did it just for incomprehension.

I kissed her softly and deeply.
-Thank you for clearing my ideas...-I said when I finished touching her lips with mine, looking at her bright eyes that denoted a sparkling happyness, seing that mines were truly sincere and that I finally have changed my mind.

I hugged her as impossible, feeling all her love and relief on the air. I wouldn´t want this to end, this perfect and magic moment, but there I was hearing their laughter again.

My brothers were coming.

tbc by Alice Cullen Hale
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita shellycane said…
Alice Cullen Hale

I so badly wanted to make this moment last forever, but from a far we were able to hear Edward and Emmett. Of course they knew all about my plan, and so it was their natural reaction to look after us. They wanted to be the first giving some weird comment to Jasper. As we knew running was pointless, so we took a seat underneath one of the big trees, cuddling with each other. As they came running directly to us, i heard Emmett say something that sounded like 'I bet we interrupt something', which only made me sigh.
''So you forced him to say yes, you little minx'', Emmett said, laughing loud.
''Liked i had to force him...'', for the first time in ages i saw Jasper smile, and then he bursted out laughing.
''Yeah, she was really mean. Tortured me a lot...'', he said, but then laughed again. My look fell on Edwards face, he had a little bit of concern there. My natural reaction was to get up, moving over to him. After all we were closer than people could imagine. I didnt have to say anything to Jasper, he understood me without words. And moments later i moved with Edward, away from those two sitting next to him on some broken tree.
''What is it Edward, you look concerned'', i was rather gentle, my hand running over his cheek.
''Bella...'', he started, but i already knew that. My hand remained on his cheek, then i took a deep and unnecessary breath.
''It will be fine, and i dont tell you that as your sister. I saw it. You are concerned cause of her being all against getting married. Well i can tell you this, she will marry you. And more than that, she will love it. So give me a happy face today.''
He put on that wicked smile, before hugging me. If i was human in the end, he would have broken me. The moment i wanted to say something Jasper and Emmett came running, laughing and joking. And then i couldnt help but focus on my lover again, he was running straight to us. Not stopping though. Instead of that he crashed both of us to the floor...laughing.

TBC by Jasper Hale only
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita barbie91lala said…

I hit Edward and kindly pushed my Alice to the ground.
I couldn´t believe being there, enjoying as much as ever.
And of course, I couldn´t believe being so loved. By my family, and my adorable wife.
I kissed her softly in both of her cheeks.
-Ok...I think we have to leave now..- Edward said trying not to laugh.
-Yeah..we better...let´s move on and leave this newlyweds in privacy, it´s too early to throw up...-said Emmett bursting out laughing in the end.
I couldn´t help laughing, too. And Alice joined me, with her lovely ringing of bells-like laugh.
They were gone in a sudden, and they we were, alone in the middle of the forest, with the calm rain still falling over us.
I kissed her again, this time in her mouth, and told her softly withing her lips:
-So..what´s next?

tbc by Alice Cullen Hale
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Jaques_16 said…
so romantic!!!♥♥ ^o^
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Jaques_16 said…
may i ask from what book is this from??
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita barbie91lala said…
it´s a role play
thx for your beautiful comments (L)