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Scarlet saw that Robin was not joking. He may be short but he was being real. He refused to back done. So she wouldn't ethier.
"Hmmm...I'm gonna have to get back to wewe on that. I don't think I can betray him." Scarlet alisema with a hint of joking tone. This only made Robin even zaidi mad than he was.
"If wewe know what's good for you, you'll tell me." he alisema in a demanding voice. Scarlet just laughed,"And wewe call yourself the good guy!!"
Robin just got closer. "We are. If we weren't then we would have abonded wewe on the traintrack where wewe fell at. It's the least wewe could do!!!"
Scarlet looked...
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Last time: Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire and Cyborg saved me from Slade. They are letting me stay at there house to keep me salama from Slade. Robin then took me out of the room to talk.

We walked to his room and closed the door. "Kiari,when Slade talked to wewe what did he say?" he sounded worried.
"He alisema that I had powers. Powers that could destroy the world. The problem is I don't have powers." I told him.
"Well, wewe could have powers, wewe just don't know it yet. I'll see if Raven can help wewe out with that. She might be able to help wewe figure out if wewe have a power au not." he told...
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posted by Adritha
I was best Marafiki with the Teen Titans. I was even best Marafiki with Raven. But that all changed three days zamani when I betrayed them. I didn't want to, but I did. I hate myself for it. I had a choice. I didn't have to do it. But I did. I betrayed my fellow friend, who will never forgive me for what I've done. No one would forgive me for what I've done.

Maybe I should tell wewe what I did so wewe can say if I could be forgiven au not. I'll start at the beginning so wewe know how I met the Teen Titans.

Well it started one siku when I was being chased kwa some kind of guy in a mask. I ran for my life...
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It seemed like any other normal afternoon to the Titans. They were heading downtown because there has just been a robbery. They thought it was gonna be the drill. Go & defeat the villain, take the rest of the afternoon off. What they didn't expect is to face their biggest challenge, aside from Slate.
"So what kinda of robbery is this again?" asked a annoyed Raven. Robin looked up & said,"It's at the old history museum. Apparently, whoever was there aliiba the diamond they had on display." Beast Boy got up & went in a freak out mode."You mean the one that is worth a lot of money &...
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posted by hellopuppy_78
Starfire and Robin are on juu of the roof and listened to Cyborg chasing Beastboy.

"Wait til I get you!You pig!!"Cyborg yelled. "oink,oink,...ROAR!!"Beast boy roared as a T-Rex ."Agh!You wouldn't dare!!"Cyborg heard as the glass shattered. "We should separate them Robin."Star said. "Nah,they should settle their problems." They sat in silence listening to their noises and Raven trying to break them up. "Star,can I ask wewe something,about,your family?" Robin asked losing himself in her precious eyes. "Well,I have a mother and a father,Black Fire,.....Sometimes I wish to have a little sister!"...
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posted by gcalimbahin
wewe know starfire i think wewe should meet my accomplice before i teach wewe a lesson (slade)
or i can finish her off (blackfire) sister! (starfire)where was i oh right the part where i pummel wewe ..no shes escaped (blackfire)

*outside titans tower*
(knock knock knock)
*faints*Starfire!(robin)we still have a chance of saving her (cyborge)how much time do we have (robin)1 saa 30 min.(cyborge)what do we have to do (bb)we need to find the rare zumaridi, zamaradi catleya of the amazon river (cyborge)
(titans notice robin leaving )where do wewe think your going (raven)we'r coming too wewe know..(bb)

*with slade*
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posted by DanixxDumb
You're Enemy. Chapter 1

 The eclipse was fully evolved. The night sky was now filled with darkness, Just how I liked it. 
"Hello, Daniel." My head snapped up and I looked directly at a unknown figure in the dark. The lim-lit alley ways showed a man with a face; but not an actual face. 
 He had half his face shaded in black, and the other a darkish orange. 
"How did wewe know my name?" I demanded. He laughed darkly and raised his arms up like an offering. "I know many things about you.. Like you're homeless. You're ablity to paralyze anyone with just one touch of your skin, au how wewe can tak...
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posted by hellopuppy_78
They had went to find the girl and saw her scared to death.They want to help her but she only feels comfortable around Starfire.

"Hello Waterfire!I'm Starfire and this is Robin,Raven,Cyborg,and Beast Boy!"Starfire pointed to each of them.She only looked at them with wide eyes."You okay?"Robin asked about to touch her.She backed away and almost fell off then Robin grabbed her arm before she fell but she looked scared."I have never met any other people before.Mister said,'They would not want to meet the devil's daughter.'"She cried. "Ah!Don't cry please don't cry!"Starfire was about to hug her.She only cried zaidi and flew back."We won't hurt you!Why would we hurt you?"Starfire flew a little to her."I WILL hurt you!!"She threatned.

posted by hellopuppy_78
 This is how the girl (Waterfire au Nebula) looks
This is how the girl (Waterfire or Nebula) looks
Robin and everyone are running after the man/woman and the pink jellyfish thing.X-P

"Titans,Go!"Robin yelled as they fired at the pink things.Cyborg shot a moto but it didn't do any good.Then the man turned the Titans saw it was a girl!She fired a huge shot of blue orb that looked like fire,and it destroyed one of the things then came 3 more."Ah!Help me!"The girl screamed.They all went faster to help her.Beast boy took down one of them and then 5 zaidi came out of nowhere."Robin they will just keep coming!!"Cyborg alisema trying to fight off one."Robin,what do we do?"Starfire asked.Then they flew...
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posted by Rainflowers
This is in my opionion the best ten couples.

10.Cyborg and Jinx

I've always loved this coulpe, they're so differnt, and totally don't belong together maybe thats why I like them so much
9.Angle and Kid Wickeyy

I upendo the way they work as a team and the way that Kid Wickeyy protects Angle.
8.Red X and Aregent

I really like this couple cause they look awesome together.
7.Kole and Ganerek

They are so right for each other!

6.Red X and Agrent

Dark and Evil
5.Cyborg and Bumble bee

They're awesome together. I upendo how she calls him sparky

4.Red X and Starfire

IDK i just really like this coulpe

3. Kid Flash and Jinx

He turned her good how COULDNT wewe upendo this couple

2. Beast boy and Raven

they belong together

1. Starfire and Robin

they're the best couple ever
posted by Rainflowers
Hello titan fans. This is my sekunde artical so i'm still learning, please maoni on this artical and tell me what wewe think. And be sure to read How long is forever. In this artical I'm going to onyesha what would of happen if Robin didn't come out when he did in the eposide Sisters. Thanks For Reading, RainFlowers

After Starfires sister came to earth, she helped the Titans defeat the pink probs that were looking for starfire. After they battledand won Cyborg remark, "Maybe wewe should jiunge the team."
Starfire thinking that they were going to replace her left that night but instead of returning...
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FINALLY!!! After I persuaded Cosplay Station to make the costumes, I see them on:link but they are going on sale, which might mean that no one is buying them, so if wewe need a TT costume look here so we can keep TT up!!! They have Robin, Starfire + wig, Beast Boy, Raven, and Terra. They are kind of expensive, but are inayopendelewa Heroes are worth it!!! So if wewe want to cosplay as them look here!!! Tell your friends!!! Oh, and wewe can contact them to request any costumes.
posted by ilovevladimir
my name is cassie i prefer dark things and the way i live is very lonely but rewarding ill tell u how my life started...i was born in a different dimension on a different galaxy and on a different plant called zaculight my mother was mortal and my father was a demon i didnt like the government of zaculight(my father was the Lord of Zaculight so i was zaidi under his control)my mother died before i was born and i was forced to serve Father my father felt discraced kwa my mortal looks then one siku i had enough of Father's controling behaveior so i ran away at age 5 i wandered the lonely dimensions...
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posted by hellopuppy_78
Waterfire calmed down a little."I'm so sorry."Her eyes had tears again."Don't cry!!"Starfire alisema about to hug her,but she hitted her force field."You musn't be near me Mister and Mistress will see wewe and hurt you....and-"Waterfire looked at Starfire-"Only wewe can call me Waterfire.The others shall call me,Rin,Rin Kagamine.I may have aliiba it from VOCALOID but I upendo their songs.And they resemble to me." Robin looked at Starfire and was about to say something when they saw Waterfire change in a blonde girl,same blue eyes,and had a small smile.They then saw smoke from the city."Starfire,take...
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posted by woowie
*Sparky and Cyote Kid r having a bila mpangilio words fight*
Sparky: BACON!
Cyote Kid (CK): POTATO!
CK: Yum... PICKLE!
Beast Boy: *walks in* Sparky, can I use your-
Both girls: *point at BB* ZUCCHINI!
BB: -Wiimote...
Sparky: *tries to jump on him*
BB: :(
CK: *grabs kwa wings* No hugging. *drags*
Sparky: Fine, wewe can use it. But just to let u kno, I licked all 4 of them AND the nunchucks! :P
BB: Uhh... never mind... :(
Sparky: *chucks zucchini at BB*
BB: *zucchini hits stomach* OOF! *falls down*
Sparky: *laughs so hard she gets a nosebleed*
CK: Oh no! *runs to BB* R u ok?
BB: Yeah... but she throws hard :(
CK: *transforms into cyote and eyes Sparky*
posted by PuppyLover16
"Azarath, metreon, zinthos..."

The dark and dismal confines of Raven's bedroom near the juu of Titans Tower were silent, save for the somber chanting of its blue-haired occupant floating a few inches above the center of the room. Her legs crossed, her arms extended, her eyes closed, Raven was currently engaged in deep meditation, undisturbed kwa the chaotic Samsara of the surrounding world.


Samsara, thy name is Starfire.

"Raven, would wewe kwa chance happen to have a spare blue cape I could use?"

The loud, friendly voice of the alien girl snapped Raven out of her contemplative state and immediately...
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so this is it im putting the viungo jiunge if wewe want to


thats all i can think of. if wewe have any zaidi under apricceated titans, tell me.
posted by StragsLover
(In the hospital and raven and robin are waiting for someone to help) Robin: Raven What did he do in there? Raven: He destroyed my leter to myself. Robin: Im sorry. (he axidentaly pushes on ravens leg) Raven: (cries in pain)Robin! Robin: Im sorry!
Nurse: Raven! Dr.S. Is waiting for you! Robin: lets go. Raven: Could wewe help? Robin: Sure (Robin carries her like a baby to the Operating Room and lays her down an an operating table) Dr.S.? Dr.S.: Yes I am Ready, Now Raven This will pinch just a little bit (He injects anastetic, a substance that can make wewe numb, knock wewe out and kill wewe kwa stoping...
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posted by mhs1025
It was late at night, and Beast Boy was VERY hungry. He walked into the jikoni and opened the refrigerator. Squat. "Aw!" Beast Boy shouted. He opened the freezer in hopes he could find any frozen treats. Negative. Beast Boy walked back to his room hoping he could find something stashed away. Nada. "What's a guy gotta do to get some chakula around here?!?" Beast Boy antagonized. No one had made a point to go to the grocery store yet.

There's was only one thing left for Beast Boy to do-sneak into the Titans' rooms and see if there was any chakula in them. *They better be glad I can transform into different...
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posted by PrincessBxtch
 look hot chciks jk
look hot chciks jk
The Beginning: Part 1
"WAKE UP BEAST BOY" cyborg yelled loudly into his ear after giving him a wet willie
"Hay Robin it's no use after mad mod beast boy is out like a light he wont wake up i even farted and burped in his face and did i mention i gave beast boy a wet willie"
"Cyborg look we have to do what ever it takes to wake him up with out beast boy its like a part of the Teen Titans is gone"
"look Robin i no how u feel but beats boy is a dumb punda he wont wake up for no one sorry buddy"
( Robin then begins to yell as if there is no hope left )
* Star-fire and Raven come in *
"Hello Robin and...
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