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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
*at fin's house*
I packed my stuff While Sam nagged at me asking me over and over to borrow my cell phone cuz she tried texing during a swim team race! "For the last time: NO!"I yelled. Same left and my twin sister Jorydin-McKyia,but we call her Tail (get it? tail, fin?) "So...? Are coming?" I asked. We both wanted to go together but our mom was not interested in letting us. "She alisema YES!" Tail said. "YES! So start packing if were ever going to catch the plane" I said. "Well...the thing is i got to...
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posted by Broseph1
duuudes and duudets, how are wewe doing. Anyways back to the topic. this onyesha is totally cool so far. all the characters are similar to 6teen characters. For example let's take my fav character in this onyesha Broseph, and let's compare him to my fav character in 6ten Jude. OK I'm just saying these too characters are similar in so many ways. They are both lazy,funny, like to have fun, and kicked back cool guys. Duudes this is one similarity the both shows have all the characters in both shows are in their teenage years 16-17. Anyways 6teen was a lot of fun to watch. And I hope stoked is the same. This is my opinion about stoked and 6teen. Thank wewe for kusoma my article. =)

PS. Johnny from Stoked is 17
posted by LeshawnaGirl
There are a lot of similarities between the three shows. Especially the characters

Reef- Jonsey and Geoff
Fin- Looks like Caitlyn and is like Bridgette
Broseph- Owen and looks liek Wyatt
Emma- Is like Gwen (nice) and looks like Bridgette
Lo- Is like Lindsa and Heather
Ripper- Like Geoff tooo and acts like Duncan kinda

Like TDI they are on a beach, pwani and like 6teen they have a wide range of charcters.

Three showws are all awesome and hope we see more!

They all are funny and act like they are family (most). They all have enemies and all have crushes. FOR NOW!