televisheni [p9] Another bunch of songs that remind me of Shows/Characters/Couples etc. - Which is most fitting? [81-90]

Pick one:
"Bootylicious" {Destiny's Child} || Callie Torres
"Beside You" {Marianas Trench} || Jake & Peyton
"Wait For You" {Elliott Yamin} || Logan & Veronica
"Let Me upendo You" || Lucas & Peyton [early S1]
"U + UR Hand" || Brooke Davis
"Unpretty" || Brooke Davis [s1 & s4]
"Jungle Love" {Steve Miller Band} || Sawyer & Kate
"Howl" {Florence and the Machine} || Sookie & Eric
"Blame It On Your Heart" {Patty Loveless} || Brooke & Lucas
"The Nicest Thing" {Kate Nash} Brooke & Lucas
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