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posted by Gumball081
Did wewe know Darwin is Gumball Sidekick ? Of course wewe know, but this time is different, because Gumball is Darwin boss. I got this when i watch The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Sidekick. Gumball and Darwin look at the name and Darwin name is Gumball sidekick, Gumball name is Darwin boss. I will tell wewe 4 facts about the sidekick

1. Don't be the boss for wewe pals/friends
2. Help your friend when he/she need you
3. If wewe not got some friend, make some friend
4. Don't help friend when he/she wants a bad thing example: stealing, punching, kicking

That's the facts about the sidekick, I hope wewe enjoy!
The episode begins with Gumball announcing to Darwin his latest creation; "the grossest thing ever." A jar filled with many gross things like bird feces and throw up. Darwin asks if he's sure his Tap Dancing dolphin impression still holds up to which, Gumball bluntly explains "no." While they discuss what they are going to do with the jar Richard mistakes it for his coffee cup, which he grabs and throws it into the microwave. Gumball and Darwin agree to nuke it, to their convenience of the jar already being heated up in the microwave.
As it starts to burn an 'eye' forms in the muck of the jar....
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#20. Gumball and Darwin playing dolls as seen in the episode, "The Robot". The boys are playing with little girl dolls and having what seems like a pleasant chai party chat and ends up being an epic action fight!
"May I interest wewe in a... DYNAMITE CUPCAKE?"

#19. Gumball listening to the wind in the episode, "The Picnic".
Wind: "You're going the wrong way."
Darwin: "What did it tell you?"
Gumball: "It alisema we're going the right way."
Wind:"*throws can at Gumball* I alisema wrong way!"
Gumball: "Yep, definitely! This is the way."
*Gumball and Darwin go that way*
Wind: "Losers."

#18. The Silence Snake, Mr...
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posted by stellamusa101
AN: Well, there's a club where I get to share out my opinion. So I decided to share my opinion here!

Nicole Watterson– my favourite character
She's the “bomb” of the family. I really like that, and that's what it truly admire about her. I upendo how she's the responsible one and always cares about her children. It annoys me how Gumball and Darwin always trouble her and she has to do all the chores, and never kick back and relax. I upendo it how her personality is the most similar to me– being responsible. I upendo it how she loves her husband Richard Watterson just the way he is, being lazy....
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It starts out with the family waiting in the hallway for Gumball to get out the shower. While waiting, Anais asks if the family can go to Daisyland. When Nicole explains that they can't because the tickets are expensive, Richard and Darwin start to concentrate very hard in an attempt to get Daisyland tickets out of nowhere. In the shower, Gumball slips into the toilet and gets flushed down into the sewer. Later on, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais try to catch the bus. Much to Gumball's dismay he misses his chance to enter the bus and instead is dragged kwa the finger kwa the bus the entire way. Shrugging...
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Gumball and Darwin somehow get locked in the bathroom together. Believing they will die soon, Gumball tells Darwin a secret he has been keeping for a while - he was the one who had drawn a creepy picture in Darwin's schoolbook, causing Darwin to receive a counseling session over the summer. After a moment of anger, Darwin starts to tell Gumball of a secret that he has been keeping. Before he can say what it is, Rocky opens the door and lets them out, explaining that he thought they were the ghosts of school girls haunting the bathroom. Gumball and Darwin cheer at their liberation, but as they...
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 baby gumball
baby gumball
The 10 episode of Season 2.Anais uncovers a secret that she's sure will lead her to the Wattersons's hidden family treasure.It's air at October 25, 2012, but this officialy airs October 30, 2012. Is will shows this:The episode starts in the living room, where Richard is taking a nap. Richard, being a compulsive sleep talker, becomes a chanzo of amusement for the kids. After poking fun at him for a bit, Nicole comes back from grocery shopping and scolds them for messing with their father. The kids help Nicole bring the groceries in, but are surprised at the high quality chakula she bought. Nicole...
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posted by chillyneon
Mr.Small got back to his job sooner au later as well as Gumball and Darwin. Gumball had just now realized something important.
Tomorrow's the field trip to the pool!
So? alisema Darwin
Ms.Dian will be there!!!
So will Mr.Small!
Shes gonna be in a bikini dude!!!!
Uh oh.
So hows this gonna work out?
Gumball though and though.
But nothing came to mind
Absolutly nothing.

Anyways, Mr.Small was walking along the sidewalk wondering what to do about his deal with Ms.Dian. He didn't have the courage to ask her out!!!! Mr.Small finally decided to give up until he came across Gumballs house. He knocked...
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posted by melodybryant
they tell me i waste to much time, watching that stupid show, but i just can't let it go, so i look them in the eye, and tell them, its like its fate my greatest fantesy, my destiny, my legacy, my everything, its like it was made for me! cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted, but its just began. they say i spend to many hours way to many days, somthing wrong with my brain, no way i'm ok! but i just look them in then eye, and tell'em straight, no need to wait, i feel to great, its like it was fate. cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted but its just began. the...
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i cant think strait. gumball was my crutch i used it when i was sad, happy, stressed, anything i had gumball when my fam was busy doing there thing au i was to scared au imbarrised to tell them i watched gumball and my worries just went away plus there songs i listen to to make me feel better everyone has there thing. we all have things that seem small and usless but in the end keep us sane and mine is ending its not like its cut short i mine it has 238 episode right now thats alot but still i new it would end but.... it still hurts it may be ending but i...
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posted by chillyneon
Well, Mr.small had a coma so now hes in the hospital with Gumball, Darwin, and Ms.Dian.

Mr.Small woke up with a blue cat and a machungwa, chungwa samaki standing over him. His eyes adjusted, and found out it was Gumball and Darwin. He tried to sit up, but he was to tired.
Do wewe think he's a zombie?? Asked Darwin.
No hes not Darwin. Why would wewe say that?
Because hes groaning and he cant get up
So he probably just tired Darwin
He could still be a zombie
Mr.Small finally sat up and saw that Gumball and Darwin had brought him 100 flowers. Uh kids. He said. Dont make a big deal out of this. Sorry, alisema Darwin. Wait, where's Ms.Dian? Oh, she left. alisema Gumball. She took over your duties at school.
Uh oh. Im gonna make a fool of myself!! Then Mr.small fell asleep and dreamed about Ms.Dian as Gumball and Darwin took turns drawing on his face
The episode starts with the Wattersons visiting Elmore Junior High on a Saturday. Gumball asks why they are there, so Richard excitedly explains that Saturday is club day. He happily rushes off to his ndoto Club and leaves Gumball with Nicole.
Gumball asks his mother if he could jiunge her club, but she explains that she becomes a different person when she is in her Anger Management Club. Mr. Small, who is apparently president of the club, greets her, but she suddenly lashes out at him for no reason and sends him flying through the door, knocking him unconscious.

Gumball then attempts to join...
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Miss Simian is taking up homework from the night before, but Gumball and Darwin don't have it. Darwin is scared that Miss Simian won't believe them but Gumball tells him it will be fine. Once Miss Simian arrives at Gumball's desk, he tells her that his dad ate his homework, which she obviously doesn't believe, and sends them to Mr. Small's Office to have him instruct them on how to be honest.

Mr. Small tells the boys that there is a dark abyss in their souls, but Gumball and Darwin insist that they aren't liars. Mr. Small then tells about the fate of the last person to lie to him in his office,...
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 The Painting Title
The Painting Title
Anais's family is called up to the Principal's office due to Principal Brown's concern for the Wattersons. He shows a painting kwa Anais that depicts a stressed Nicole, a sleeping Richard, and a mischievous-looking Gumball and Darwin. To fix this, Principal Browns tells Nicole to stay nyumbani and try to relax while Richard goes to work, and tells Gumball and Darwin have to have Mr. Small teach them how to use their energy in a less destructive way. Anais tries to correct Nicole and Mr. Brown of their misinterpretations but is ignored both times.
Mr. Small introduces a five-step plan to fix Gumball...
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The episode begins with the Wattersons sitting at the dining room table. Richard had just finished telling his family a story about why wewe shouldn't mix Pop Rocks and soda. Nicole asks if any of the other family members want to share anything (besides Richard) so Gumball tells everyone about him planning on going on a tarehe with his upendo interest, Penny. Nicole is ecstatic and attempts to hug her son and with some effort manages to do so. Darwin admits to his brother that he's impressed kwa Gumball's confidence, because if he screws up this tarehe Penny might not ever talk to him again.
This realization...
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Years later. Gumball and others are grown-up and what ever happened to them? Anais became the worlds greatest scienctest, Darwin became rich and is still Gumball's best friend, Gumball became a tour guide in the town museum, Penny() also became a tour guide on the inayofuata museum on the inayofuata town and she married Gumball at age 17, Richard and Nicole are at the fosters house and became Child Watch. I don't remember the others and in the makala I will tell wewe though. maoni au shabiki me to read my articles. I guess I'm out of space, so anyways I guess this is THE END. makala is coming soon. Find my name and shabiki me.
posted by Kirbylove
"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" cried Gumball in tears. "Gumball, what happened?" asked Darwin. "Penny broke up with me!" Gumball answered in a sad tone.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" cried Penny in tears. "Penny, what happened?" asked Penny's little sister. "I broke up with Gumball!" Penny answered in a sad tone. They couldn't get over the break up. Penny went to Gumball's house to apologize. *KNOCK* "Penny?" "Gumball?" "I guess we got lucked out huh?" alisema Gumball. "Yeeah. So listen Gumball, I wan-" Gumball kissed Penny on the lips. This kissed thing got to my mind. ~OUT OF SPACE~>=( COMING SOON: Gumball and Penny part 2/ Darwin's space dream and Penny's upendo dream. I guess that's it. REMEMBER: shabiki this article, save it, and shabiki me. Kirbylove out!
The episode begins with Tobias, Alan, Jamie, banana, ndizi Joe, and Tina playing soccer at school while Bobert sits on a nearby bench. After a few kicks back and forth, the ball hits him, so Tobias asks him to kick it back. Bobert overdoes it and kicks it all the way to the sun, prompting the kids to insult him and leave. Bobert hangs his head and sadly walks away.
Meanwhile, Gumball and Darwin are playing roughly with dolls. While they're playing, they notice Bobert looking sad. They ask him why he's sad, and he expresses his desire to be a real boy. Gumball tries to help, and he starts kwa doing a...
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The class has taken a school bus to a rural area, planning to walk the rest of the way to an unnamed picnic area to have a picnic. Miss Simian outlines the route they will take, specifically stating three times to avoid The Forest of Doom. The camera zooms in to Gumball and Darwin, who were sitting in the back having trouble hearing Miss Simian. Gumball mistakenly believes that they are supposed to go through The Forest of Doom. Miss Simian and the rest of the class leave before he can hakikisha this with her. Gumball and Darwin are left to travel through The Forest of Doom kwa themselves. Gumball,...
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posted by stellamusa101
OK, I was stellawinx101. And I want to continue the story kwa re-making it.

Gumball : (walking around the corridor) What shall we do today, Darwin, well, after school?

Darwin : I don't know, Gumball. But there's something awkward around here.

Gumball : Yeah, this.. (scratches his head) Strange..

banana, ndizi Joe: You're all invited to my party!

Gumball : It's been like 3 months wewe didn't make a party.

banana, ndizi Joe: (grins evilly) But wewe need.. to bring.. dates!

Gumball: Sounds easy to me.

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