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#20. Gumball and Darwin playing dolls as seen in the episode, "The Robot". The boys are playing with little girl dolls and having what seems like a pleasant chai party chat and ends up being an epic action fight!
"May I interest wewe in a... DYNAMITE CUPCAKE?"

#19. Gumball listening to the wind in the episode, "The Picnic".
Wind: "You're going the wrong way."
Darwin: "What did it tell you?"
Gumball: "It alisema we're going the right way."
Wind:"*throws can at Gumball* I alisema wrong way!"
Gumball: "Yep, definitely! This is the way."
*Gumball and Darwin go that way*
Wind: "Losers."

#18. The Silence Snake, Mr...
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 The Painting Title
The Painting Title
Anais's family is called up to the Principal's office due to Principal Brown's concern for the Wattersons. He shows a painting kwa Anais that depicts a stressed Nicole, a sleeping Richard, and a mischievous-looking Gumball and Darwin. To fix this, Principal Browns tells Nicole to stay nyumbani and try to relax while Richard goes to work, and tells Gumball and Darwin have to have Mr. Small teach them how to use their energy in a less destructive way. Anais tries to correct Nicole and Mr. Brown of their misinterpretations but is ignored both times.
Mr. Small introduces a five-step plan to fix Gumball...
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 baby gumball
baby gumball
The 10 episode of Season 2.Anais uncovers a secret that she's sure will lead her to the Wattersons's hidden family treasure.It's air at October 25, 2012, but this officialy airs October 30, 2012. Is will shows this:The episode starts in the living room, where Richard is taking a nap. Richard, being a compulsive sleep talker, becomes a chanzo of amusement for the kids. After poking fun at him for a bit, Nicole comes back from grocery shopping and scolds them for messing with their father. The kids help Nicole bring the groceries in, but are surprised at the high quality chakula she bought. Nicole...
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posted by Kirbylove
"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!" cried Gumball in tears. "Gumball, what happened?" asked Darwin. "Penny broke up with me!" Gumball answered in a sad tone.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" cried Penny in tears. "Penny, what happened?" asked Penny's little sister. "I broke up with Gumball!" Penny answered in a sad tone. They couldn't get over the break up. Penny went to Gumball's house to apologize. *KNOCK* "Penny?" "Gumball?" "I guess we got lucked out huh?" alisema Gumball. "Yeeah. So listen Gumball, I wan-" Gumball kissed Penny on the lips. This kissed thing got to my mind. ~OUT OF SPACE~>=( COMING SOON: Gumball and Penny part 2/ Darwin's space dream and Penny's upendo dream. I guess that's it. REMEMBER: shabiki this article, save it, and shabiki me. Kirbylove out!
The episode starts with the Wattersons visiting Elmore Junior High on a Saturday. Gumball asks why they are there, so Richard excitedly explains that Saturday is club day. He happily rushes off to his ndoto Club and leaves Gumball with Nicole.
Gumball asks his mother if he could jiunge her club, but she explains that she becomes a different person when she is in her Anger Management Club. Mr. Small, who is apparently president of the club, greets her, but she suddenly lashes out at him for no reason and sends him flying through the door, knocking him unconscious.

Gumball then attempts to join...
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posted by stellamusa101
AN: Well, there's a club where I get to share out my opinion. So I decided to share my opinion here!

Nicole Watterson– my favourite character
She's the “bomb” of the family. I really like that, and that's what it truly admire about her. I upendo how she's the responsible one and always cares about her children. It annoys me how Gumball and Darwin always trouble her and she has to do all the chores, and never kick back and relax. I upendo it how her personality is the most similar to me– being responsible. I upendo it how she loves her husband Richard Watterson just the way he is, being lazy....
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If wewe are female,
1.What wewe do everyday?
A. Relax
B. Be Responible
C. None of above

2.Which wewe inayopendelewa sport?
B. Running
C.I Hate Sports

3.Favorite Friend?
B.My Wife

If wewe are Male,
1.Favorite Neighbor?
A.The Wattersons
B.I don't like the neighbors
C.Gaylord Robinson

2.Favorite classmate?
A. Gumball
B. Richard as a kid
C.My Son

3.Great father?
A.Penny's father
C.Gaylord Robinson

Results for females only,
Most A:Richard is perfect for you,He relax and sleeping

Most B: Penny's father is perfect for you,He Responsile to he's sisters

Most C:Gumball is perfect for you,He his a best friend is Darwin

Results for males only,
Most A:Penny is perfect for you,She May like Gumball

Most B:Nicole is perfect for you,She loves Richard,even He's in unemployed

Most C:Margaret is perfect for you,She's Gaylord wife and her hair is fake in the car
Richard is seen inapakia the car while Nicole tells the children to behave for Granny Jojo. Gumball says he doesn't want Granny Jojo to kiss him on the cheek, but Nicole says he will let her do it anyway. Gumball maswali the specialness of getting kissed on the cheek while watching Nicole and Richard drive away quickly to get away from Jojo.
Granny Jojo steps off the bus with her luggage, puts on lipstick in a menacing way, and kisses Anais and Darwin on the cheek. As she gives Anais her bags, Gumball slowly walks over to her for his kiss on the cheek. Just then, his name is called, causing...
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posted by Watterson_3
Chi ha voglia di sentire una storia che a voi shabiki di gumball farà molto strano sentire. Una storia che ha molto da dire e nascondere vi dirò un bel po su questa storia. Una storia che personalmente ho sentito sulla pelle. Bhe se volete basta rispondermi e io inizierò a narrarvi passo dopo passo. Quindi se siete interessati mettetevi pronti che quando vorrete io vi racconterò tutto. E qualcosa ke ho sentito provato sulla mia pelle. Enn so se a fine storia avrete pietà di me o paura di me. Sarete voi a dirmelo. Comunque questa storia e anche un avvertimento ma n voglio spoilerarvi niente pk sarete voi a dirmi se vorrete sentire la storia ricordate però che io vago in giro per i shabiki club a raccontare questa storia quindi se rifiuterete nn raccontero niente su questo shabiki club sta a voi scegliere io aspetto
posted by chillyneon
Mr.Small got back to his job sooner au later as well as Gumball and Darwin. Gumball had just now realized something important.
Tomorrow's the field trip to the pool!
So? alisema Darwin
Ms.Dian will be there!!!
So will Mr.Small!
Shes gonna be in a bikini dude!!!!
Uh oh.
So hows this gonna work out?
Gumball though and though.
But nothing came to mind
Absolutly nothing.

Anyways, Mr.Small was walking along the sidewalk wondering what to do about his deal with Ms.Dian. He didn't have the courage to ask her out!!!! Mr.Small finally decided to give up until he came across Gumballs house. He knocked...
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posted by melodybryant
they tell me i waste to much time, watching that stupid show, but i just can't let it go, so i look them in the eye, and tell them, its like its fate my greatest fantesy, my destiny, my legacy, my everything, its like it was made for me! cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted, but its just began. they say i spend to many hours way to many days, somthing wrong with my brain, no way i'm ok! but i just look them in then eye, and tell'em straight, no need to wait, i feel to great, its like it was fate. cause i am the biggest fan! they say my life is wasted but its just began. the...
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Gumball and Darwin waited 7 long months (long enough for hair to grow on Darwin's legs) to receive a video game, and they have finally received it. Excitedly, the boys open the disk slot on their game system and try to fit in the game, only to find that the game is in a cartridge, katriji ya and won't work with their system. Disappointed, they set off to the video game store to get a refund. Once they arrive at Ripley 2000, they ask Larry for a refund, to which he states that he can't give no matter how much he wants to. Larry says he isn't allowed to give refunds, and his boss is watching him through...
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The episode starts with Gumball unlocking his locker while talking to Darwin about cheese and cake. When Gumball opens his locker, something wrapped in toilet paper falls out. A crowd gathers, commenting on the gross smell and look of it. As Tobias pokes it with a stick, Miss Simian appears, angrily asking what the fuss is all about. She, too, is grossed out kwa the object. After ripping off part of the toilet paper wrapping, it is revealed that Principal Brown was the one wrapped up, and that he was also shaved and painted green. Miss Simian cradles the principal, then demands to know who caused...
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Gumball and Darwin are walking at the corridor. Then, Gumball realized something and stop walking. Darwin turns around to his friend and stops walking. "Dude," Darwin says. "what's wrong with you?"
"I feel something awkward," majibu Gumball. "Like what?" asks Darwin. "Like, well, um.. something missing in my life," majibu Gumball. 'Penny,' thought Gumball. "What is missing?" asks Darwin who looks curious. "Penny! She's not here! How do we know where she is?" asks Gumball. "Let's ask her friends," smirks Darwin. Then, they saw Carrie flying around.
"STOP!!" shouts Gumball. Carrie flies to...
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Darwin, *breathes water through the nose* ACHOO!

Gumball, *eyes pop open* What is that? *water falls out of mouth*

*trapdoor opens*

Gumball and Darwin, *gasp*

Anais is kicking a ukuta and starts beating up dolls

Anais, Ha! HrrrrrAH!!! *digs inside of a pink doll and pulls out speaker*

speaker, I upendo you!

Anais turns around and punches close to Gumball.

--the rest is coming soon--

--very soon............................................................--
One morning Gumball wakes up, and decides to cover himself in ice cubes. He tries to glide down the stairs with Darwin, but they fail and land right in front of Anais naked. Anais tells Gumball that he cannot go to school naked, so he tries to find his clothes. Gumball soon finds Richard asleep in the garden. Richard tells Gumball that he was doing the laundry when Nicole told him not to do so. Gumball's clothes have shrunk and they no longer fit him, forcing Gumball to wear Nicole's wedding dress to school. When Gumball's class sees him outside, they don't recognize him, so he makes up a fake...
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Gumball, Darwin, and Richard are sitting at the dining table. Gumball and Darwin are eating cereal, while Richard is kusoma the newspaper. Gumball asks Richard to pass the sugar, but Richard giggles and passes him salt instead. Gumball sprinkles the salt onto his cereal, thinking it's sugar. After having a spoonful, he spits it out at Darwin. Darwin, also thinking it's sugar, sprinkled zaidi salt onto Gumball's cereal. Gumball takes another spoonful of the cereal and promptly spits it at Darwin again. When he finishes, Darwin tastes some of the vomit and finds out it was salt that they sprinkled...
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i cant think strait. gumball was my crutch i used it when i was sad, happy, stressed, anything i had gumball when my fam was busy doing there thing au i was to scared au imbarrised to tell them i watched gumball and my worries just went away plus there songs i listen to to make me feel better everyone has there thing. we all have things that seem small and usless but in the end keep us sane and mine is ending its not like its cut short i mine it has 238 episode right now thats alot but still i new it would end but.... it still hurts it may be ending but i...
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posted by chillyneon
Well, Mr.small had a coma so now hes in the hospital with Gumball, Darwin, and Ms.Dian.

Mr.Small woke up with a blue cat and a machungwa, chungwa samaki standing over him. His eyes adjusted, and found out it was Gumball and Darwin. He tried to sit up, but he was to tired.
Do wewe think he's a zombie?? Asked Darwin.
No hes not Darwin. Why would wewe say that?
Because hes groaning and he cant get up
So he probably just tired Darwin
He could still be a zombie
Mr.Small finally sat up and saw that Gumball and Darwin had brought him 100 flowers. Uh kids. He said. Dont make a big deal out of this. Sorry, alisema Darwin. Wait, where's Ms.Dian? Oh, she left. alisema Gumball. She took over your duties at school.
Uh oh. Im gonna make a fool of myself!! Then Mr.small fell asleep and dreamed about Ms.Dian as Gumball and Darwin took turns drawing on his face
 The Party title
The Party title
Rachel is throwing a party for her older friends, and Tobias blackmails her into inviting all of his Marafiki as well, though she tells them they each have to bring a date. The gang rushes off to find dates, leaving Darwin looking confused and asking what's a date. Miss Simian sees all of this happen and decides to tell Principal Brown.
At lunch, Gumball suggests he and Darwin make a orodha of dates so they can get into the party. Darwin still doesn't know what a tarehe is, so he asks. Bobert appears and defines it for him and quickly leaves. Darwin suggests Penny, but Gumball, being too shy, sheepishly...
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