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"Woo! That was a bloody blast, me mates!", exclaimed John kwa the time everyone finished their little dance. Paul replied, "I could not agree more! This song is sure to be a lovely addition to our new album." Ringo remarked, "You're telling me! The mashabiki are absolutely gonna upendo it!" Sparkie made a noise that sounded like he was saying, "Correct-a-mundo!" Laura said, "I knew we'd have so much fun, daddy George!" Pattie added, "Indeed! And thanks again for allowing us to jiunge along, honey." George smiled and replied, "Anytime, me darling girls! Hearing those from the both of wewe makes us happier...
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 Yes, The Beatles are banned from Youtube.
Yes, The Beatles are banned from Youtube.
We got some serious sad news. The Beatles got terminated from Youtube due to a copyright claim kwa UMG_MK (which make no sense and UMG_MK does not even exist). And no, Universal muziki Group did not do it. And after all, The Beatles is owned kwa EMI Records Ltd. I also found out that McCKLENN ilitumwa episodes of the Beatles cartoon show. UMG_MK claimed the video and gave McCKLENN three copyright strikes. That means he was terminated from Youtube. And also, Supercalifregilestic got a full copyright strike because UMG_MK claimed his Disney DTV video with the Beatles in All wewe Need is Love. Which is totally BS. Now I just found out that I am sick and tired of this whole Copyright nazis and that stupid warning video with Happy mti Marafiki on a lecture on Copyright. And I know a lot of wewe guys who ilitumwa The Beatles on Youtube had been forced to watch "Happy mti Friends: Youtube Copyright Lawsuit School". And I hated that episode.
 A user getting an barua pepe on Youtube that he/she has a copyright strike.
A user getting an email on Youtube that he/she has a copyright strike.
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