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Easy ways to make facemaskes with ingredients almost everyone have in their house

Strawberry and honey mask ~

Strawberries helps fat and unclean skin. Honey helps the skin to get rid of dead skincells and softs your skin.

How to make it:
* Plup eight to ten strawberries. Ad two to four tespoons honey. Mix it togheter.

* Put the facemask over your face and let it work in five minutes. Wash of masken the mask with fingerwarm water and clap the skin dry carefully with a clean towel

Egg facemask ~ refreshing and cooling
you need: a egg

First wewe take the yolk and wisp it together and put it in your...
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When it comes to getting great hair, don't look any further than your own mirror. Whether you're a "heart," "round," au "oval," your best cut is determined kwa your face. Everyone's face is different and it's important to understand that every hairstyle is not for every face shape.
To accentuate balance and beauty, strive for a hairstyle that works with your particular face shape. That strategy will not only give wewe your best look, but also emphasize your best features. Be sure to bring this up with your stylist and make it an important determination in your new look.

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