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posted by PixyStar436

I'm PixyStar436, and I KNOW that Mark of Athena already came out.

But I would like to just make my own version. Just kubeba it with me!!

Please no mean maoni and all this stuff belongs to Rick Riordan.

Annabeth II (because I've seen the first chapter)

Okay, so that went well enough.

Annabeth wasn't sure if gods in Rome were all like this, or...

Whatever. She was only here for Percy.

Annabeth pushed into the crowd, looking for the stupid teenager she was dating. She could hear murmurs of the Romans, and as far as she could tell some of them were really shallow, though.

"Is that the girl Percy...
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This makala is listed as guide. Do wewe know why? Because this is a guide on how to publish your fanfiction. Because something went off and we have half-a-million Son of Neptune fanfiction, and the other million being others. And it's great. It honnestly is. But before the Lost hero came out, we were a very small club and we all knew the active members kwa name really! We also had rules about the spot's étiquette and of course, we have rules here about fanfiction.

I really want these rules to be respected, call it a pet peeves if wewe must. And I dont think wewe all can find that makala burried...
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