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posted by HecateA
Wow wewe guys must be tired of my articles, but I can't help it, I woke up all focused and I truly believe that this makala will mean something.

So yes, we have royalty among us. Not Amph, another queene. Hint: she's snotty, mean and we've already talked about her a couple of time. Yup, Hera! I know, I know, there's already an makala but this one goes in a completly different direction.

Hera went on what not to wear!

First off, Hera, this is the descriptions of her I could find in the book:

TC, page 287

"Next to him (talking 'bout Zeus) sat a beautiful woman with silver hair braided over one...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
Magical Metals
Blessed Metals are metals that can be used kwa demigods and Immortals to fight against monsters and other evil creatures, as well as gods and other demigods. The Greek gods and demigods use Celestial Bronze, while the Roman gods and their children use Imperial Gold. Hades, as well as those who live in the Underworld and his children (like Nico) use Stygian Iron.

Celestial Bronze

Celestial bronze is mined from Mount Olympus, then forged kwa the Cyclopes tempered in the moyo of Mount Etna and cooled in the River Lethe. The metal does not harm mortals, considering them not important...
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Don't be deceived kwa the title of this article. I don't actually know who the Seventh Half-Blood is.
But i do have some theories. Well actually, One theory.

Nico Di Angelo

1. Why him? He hasn't been seen much in the series. Even in Percy Jackson he wasn't really in the limelight for very long.
Well that's one good reason why it could be him. This could be Nico's 'Time to Shine' (that sounded much lamer than i meant it to).
Rick Riordan had probably been saving Nico, reserving his character for this big part (assuming he is the seventh half-blood).

2. It would make sense to have one child each of...
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Sorry if you've already known this. I ilitumwa this makala a long time zamani on the PJO club, but Hecate thinks it should be ilitumwa again here, and I agree with her, since it's a very good interview and it gives us some useful clues about what will happen in the inayofuata series.

You can see the original makala link. Visit link for further information.

Q: The presence of the entire minor god’s offspring is going to greatly change the dynamics of Camp Half Blood and not just kwa all the new cabins. Will a rivalry arise between children of the major gods and the children of the minor gods?
RR: A lot...
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Alright, hello there peeps. It is I, PyroAA. Something for wewe all to note: I'm not exactly the most patient au nice person on earth, so if I seem mean au impulsive in this little rant of mine, I apologize. Now let's songesha on to the rant.

*WARNING: Probably contains spoilers.*

So, something I've noticed is that a lot of people don't like/despise/hate Jason Grace. And let me, as a shabiki of every single one of the Seven, point out as to why the reasons most of the fandom has aliyopewa towards the topic of hating Jason Grace is RIDICULOUS. I'm serious. Majority of the reasons are so freaking stupid/immature....
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posted by olympianglory
This is based after BoO. sooo YeAH!


He was surprised to see Calypso come out with another girl, the new girl had long black hair, blueish- green eyes and freckles along her cheeks. His immediate though was: Calypso knows Katniss Everdeen?
Calypso cleared her throat. " Leo, this is Olympia, she was landed here last week, while trying to escape a bunch of weird over-active hunger games supporters."
Olympia smiled " I know, I kubeba a vague resemblance to Katniss. Now can we go?" Calypso giggled. " Olympia gets very agitated sometimes, but she is right wewe know. We should go." Leo immediately pulled them onto Festus, yelling " FOR THE ARGO II!
posted by olympianglory
I know what your thinking, WTH this is crap. but i try. I'm rubbish, four people have read these and i will never have a chance. So im uandishi this for my satisfaction, but if your still here, i guess wewe want this :

Percy POV

Percy was surprised at Annabeth's reaction.
" Fine,we should tell Chiron, and start training the others."
" Percy," He turned, and Olympia stood behind him. He blurted " wewe look like Katniss Everdeen!" She frowned, then shrugged. "Listen, if im basically a goddess, i should be a good trainer au fighter. So... when do we begin.?" She grinned, and punched his arm. "C'mon Seaweed Brain, theres a [iworld[/i] to be saved"


He was barely surprised to see three, hot sticky campers. But it was their news that shook him " A war? kwa Tartarus? Surely your joking"
Annabeth smiled. " I dont joke when im probably gonna die."
He sighed. " wewe win. Call a meeting, this needs discussion"
 wewe look like Katniss Everdeen
You look like Katniss Everdeen
posted by RoHeHa_6264995
We all know the new series will revolve around the new Great Prophecy Rachel made in the end of The Last Olympian. Nobody can be sure what it means, but these are some theories and opinions about its meaning.

"Seven halfbloods should answer the call
The meaning of this line seems quite obvious. The problem is who are the seven halfbloods? The new characters we met in the sample chapters - Jason, Leo and Piper - are most likely to lead the group. Rick Riordan promised he wouldn't throw too many new characters at us, so we may meet some old characters from PJO, such as Thalia, Nico, Clarrise,...
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Annebeth looked around the crowd despretly looking for Percy. Brown hair blue eyes,no Black hair hazle eyes,no.Then she saw Percy step mbele in a purple toga "Welcome Greeks" he said"Please come so we can talk" Annebeth heard a creeking noise and saw a set of stairs unfolding from the ship. She rushed over and taking two steps at a time she ran all the way to the bottom the sprinted over to Percy and nearly tackled him in a kubeba hug. Then she backed up and punched him in the arm "Ow" he complained "What was that for" "That" she alisema "Was for leaving me for 8 months." "Hey" he alisema " I didn't have any control over that" Annebeth didnt ansewer she just hugged him again "Well'l talk later" he whispered in her ear. Then he turned to the Camp-Half Blood campers "Please follow me so we can talk" then he turned to what looked like a city and with his arm around Annebeth,she knew that she finnaly had Percy back.
On the Argro 11 Annebeth's moyo hammered in her chest. It would be the first time in eight months that she would be seeing Percy. But doubts clouded her mind. What if he had Lost his memory just as Jason had. What if he didn't remember her au worse what if he he had met another girl at this other camp. "Are wewe ok" Piper asked "You look like your going to be sick" "Yeah. it's just what if Percy doesn't remember me?" "Trust me he will" Piper squeezed her hand reasuringly. A voice broke through Annebeth's troubled thoughts "Well'l be ariving in about 1 minute." Leo yelled from below deck. Annebeth could see what looked like a coliseum but insted of it looking older it was clean with white new paint.The ship was coming closer an closer to the camp and Annebeth could make out a small group of campers wearing purplet-shirts before they even reached the ground Annebeth could hear Percy calling her name trying to get her attention "Annebeth!".
posted by fman172
Type: Adventure

Characters: Percy Jackson- Son of Poseidon
Hazel- Daughter of Apollo
Dakota- Daughter of Pluto
Bobby- Son of Minerva
Reyna- Daughter of Ceres
Gwen- Daughter of Minerva

OC- The other Roman Campers
Michael- Son Of Mercury
Jania- Daughter of Bacchus

Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO au HoO series au the characters. They belong to Rick Riordan.

This is A Note To All Percabeth Fans. Percy is NOT going to remember Anabeth. Jason didnt remember his girlfriend right away so neither will Percy.
posted by partypony
If you're an Anti-Leo, then this is for you.
Based on "Weasley Is Our King," Slytherin version:

Valdez cannot save a thing
He cannot even fix a wing
That's why monsters all sing
Valdez is our King

Valdez was born in a bin
He always lets the monsters win
Thats why monsters all sing
Valdez is our King

Valdez is our King
Valdez is our King
Valdez will make Heroes die
Valdez is our King

And now, if you're a Leo shabiki like me, this is zaidi for you.
Based on "Weasley Is Our King," Gryffindor version:

Valdez is our King
Valdez is our King
He didn't let the monsters win
Valdez is our King

Valdez can fix anything
He beats monsters with bila mpangilio things
That's why demigods all sing
Valdez is our King
posted by Heritage112
Chapter 1

I sat down near my usual place on the beaches of Camp Half blood. Things were tough now, yeah, I know, with both Kronos and Gaia gone, things should be pretty easy. Well, that's where your wrong. Way wrong.

Im Percy Jackson, kwa the way, in case wewe didn't know. wewe know, the other brother of Joshua Tate.
You know me now, don't you?

I hated Josh. Josh got to camp when he was 16, so 2 years go, and the first monster he killed was a gorgon, Eurale, to be exact. He was armed too! Of course, after he defeated her, he was praised kwa everyone, Chiron, Mr. D wewe name it, he got their praise....
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Disclaimer: I do not own Greek Mythology, nor do I own the considerable contribution's made to it recently kwa Rick Riordan, the king of trolls. Credit also to O. Henry for providing inspiration via his Jimmy Valentine character, minor inspiration also attributed to Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero (Which is a fantastic anime btw)

Jake Patrick is just as much a myth and a legend as some of the original Greek Heroes. According to his records he is currently eighteen but despite his age is giving the authorities of the world a run for their money. (Literally) He's a extremely skilled son of Hermes...
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Ah, shabiki fiction... What can I say about shabiki fiction? Its a great escape when done properly, and perfect for those oh-so-long periods between books. So, for those of wewe who write these great escapes, there are rules, just like the rest of the spot, that need to be followed. If you'll kindly read below we will go over these simple, common sense rules, and then wewe can get back to writing!

1.Chapter stories should go in the forum. Short stories (one chapter stories/one shots) go in the articles. It is annoying having to tafuta out makala to find the specific chapter wewe are looking for. kwa keeping...
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 Tartarus. :P
Tartarus. :P
Rated: K+ (I think. No cussing, au adult themes)
Type: Fanfic
Sypnosis: What happens after Percy and Annabeth go well down to the depths of Tartarus.

I wrote this because I craved knowledge and as we all know ppl who obsess over vitabu use fanfiction to make the time pass better! So yeah...Previously located on the House of Hades club, but I realized how empty that place is (14 fans) and I need some feedback. First time I've ever really ilitumwa some fanfic so yay.


    When she opened her eyes everything around her was dark. Pitch black, she couldn’t even see her hand...
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posted by universalpowa
Heyo! Since Phoenix went through all the trouble to find the old rules (I had to find this again...) and he was right about the question: When can spoilers be ilitumwa on the club au something (I forget the question, but Phoenix knows all, and sees all! -Not like a stalker-) So I figured it's been a while since people have looked at this.

So here we go again. Please try to follow these rules. THANKSH GUIUZZZZZ :DDD

Disclaimer: These epic rules were made kwa Amphitrite and Hecate A.


1. Chapter stories should go in the forum. Short stories (one chapter stories/one shots) go in the...
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Some critical points in the development of Rick Riordan's manipulative uandishi style are easily apparent in the Mark of Athena. The majority of the plot consistently backs up my past theories, (see my makala Rick Riordan) and manages to suggest that Rick holds even zaidi control over his readers minds than I had ever imagined.

Strategies Used To Keep Readers On Their Toes:

1. Increase in tension between characters

2. Added complications to plot

3. Withholding information for future surprises

4. Cliffhangers

5. Frustrating moments and characters to give the reader a stronger emotional standing

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OK so, I see everyone preparing themselves for someoone (mainly Annabeth) to die in MOA but...

Who alisema Rick is going to make it happen? How do we know that Mark Of Athena hasn't ALREADY happened? Maybe it's like what one of Franks ansorcters did? He was blamed for something that he did not do. And we saw in the chapter prv. that when Annabeth was talking to the statue he said:

"Oh, we know all about THAT goddess!"

Maybe Athena did something to the Romans long ago? And so her name needs cleared? How do we know that Mark Of Athena meens someone, mainly Annabeth, will die? Maybe Annabeth being...
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2- Blood brothers (Dramatic titles ftw)
I woke with a start, bashing my head on the ceiling causing a shudder to go throughout the cabin, kibanda waking up my fellow Nemesis kids. All of them woke up groaning throughout the darkly themed cabin. Bleary eyed and stretching they all focused on me.
"What gives Prez?!" alisema Milo Descendant of Hermes with spiky blond hair, brown eyes and a mischievous smile.
"Sorry about that." I grimaced. "And stop calling me Prez!"
"Whatever wewe say, Prez!" says the entire cabin. I smile and let off a small laugh, allowing myself a short escape from the seriousness off the...
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