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posted by xharrypotterx
Okay so, I've been asked why i don't like Piper.
Well First of all, i don't upendo her, i don't HATE her and i don't LIKE her.
So here is how it is:

The Things I like about Piper

She is, as Thalia said, tough for a child of Aphrodite. But that doesn't necessarily mean she IS hardcore tough.

Even though she is scared, she stands up for her friends, she does not betray them and she fights even though she may not know how and is risking a lot.

She isn't a typical child of Aphrodite. She doesn't care about beauty au style. She knows what is zaidi important.

She isn't (thank GOODNESS) a flirt like DREW!...
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posted by NicoDiAngelo4
Heeeyyy!!! Okay so we all no Percy's Pegasus, Blackjack, right? And I'm guessing everyone that's kusoma this thinks that Blackjack is a boy, right? Well, when I was rereading the PJO series I came across something interesting.

So when Percy found Blackjack "he" was being kept on Luke's ship. Well what I noticed was that at first, Percy kept referring to Blackjack as a she and her...

Weird, huh? 'cause in all the vitabu after that, Percy refers to Blackjack as a he. So, now, I'm kinda confused to what gender Blackjack is....

Hope yah liked it:)
Jason knows the Roman name for storm spirits and satyrs, demigods (as far as I know) use the greek names for gods, monsters and what not. So what if his godly parent was a Roman god, one with out a Greek equivalent. I did the research and sadly all Roman gods have a Greek equal.
My inayofuata theory was that Jason's godly parent is the patron god/goddess of Rome au that they have something to do with Rome. These are the possibilities (If wewe believe my theory)

Ares- Ares is considered the patron god of Rome because he was the father of Romulus who was the founder of Rome.- I don't believe this is...
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Yeah, another one. I alisema I'd do this one soon! Yes, that counts for a couple dakika later.
So, have we all seen the tehmazing cover for the newest book? Yeah, I'm betting wewe have.
Weeeeeeell, let's break it down. Title, Background picture, and Main picture.

Title: The Mark of Athena

Well, this is a flashback to The Son of Neptune! Why, Ella, wewe predicted the inayofuata book! This is obviously a reference to the Daughter of Athena prophecy. No biggie. But, be quick to note that this is the Greek form. Definetly Annabeth.

Main Picture

Jason and Percy really hit it off! Eh, no. Erm, the swords aren't...
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So, I'm uandishi this for the uandishi Competition #1, Demigod Sports.
I raked my brain about five million times and decided on this.
Gladiator Battles.
Who wouldn't want to see tembo Frank face off against Percy? Well if wewe do, too bad, cause that isn't gonna happen.

The Rules of the Arena
-No powers.(Boring right?)
-No dirty sparring.
-No assistance from gods.
-No unleashing feral and zaidi than likely mortally dangerous wanyama on your opponent.

The Arena?
It's pretty much a miniature Colosseum in Camp Jupiter. Reyna thought it would be a great idea to build it and everyone agreed...until Octavian...
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They all waited on Half-Blood hill,For this alleged"Settora Rivers".

Then a forest green Jeep pulled around the corner in the distance. The Jeep swerved around that hairpin curve and sped toward them so fast Jason was sure that whoever was in the back kiti, kiti cha was having major motion sickness
As it pulled up , The passenger door opened, and out came a hulking figure in a tattered flannel shati and jeans. The figure turned around and rubbed its eyes...make that eye. Jason did a double take on its face. IT WAS A CYCLOPS. the cyclops saw Annabeth and broke into a huge grin. "Annabeth!" The...
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posted by fanaticmayhem
This is just my picture of what the characters would look like. Feel free to maoni your opinion! Thank you! I wasn't able to provide pictures, so if wewe would like to see how the actors/ actresses look like, you'll have to look them up yourselves (Sorry about that!). Thanks!

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

I thought Logan was the perfect fit for Percy, fitting that skater boy look Piper described him as and having a trouble maker smile. And that's who played him in the movie. Duh.

Claire Holt as Annabeth Chase

I don't know why, but Claire had always come up as Annabeth. Annabeth was described...
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 Coming down to the beach, pwani
Coming down to the beach
Here is chapter two, maoni please

(Still Jason's point of view)

Jason watched as the ship came to shore, the figure jumped from his spot and landed cleanly on his feet. Jason asked "who are you?" The man replied "name's Sinbad, yours?" Piper took over and alisema "I'm Piper, that's Jason, and that's Leo." Sinbad looked at them, and he asked "your demigods right?" Jason nodded and alisema "I'm the son of Zeus, and Piper is the daughter of Aphrodite, and Leo is the son of Hephaestus." Sinbad replied "pleased to meet you." It was quit for a moment an then Jason asked "would wewe like a tour of the camp...
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posted by Meef
Yeah, so universal compiled Rick's tweets that SHE found interesting, and I decided to post it here. SHE CAN'T STOP ME BECAUSE SHE'S LEFT FOR VACATION :D

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q: @OlympusTributes what happened to Calypso? A: She will make an appearance later in the Heroes series. Right now, that's all I can say.

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q: @karimelgendi Dude no offense but don't wewe have a deadline... A: Haha. Tell that to my editor. And the ppl who want the vitabu faster! :D

Rick Riordan ‏@camphalfblood
Q @TheSwiftFactor ARE wewe PLANNING A CROSSOVER? (Kane/Heroes). A: If I did, that...
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Well, I forgot to put in an Authors Note (cuz I know how much wewe upendo 'em!) but I was wondering if it would be worth it if I started this kind of story. Do wewe guys want me to continue? Actually, answer that swali after you've read this, lol. I know it's kinda short, but it's a Prologue, so the other chapters (if wewe want them) will be MUCH longer. I personally like when authors write long chapters :) And so, with that, ENJOY! :D (And tell me what wewe think!)


Leo Valdez was in a pickle. He lay in a Tangled heap of ropes, pulleys, and nets on the deck of the half-way built Argo II....
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posted by UnoriginalName
After having arguments over why demigods don't use guns with my friends, I decided to do this. So I figured that there wouldn't have been bullets for the guns untill the end of book 3, so this is how the vitabu might have turned out had demigods used common sence (and guns).

If Demigods Used Guns…

*Announcer's voice* Book 4.

*Cheery little tune*

Chapter 14

The crowd screamed insults at me, but Antaeus raised his hand for silence.
“Weapons,” he insisted. “And then we will see how wewe die. Will wewe have axes? Shields? Nets? Flamethrowers?”
"Just my gun" I relplied.
The gates opened again, and...
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posted by Rainshadows156
This is just a part I've always wondered how the chracters of CHB would react to in Son of Neptune so I'm just uandishi this part....

A maktaba wouldn’t have been Percy’s first choice for someplace to visit.

"and wewe thought wewe had grown on him." Nico snorted looking at Annabeth.

With his dyslexia, he had enough trouble kusoma signs. A whole building full of books? That sounded about as much fun as Chinese water torture au getting his teeth extracted.

"EXCUSE ME!" Annabeth said.
"All guys are disappointing" Thalia alisema smiling

As they jogged through the lobby, Percy figured Annabeth would...
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Rick Riordan is the best-selling mwandishi of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles, as well as the Tres Navarre mysteries for adults. His latest series, The Heroes of Olympus, is a sequel to the Percy Jackson vitabu told from the perspectives of seven different demigods. The Mark of Athena, the third book in The Heroes of Olympus series, brings together the characters from the first two installments — The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune — on a quest to defeat the earth mother Gaea. The best part? Annabeth, who’s been around since the days of The Lightning Thief, will finally...
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Hey, who's excited for The Mark of Athena!? *random crowd people shout and wave character flags*
Where did wewe get those? Nevermind. Well, this is Blitz here, ready to help interpret the words of Phoebus Apollo's Oracle of Delphi! *Rachel mashabiki cheer*
Yeah, she's amazing, yadddayadddayaddda. Okay, so this new prophecy appeared at the end of the Last Olympian, as spoken kwa Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She jacks Blackjack, blah blah, is the oracle, zaidi blah blah, and BANG! New prophecy! Well, let's hear it! :

Seven half-bloods must answer the call
To storm au moto the world must fall
An oath to keep with...
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posted by Lightning98
 Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson
What do wewe guys think will happen in the inayofuata book?

Do wewe think Percy will be back?... If he does what role will he play in the war?

Will this girl Rena be a problem between Piper and Jason?

When will Leo build the Argo11?

What will the gods do to help their demi-god children?

What gods will we be seeing... what forms?

Are their any other powers that Jason, Piper, and Leo have?

Who is the son of Neptune... is it Percy au a Roman child?

Are we going to see some old Marafiki from thr PJO books?

What quests are going to happen?

These are all of the maswali that we are all asking.
Leave a maoni below and take a geuss at some of them and when the Son Of Neptune comes out we will see if wewe where right au wrong.
posted by Spottedtail139
Hi I'm Sabrina Mila and I'm starting my Frist siku of Middle

Shcool and I must admit I'm one smart girl for having ADHD I've

alway been on the juu of me class and one of the best

Swimmers on my swim team my best friend is Erin a fun lovin

crazy girl we live in Texas and its Summer hot and miserable.

We were workin on our Shcool projects when my History

teacher knocked on my door " Miss, White! Hello why are wewe

here?" I asked.

" We are going to have a field trip tomorrow. We are going to the

Greek Mythology Museum tomorrow" she said.

" Yes! I loved Greek Mythology!" I twirled around in my room....
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posted by angeldawna
Are wewe a typical demigod? if so, here are all of the items wewe will be needing for your inayofuata quest!
sleeping bag
mto (preferrably a mto pet)
2 weapons that can kill monsters (celestial bronze, imperial gold, stygian iron)
50 golden drachmas
100 dollars in mortal money
ambrosia and nectar
box of cereal bars
3 water bottles
bus/ plane ticket (depending on where wewe are going)
any tools wewe might need
at least two Marafiki :)
two changes of clothes
greek mythology book
duct tape
if there is anything i forgot let me know!
posted by Blaze_of_Ares
“    That means I can smash him into a pulp as often as I want he'll just keep coming back for more. I like this idea.     ”
–Ares, commenting on Percy's offer of immortality

Ares (Ἄρης in Ancient Greek) is the Greek god of war. aliyopewa the name Mars kwa the Romans who additionally associated him with agriculture; his symbols include the boar, dog, wolf, spear, sword, and vulture. ray Winstone was cast as Ares in The Lightning Thief, but he was never actually shown.


Ares is one of the few children of the Olympian rulers Zeus and Hera. He developed...
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posted by cubsfanjoe13
Prane was good at disguises. Walking down Fifth Avenue, he was wearing mortal clothes and walking like a mortal. Quickly. To the Empire State Building. Olympus. He zoned out, looking at peoples auras that tell what they are. He saw two people with a little bit of one of the gods blood in them. Maybe their ancestors were demigods. Then he saw the demigod, who was maybe in his early twenties. He realized that they were brothers at that moment. They were both children of Ares, although Prane was a full god. He turned to him and whispered the Ares cabin, kibanda at Camp Half-Blood’s secret password...
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posted by Biancadi
Ok,I don't know how I came up with this but my sister was thinking about the sekunde great phrophecy and then she finally understand it.I managed to get her to tell me so is her way of thinking what it means

Seven half-bloods should answer the call

kinda easy to understand,seven great demigods which means au little friend Jason,piper, flaming valdez and 4 roman demigods(watch out there might be a twist in the people who are a part of the seven) is going to answer Juno/Hera(don't care call her Jera)to bring their sides together.

To storm au moto the world must fall

this is really hard,I think it's...
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