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parras2 posted on Apr 20, 2012 at 03:10PM
this is where you can make a demigod make friends/enemies and other demigodly stuff all you have to do is put your demigod's



Immortal Parent-







and other things you want us to know about your demigod

(ok now it's time for the rules)1.don't make your character to strong 2. you cant control another persons character without their permission 3. please keep cussing down to a minimum 4. you can only have one immortal parent 5. when you make your character you must tell us if he/she is at camp or not 6. if you go on a quest you must go to this link:link

so far we have:

Dante- son of Thanatos (me)
Blaze- son of Ares (Blaze_of_Ares)
Ariana- daughter of Aphrodite (NotSoPerfecMe)
Zeke- son of Hephaestus (1999jacko1)
Alex- son of Hades (killer24)
Cara- daughter of Thanatos (Nicolicious)
Jake- son of Hephaestus/Poseidon (crash14)
Mike- son of Zeus (Jasonfan44)
Jesse-daughter of Poseidon (venus143)
Crystal- daughter of Aphrodite (Magic1799)
Alvin- son of Poseidon (Alvin2442)
Carter- daughter of Hephaestus (darange)
Justin- son of Chaos (LORDCHAOS)
Luna- daughter of Artemis (Artemishunts)
Karma- daughter of Thanatos (BitemeIVampire)
Brock- son of Ares (ConnerandTravis)
Scorpia- daughter of Poseidon (fly210)
Lance- son of Ares (cubsrule)
Ava- daughter of Hades (Just_theDoctor)
Arik- son of Nemesis (Spikegilfer1997)

and if anyone would like to be one of the original characters from the PJO or the HoO series you can(gods are included)If you wold like to be roman go to this link:link

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