The Heroes of Olympus The Son of Lightning

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A 75% god was born from the power of Zeus and Ouranos. Loved and trained on Olympus, he must now face one of the greatest adventures of his life. Going to Yancy Academy, then Camp Half-Blood, now off on a quest, the son of Zeus continues to search for his fathers lost bolt, which he won't stop searching unless he finds. The bolts found, and now he must claim his throne. First Book!

This is also on If you search it on google, you will find it. I want to give a shout-out to my friend on Mundster Madman. Without him, this story would go no where.
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The Heroes of Olympus 15 majibu

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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own Heroes of Olympus

Story: The Son of Lightning

Chapter 1: The Child Made From Lightning

AN: This is an Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a Son of Poseidon. It will take pieces from all of the books to create a new story about Percy Jackson.

Third Person's P.O.V

Zeus, the King of the Gods and Ruler of Olympus sat on his marble throne, holding a small blue bundle in his arms. The child in the bundle kept squirming and kicking, but Zeus just stared at the him in his 10 foot arm's, ignoring the kicking from the infant.

It was the Summer Solstice, and the annual meeting for the gods. Now I know your probably thinking, why wouldn't the gods be shouting at cursing at each other? Well, the answer to that was that there was a baby in the room. The gods were staring intently at Zeus, demanding to know why in the world of Olympus was their a baby in the throne room. Hera looked madly at Zeus, of course he would cheat on her again. It always happened.

Zeus figured that they wanted to know why he had a baby on Olympus, the home of the Gods, not Demi-Gods. Zeus cleared his throat then spoke, " This is my son, Perseus." All was silent in the throne room then, like fire-words, BOOM! the Olympians exploded in shout's and screams at Zeus. But Hera's was the loudest.

The baby in blue bundles started shuddering, then crying. Seeing this, Zeus eye's flashed dangerously. There was a baby in the room for Kronos Sake!

Lightning flashed in the sky, thunder rumbled loudly, shaking the thrones on Mount Olympus. " SILENCE!" Zeus shouted. The other god's quieted, but there eyes still narrowed on Zeus. Hera was the only one that didn't quiet though, she kept on screaming. " OHHHH, OF COURSE! OBVIOUSLY YOU'D HAVE A BABY AGAIN! YOU KNOW WHAT ZEUS? YOUR IMPULSIVE! WHEN DONT YOU CHEAT ON ME?" She screamed outraged. Then her eyes moved from Zeus', to the baby wrapped in blue blankets. She smirked. She'd kill the baby, she killed every Daughter or Son of Zeus. Just like how she killed Hercules.

Zeus caught on fast though, he knew his wife would kill the baby boy. But the thing is, he didn't cheat on her. Zeus lightning bolt appeared in his hand, and he pointed it at anyone who dared to try to touch his son. Hera's jaw was clenched, she knew the bolt would be the end of her immortal life if she tried to even touch the baby, so she took a seat on her throne right next to her cheating husband.

" I think I have some explaining to do," Zeus said looking at everyone of the Olympians, including Hera. " This boy," He pointed to the baby wrapped in blue bundles in his lap. " Isn't an ordinary child of mine-" But then he was interrupted by his son, Apollo the God of Prophecy's, Healing, and Archery.

" No ordinary child of yours? Of course your child isn't ordinary! Your the King of the Gods, all of your children aren't ordinary! Like Hercules, or Perseus( The original) they weren't ordinary. All of your children are more powerful than the Demi-Gods!" Apollo stated boldly. All of the other gods nodded in agreement, except Athena.

Zeus glared at Apollo for interrupting him. Then he stared again, challenging someone to talk while he was speaking.

" As I was saying," He glared at Apollo again, who wasn't looking at Zeus. " Perseus isn't an ordinary child of mine. He is the true son of me. The Son of Lightning."

The gods were just staring at Zeus. He was the true son of Zeus? What did that mean? Athena knew what Zeus meant. The gods were puzzled because he didn't explain it good enough, so she glanced at Zeus as if asking, " Can I explain?" He nodded, knowing what his Daughter wanted to do.

" What father mean's by a true son of him," Athena paused to see if anyone was paying attention to her, which they were. " Is that his creation was made from lightning. Not from a mortal-"

" So like he is basically he is lightning? People can be born like that?" Apollo question in the middle of Athena's sentence. But Athena, unlike Zeus, didn't mind being interrupted. So she answered his question.

" Yes, Perseus was born just like how I have children of thought." Athena explained. Apollo nodded.

" Perseus hold's the true essence of lightning. But to make a child from lightning, you need a strong lightning bolt, stronger than Zeus'." Realization came upon the gods, they knew where Athena was heading. " Yes, Perseus is a child of both Zeus, and Ouranos, the first sky god, and the deity of the sky, Son and Husband of Gaea and the Grandson of Chaos."

Every god inched away from the small boy, scared that he would blow them apart with lightning. Hera was happy that her husband didn't cheat on her, but she was still scared of the child in Zeus' lap.

" He must be destroyed! He is too powerful, he could end the Olympian reign!" Ares, the God of War stated. Other's pounded their weapons in approval.

" Plus, he's a male!" Another god agreed, most likely Artemis because the word Male was partially spat with venom.

Zeus' eyes flared with lightning. " You will not touch, or harm him. Understood?" Zeus spoke with authority, but he could read the other gods like a open book. The still wanted his child dead.

" But-" Hermes started saying, but was cut off by an angry King of the Sky's.

" UNDERSTOOD?" He shouted. Lightning was striking in every direction. Thunder clouds covered most of New York.

The other gods slowly nodded. Okay: No touching, harming, or killing Perseus. Zeus looked back down to the bundle of blankets. Where would he take him?

" Counsel Dis-" Zeus stopped talking when Athena spoke before he could dismiss the counsel.

" Let me see his eyes." She spoke to Zeus, but not looking at him, looking at Perseus.

" What?" Zeus question warily.

" Let me see his eyes." She stated again. Athena stood up from her throne and walked toward Zeus. Zeus picked up the baby in bundles and handed it to Athena when she was in front of Zeus. He was still wary, because what if Athena wanted to kill his child, but she proved him wrong. Athena gently shook the baby in her arm's, trying to wake him up. The baby squirmed then yawned. He was awake, but his eyes weren't open. Athena shook him a little more. Finally his eyes opened. They were the bright blue color of the sky, but you could also see yellow streak that looked like lightning bolts right next to his pupils.

Athena was the first one to look at him, since the baby was in her arms. The other gods saw the baby from their thrones, and after every god and goddess saw, and looked at Perseus' eyes, the loudest thunder the gods have ever boomed over head, and the biggest lightning bolts lit up the sky. Some of the gods and goddess knuckles were white from griping their throne hard during the lightning storm.

Athena was nodding like she expected this.

" What was that?" Hermes, the God of Travelers asked. And Athena answered, " That was what was supposed to happen. When the true Child of Lightning first encountered any god or titan, there would be a storm, a terrible storm, but very short."

Zeus nodded, that was expected from a Child of both 2 sky gods, especially a Son of Ouranos.

" Now, where does he live?" Zeus said. Athena smirked, of course she already knew the answer, she was the Goddess of Wisdom. Perseus would have to live down in the mortal world. He couldn't live on Olympus, he wasn't immortal.

" He lives on Olympus, with us." Athena said. Too say the gods were shocked would be a lie, they were speechless. Hera finally snapped out of her trance.

" He's not aloud. Only immortals can live on Olympus. Olympus is the home of the Gods, not Demi-Gods." Hera stated. Athena raised an eyebrow.

" But, what if I told you he wasn't a Demi-God?" Athena questioned every God and Goddess.

" Does that mean-" Artemis started.

" Exactly, Perseus isn't a Demi-God, he's the Son of two Gods. A Child of Lightning. He is not fully immortal, he has mortal blood within him." Athena said.

" If he is the Son of two Gods, then how is he not a god?" Ares asked suspiciously while cleaning his nails with a knife. Athena thought for a while then said, " I think its because of the lightning. How? I don't know. Nobody does. Since he the immortal blood of Two gods, but not a god, he will have more power's than Demi-Gods. His body may develop into a godly form since he has the blood of Zeus and Ouranos." She looked at Perseus' eyes again then realization dawned over her face.

" He's 75% Immortal and 25% Mortal. Slowly, but surely his immortal percentage will increase until it gets to 100% Immortal, then he will be a god. How long it will take? I'm guessing around 12-18 years." Athena said wisely. She glanced again at Perseus, a worried look in her eyes.

" But also," She continued. " He will gain more powers. Water, time, Earth, fire. Thing's like those. I would say to give him blessing's for the power's, but we better not, he must discover these power's on his own time."

The gods eyes were bulging. How could this child have so much power?

" Now back to my original statement, he will have to live here on Olympus. Once he start's acquiring these power's, we could teach him how to use them." Athena tried to convince the other gods to let him stay on Olympus to train.

" We can't let him live in the mortal world, he'd be too dangerous there." Hera agreed with Athena. The other gods nodded. Perseus would stay on Olympus.

" It's clear, Perseus will live and train on Olympus with us gods." Zeus said. " Is that all?" He looked around.

Apollo nodded and everyone's head turned toward him. He started, " What about the Great Prophecy? A Child of the Elder Gods ect. ect. Is Perseus the child of the Prophecy?"

" It's unclear if he's the child of the Great Prophecy. We can only prepare him for the worst." Athena stated.

Zeus reached his arm's toward Athena, wanting to hold Perseus again. Athena passed Perseus over to Zeus, and sat back down on her throne.

Zeus had a feeling that Perseus was the Child of the Great Prophecy, but he brushed those thoughts off. Perseus was powerful, no doubt about that, but how powerful was he? Zeus noticed the counsel was staring at him intently, waiting to be released from the meeting.

Zeus stood up with Perseus in his arms. He look at the gods faces. Then he said, " All hail Perseus, the Son of Zeus and Ouranos, the Child of the Sky's, the Child of Lightning. All hail Perseus, the true Son of Zeus!"

AN: How'd you like it? Reply. This will have some pieces form the books in it. Alternate Universe.

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Disclaimer:I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own Heroes of Olympus

Story: The Son of Lightning

Chapter 2: Zeus Meet's the First Sky God

AN: Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a Son of Poseidon. It will take pieces from all of the books to create a new about Percy Jackson.

Third Person's P.O.V

" All Hail Perseus, the Son of Zeus and Ouranos, the Child of the Sky's, the Child of Lightning. All Hail Perseus, the true Son of Zeus!" Zeus lifted Perseus in the air. By now, all of the gods were on their knees, holding their symbol of power. The gods heads were touching the marble throne floor, in respect, for the Son of a Primordial God. They stayed kneeling for several minutes, but plopped back down on their thrones when Zeus brought the baby back to his chest, and sat down on his throne.

" Counsle dismissed!" Zeus thundered. The gods and goddesses gave one last look to Zeus, and Perseus before flashing of to their own destinations. Zeus was about to teleport away when a lightning bolt so powerful,( it made Zeus' lighting bolt look like fire-crakers) erupted in the middle of the marble throne room floor. Alarmed, Zeus jumped up and willed his MasterBolt to come to his hands, pointing it threateningly at the intruder.

When the smoke cleared from the massive lightning bolt, a Seven-foot-man stood in the middle of the throne room. His hair was gray and his eyes were the color of bright blue sky. The same color as Perseus' eyes. The seven foot man wore a red cloak that covered his feet. One side of the arm sleeve shirt was torn off, letting Zeus see the tall mans muscle on his arm. It couldn't-

" Hello, Zeus." The man said walking toward Zeus from the center of the large throne room. The air around the man seemed to ripple from the insane amount of power he held. He should-

" It's been a while since I was last walking, you know." The blue eyed man continued. But why?

Zeus stiffened. Did he want to do what he did to his other children? If he did, Zeus wouldn't go down without a fight. Zeus tightened his grip on his lightning bolt, still pointing it at the man.

The gray haired man sighed. " Really Zeus? I'm not going to hurt him. So why don't you put your little toy away," The man gestured toward the master bolt. " You, as well as I, know that your weapon can't hurt me. Or do you want to test that?" He grinned at Zeus' lightning bolt. Then, his face morphed into complete seriousness.

" However, I am not here to visit, and I am neither here to throw my son in Tartarus. I come with warnings." Zeus lowered his weapon, but still ready to fire a bolt. The man then started talking again. " The Prophecy looms near, threats are rising. Threats so old, that you gods have almost forgotten. My time comes near Zeus, even I can not live forever." The man heaved a great sigh, sad that his time was near.

" So the Prophecy, its about Perseus isn't it?" Zeus asked the man wearing a red cloak. He nodded answering Zeus question.

" Yes, the Prophecy is indeed about Perseus, grandson." The man said to his grandson, Zeus.

" Is that all Ouranos? You came hear just to warn me of the Prophecy? I know the Prophecy will become true soon. But my question is, how are you back, Ouranos? Didn't Kronos slice you into millions of pieces?" Zeus asked Ouranos curiously. Ouranos was suppose to be somewhere in Tartarus. Did he escape?

Ouranos chuckled at Zeus last Two questions. " My son, Kronos, did indeed slice me into millions of pieces with that Scythe of his. However, I wasn't sent to Tartarus. I was cast into a deep sleep, waiting to be woken. When Perseus was born, that triggered me to awaken, since he was made from me. Perseus has powers niether you nor I can understand right now, Zeus. As a child of a Primordial God, a brother of the Titans, and Kronos, and the great-grandson of Chaos, Perseus will have extraordinary powers." The room darkened at the words , " Kronos," and " Chaos,". But they ignored it. Zeus nodded in agreement, Perseus would have extraordinary powers.

" But, my time comes short. Perseus has Two fathers, yet no mother. The child will need a mother to take care of him, when you are not." Ouranos said, and he had a point. Perseus would need a mother, it would only be fair.

" Now, I would suggest Gaea, but seeing as how she wants to end your ruling ( Due to the gods defeating Kronos, in the first Titan war,), I think its best not to have her for Perseus' mother. However, Hera would fit great for the role as Perseus mother." Ouranos stated, smirking at Zeus.

" Hera?" Zeus practically exploded. " Hera wants the boy dead. She wants nothing to do with Perseus! But to be the mother of him?" Zeus asked mad that Ouranos would suggest Hera to be the mother of the boy.

" Yes, Hera. She may hate him now, but she will warm up to him later." Zeus scoffed. Hera warming up to one of his offsprings would be the end of the world.

" She won't." Zeus said to the Primordial God. Ouranos' eyebrow shot up.

" Or will she?" asked the first Lord of the Sky's. Zeus shrugged, which was a very unusual thing to see from the King of the Gods.

Zeus, again, sighed. " Maybe, maybe not, I don't know. As long as she doesn't kill Perseus."

Ouranos smiled, happy that Perseus would be in good care when he left. Ouranos face was grim just thinking about it. Zeus just looked at him curiously.

" Seeing, as you haven't left, i'm assuming that you still need something?" Zeus asked the grimed face Primordial God.

Ouranos nodded. " Yes, but I do don't need something. But, this may be something you might need Zeus." Ouranos said wistfully. Zeus payed closer attention when Ouranos said, " this may be something you need,"

" And, exactly, what would I need, that I don't have, Ouranos?" Zeus demanded.

" Full power's over the sky." Ouranos grinned when Zeus head snapped up, his eyes were power hungry.

" Full power over the sky?" Zeus asked forcefully. Ouranos nodded.

" Yes," Zeus looked at him closely, trying to detect if this was a joke. But he sat backward satisfied when he couldn't find one once of joke in Ouranos eyes.

" Why? Why would you give up the sky's?" Zeus remarked. Here comes the good part, Ouranos thought, bitterly.

Then he began to explain. " People have stopped praying to the Primordial's, Zeus. Praying is the gods source of power, and without praying, there would be no gods. And since people have stopped praying to us, lots of us( Primordial Gods) have faded into the endless Void with Chaos. Me and Gaea are the last of our kind left. We are the last deity's of nature. And without deity's, the world will crumble. That's why we pass are power's on. Pontus gave Poseidon his, Tartarus gave Hades his, and I now will give mine to you. Once you have my power's, you will be the Supreme Lord of the Sky's. Like how Hades is the Supreme Ruler of the Underworld, or how Poseidon is the Supreme Lord of the Seas. I give you my power's because, I too, am fading." Just to prove his point, he began to flicker like a dying lightbulb.

" And my time comes short. I will have to give you my powers sooner than I expected. Might as well do it right now." Ouranos spoke. Zeus nodded, though he was sad to see his grandfather go ( Because they were close), he knew the Primordial God had to join his other family in the Void.

" Are you ready?" Ouranos asked Zeus, in which resulted in Zeus nodding vigorously.

Ouranos took a deep breath. " Then I, Ouranos, the Son of Gaea, Grandson of Chaos, Father of Kronos, and the Primordial and Deity of the Sky, do herby give my powers to my grandson Zeus, the Olympian God of Lightning, Thunder, and the Sky's. Let they Olympian reign continue with the power of the Primordials." When Ouranos finished. He again, began to flicker and fade. Finally, a golden shower of light came down from above and covered Ouranos.

Zeus saw one last smile from Ouranos before the shower of light vanished, and Ouranos was no longer there. The light seemed to take him with it. After Zeus stopped his thoughts, he realized he was considerably more powerful than he was before. He could feel the wind all around the world, he could sense the water vapor traveling up to the clouds. He could detect the lightning about to strike.

So this is how it feels to be a Primordial God. Zeus thought.

Zeus was the true and Supreme Lord of the Sky's. And only a fool would deny it.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own the Heroes of Olympus

Story: The Son of Lightning

Chapter 3: Life on Olympus

AN: This is an Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a Son of Poseidon. It will take pieces from all of the books to create a new story about Percy Jackson

Olympus- Perseus is 7 years of age

Third Person's P.O.V

Perseus was sitting in Olympus throne room, in the Hall of the Gods, listening to the gods argue back and forth. His father, Zeus, and his Uncle, Poseidon, were arguing about who was more powerful. Apollo and Artemis were arguing about who was older, because Apollo kept on calling her, " Little Sis." Ares and Hephaestus were arguing over Aphrodite, while she was putting lip-stick on her already perfect lips, watching and giggling over two gods fighting over her. Demeter was yelling something about cereal to Hermes, who was on a phone with two snakes on the side. Athena was silent, because she had her nose in a book. Dionysus, too, was silent. He was leaning back in his throne, his big watery purple eyes droopy, looking like he hadn't gone to sleep in months. Hestia sat in the corner by the hearth, watching her family with a disproving look on her face.

The perfect family.

Except, they were no where close to perfect. They were far from it.

After another 30 minutes of yelling, arguing, and giggling( From Aphrodite, of course.) Zeus dismissed the counsel. After every God and Goddess left ( including Hestia ), the only ones in the throne room were Zeus and Perseus.

Zeus face softened when he saw Perseus sitting by the hearth, alone.

" Perseus, my boy, how are you?" Zeus asked the part-immortal. Perseus gave a nod of a acknowledgement to the King of the Gods.

" Father," Perseus said with respect. Zeus frowned. Perseus would usually tell him all about his day, and the pros and cons of what he didn't like about it. Perseus was sad for some reason. Yet, Zeus didn't know.

Zeus asked, " How was your training today, my boy?" Perseus shrugged.

" Fine." he said gloomy. Zeus just looked at him curiously.

" Are you okay, my boy?" Zeus asked with sympathy.

" Great," Perseus said grumpy. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he jump up to the floor, his sky-blue eyes shining.

" I know where it is." He said happily, and smiling.

" Where what is, my boy?" Zeus asked suspiciously. Perseus gave his toothy grin, at his father. He was missing his two front teeth.

" My eagle, Ares took it." Perseus said triumphant. Ares was jealous of Perseus for being Zeus' favorite, and before he was born, Ares was Zeus' favorite son. But when, Perseus came along, things changed. So obviously Ares would take Perseus eagle. He was trying Perseus upset, but it wasn't working that well.

" Of course he did, he always taking your things. Now, don't you have training with Athena?" Zeus asked Perseus amused. Every god and goddess knew how much Perseus loved his eagle.

Perseus eye's grew wide. He totally forgot that he had training with Athena. And if he was late for his lessons, Athena would make him to 3 hours of reading, which wasn't fun because of his dyslexia.

He ran from the throne room, Zeus thundering a good-bye while he sprinted. He passed statue's of the gods, monuments, and passed gods themselves, and when they saw Perseus, they bowed to the Son of Zeus.

By the time Perseus got to the temple of Athena, where he Athena and he trained, he was panting out of breath. He entered the temple and made his toward the back. As he walked out from the temple and into the backyard of it, he was Athena in her armor ready for training. She had her spear in her hand and her famous shield, Aegis( The original). She was twirling her spear lazily.

When she spotted him she said, " Your late." Perseus shrugged, which got a raised eyebrow from Athena.

" I was talking to father." He said to the goddess.

" Your lucky were sparring today, or else I would have given you extra work." Athena stated. Perseus sighed in relief. Then Athena added, " But don't expect no work when your late again."

Perseus groaned, Athena gave him so much work.

" Now, get your stuff on. I'm in the mood for a good fight." Athena said. It was Perseus this time that lifted an eyebrow.

" You sounding more and more like Ares. Are you sure you guy's don't have something going on?" He wiggled his eyebrows, much to Athena's disgust. She gagged and spat at Perseus.

" I'm a Maiden Goddess!" She shouted at him. Perseus only smirked.

" And?"

" Uhhhh! You're so helpless."

" I've been told before." Perseus said with his famous lop-sided grin. Athena rolled her gray eyes.

" Hurry up and get you're stuff on. I have other things to do." She told him.

Perseus grinned, then held up one of his arms so that the knuckles were facing the sky. He closed his hand into a fist, and concentrated on making a lightning bolt come out of the sky. He picture a huge bolt coming out of the clouds, striking the ground. Then he smiled in satisfaction when he heard a jaw rattling BOOM! he had time to look up at the bolt before he was consumed in the huge lightning bolt.

The winds picked up around Athena, and the clouds above darkened. In the electric bolt, Perseus was spinning like a top head, armor was attaching itself onto him. Finally when the armor was totally on, the winds died down and the clouds turned pack to their fluffy white color.

Perseus stood 15 feet away from Athena, he was wearing Silver armor with blue lightning bolts running down the side. His boots, too, were silver, but they had the symbol of Zeus on them, the Master-Bolt. His face helmet was silver, with a electric- blue colored plume, making a blue mohawk stick up from the helmet. A sword that was half-Celestial bronze, and half-Imperial gold, was sheathed on his hip. The deadly sword at Perseus hip was named Sky Slasher.

Athena, again, rolled her eyes. One thing Perseus got from Zeus was to be dramatic, real dramatic. Perseus charged at Athena, his sword was now in his hand. He willed the winds to make him float so he was faster. He took a slash at Athena only to be blocked by her shield, Aegis. Out of the corner of Perseus eye, he caught Athena's spear coming down at him in a deadly arch. He rolled to the side and came up in a kneeling position at the goddess knees. He swiped at her knees but Athena was to fast, she was already to the side trying to bash Perseus' head with her Aegis. With a yelp, Perseus managed to dodge the shield.

Athena trust her spear at the boy, hoping that she could land a blow. Her eyes were scanning Perseus, looking for the best way to take him down. Athena side-stepped the sword Perseus swong at her. He slashed again, but Athena caught it with her spear, locking the weapon's together. Both weapons were pressed against each other right above their heads. They both pushed on their weapon with all their might, but the strength's were equal. Athena kept on pushing harder, making Perseus, too, push harder. As soon as it seemed Perseus was basically leaning on his weapon, pushing, Athena let go of her weapon, making Perseus stumble forward. Athena swept the legs from the boy making his fall. But before Perseus could fall to the ground, he made the air push up so he wouldn't fall, but his back was still facing the ground, so he back flipped, landing on his feet.

Perseus got to Athena's spear before she could, and kicked it away, sending it scattering across the floor. He pointed his sword at Athena's armor chest, wanting her to surrender.

" Yield." Perseus demanded. Athena only smirked.

" You forgot something." She told Perseus, still smirking.

" And what is that?" Perseus questioned.

" I'm a Goddess." She said, her smirk getting bigger.

" Wha-" Perseus started saying but was interrupted by Athena's spear flying toward him. He commanded the air to push him of the ground, so he could jump over the spear. The spear went whizzing under Perseus, then it went back to Athena's hand. The two now stood 10 feet from each other. Both were smirking.

" Two can play that game," Perseus said. He put his sword above his head, making it look like he was about to throw-a-throwing knife. Except he didn't throw a throwing knife, he threw his sword. The sharp blade sailed toward Athena, spinning portrait way. The sword slammed into Athena, causing her to stumble backwards from the force. The sword flew back to Perseus hand.

There was a dent in Athena's armor, the flat of the half-Celestial bronze and half-Imperial gold weapon left an imprint. Athena frowned at the dent, usually people don't even come close to hitting her, but Perseus was different, he was more powerful than most.

Athena and Perseus both sprinted at each other, both slashing at the others chest. They both pulled their weapons back, and swung vertically. Their sword connected, sending a shock wave around them.

Perseus crouched down and spun around, his leg out, trying to trip Athena. Athena jumped over his leg, and brought down the flat of her spear onto Perseus helmet. The flat of the spear hit Perseus helmet, making him dizzy. He saw Athena standing over him with her spear pointed at his unprotected chest his sword was laying 5 feet away.

He had lost.

" Yield." Athena commanded Perseus, poking her spear at his chest.

" I yield." Perseus said defeated. There wasn't one human, creature, or god that was known to have beat Athena in a fight. So why would Perseus stand a chance?

Athena helped Perseus up. He took oh his helmet and threw it up in the air. The helmet shimmered then disappeared from sight. He did the same with his sword when he picked it up from the ground. The sword just shimmered then disappeared from sight.

" You're getting better," Athena said. Perseus nodded his head in thanks. By now, Perseus had all his armor off by throwing it up in the air, then it would disappear.

" You're trainings dismissed. Go on, go do whatever you normally do." Athena dismissed Perseus.

Perseus said a last good-bye before walking back in to the temple. Once he was out of the temple, he made his way to the throne room. He was half way to the throne room when he forgot to ask Athena a question, so he jogged back. He entered Athena's temple, then searched the room's for her. In one of the rooms down the hall, he heard talking. He silently crept into the room and saw Athena with tears running down her cheecks. She was looking into a Iris message. The message showed a girl about Perseus age with honey blond hair and startling stormy gray eyes. A spitting image of Athena.

The girl had tears streaming down her eyes, and it looked like she was running away from a house. She was whimpering and shaking.

Athena was muttering to the girl, saying that she'd be okay, and that she'd make it to Camp Half-Blood safe. Perseus walked forward to Athena. He could feel the sadness and grief rolling of her like waves. He slowly reached out to touch Athena's arm.

Athena must have heard him, because she quickly turned around, ready to attack. She visibly calmed down seeing it was Perseus.

" Perseus," She said sadly. " Why are you hear? I dismissed our training."

" I needed to ask a question," Perseus spoke, " But it doesn't matter anymore, who's that?" He pointed to the girl on the Iris message.

Athena sighed. " Thats my daughter, Annabeth, she's not much younger than you."

Perseus stared at the girl. " Why is she running away?" He asked curiously. But he seemed to have struck a touchy subject when he said that.

" She left because she felt abandon by her parent's. They treated her as a outcast, wouldn't let her play with the other two children they had. They thought she was a freak." Athena said grimly.

Perseus nodded sadly. " I wish we could help her."

Athena smiled at Perseus for his care. " How about we keep tabs on her every once in a while? She how she's doing." Perseus grinned and agreed.

" I think thats a good idea."

Olympus- Perseus is now 12 years old.

5 year skip

Third Person's P.O.V

Perseus stood in the middle of the throne room, every Olympian had their eye on him. Lately, Zeus and Poseidon have been arguing more, but Perseus didn't know why.

After moment's of complete silence, Zeus, Perseus' father, spoke up.

" My Master-Bolt has been stolen," Zeus said partly angry someone would try to steal his symbol of power.

Perseus took a step back in surprise. With one eyebrow lifted he said, " What? How?"

Zeus sighed. " We do not know, we may only have guesses."

Perseus was confused. " Then why'd you call me here?"

" You, My boy, are going to find it." Zeus said with concern.

" Me?" Perseus said shocked. " But why me? Why can't you send someone like Ares?"

Zeus chuckled. " I already did, my boy. I sent all of the Gods to look for it, and as now no one has found it, you are my last chance."

Perseus was eager to make his father proud. " What do I have to do?"

Zeus didn't want to send Perseus away, but he knew Perseus was his only chance in finding his bolt. " You must go to school, my boy. The aura you give off will be enough to attract attention to the saytrs. Then the saytr will take you to camp. Dionysus will be there, but you must act like you do not know him. You must not reveal who you really are, and that you lived on Olympus. It must remain a secret. From there I will claim you, as since you are my son, they will send you on a quest to find the Master-Bolt. And we can only hope that you will find it." Zeus said.

" When do I leave?" Perseus asked.

" You leave after we say good-bye," Zeus announced sadly.

Perseus got hugs from the gods and goddess', and exchanged good-bye's with them.

Zeus told the other Olympians to leave and go do their duties. That left Zeus and Perseus, once again.

" How long will I be gone?" Perseus asked his father.

Zeus shook his head. " I don't know Perseus, I do not know."

" Okay, I think I should get my stuff together so I can leave," Perseus said. Zeus sadly nodded.

" Athena will take you." Perseus gave a slight nod and started walking to the throne room doors. Before he was about to exit, Zeus called after Perseus, making him turn around.

" Remember Perseus, You are the Son of Zeus and Ouranos, remember that you are a true child of the Sky's. The Son of Lightning."

Perseus smiled at his father and waved good-bye before pushing open the large doors to exit. This was only the start of his journey.

But Perseus would face many hardships ahead, but he was ready for anything.

He was the true Son of Zeus. And he wouldn't let his father down.

AN: Next Chapter, Perseus goes to school.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own the Heroes of Olympus series.

Story: The Son of Lightning

AN: Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a Son of Poseidon. It will take pieces from all of the books to create a new about Percy Jackson. Also, Perseus half-Celestial bronze, and half-Imperial gold sword was a gift from Ares and Hephaestus

Chapter 4: Yancy Academy

Perseus' P.O.V

It was another day at school, I know, you're all thinking, BOOORRRING! And let me tell you, you're exactly right. This school would be in rubble if it weren't my best friend, Grover. So, if you don't know me, let me tell you about myself. My real name is Perseus, and I'm the Son of Zeus and Ouranos. I know, the son of two Gods? Well let me explain. I was made from the essence of lightning. Zeus somehow, drew power from Ouranos, and created a lightning bolt so powerful, that it was equal to a bolt Ouranos would make. Zeus put some of his blood in the lightning bolt, then out came me. So thats how I was born, or created.

If I'm the son of two Gods, shouldn't I be a God and live on Olympus? Well my father's Master Bolt was stolen, and he sent out his other children, my Brother's and Sisters, to find it. Apollo, Athena, Ares, Artemis, Hermes, them. But none of them found it, so my father sent me, his back up plan. Since I am basically the Son of Lightning, he thought I would be able to find it. And me, eager to make my father proud, agreed with the plan. The plan was that I was to be sent to school, and a satyr would collect me and bring me to Camp Half-Blood. Then from there, Zeus would claim me, and they would send me on a quest to find the missing item. Then it was all up to me to find the Master Bolt. And well, the plan was working perfectly.

So here I was, in my math class, Grover was sitting to my left, and some jock was sitting on my right. Mrs. Dodds, are math teacher, walked in and everyone went quiet. About thirty minuets into the lesson, I noticed Grover wasn't paying attention, like me. Under my desk, where nobody could see my hands, I started making electricity shoot between one hand, to the other. I lost focus of the electricity, and it shot from my hand. I didn't mean for it to happen, but the electricity accidentally hit some kid, making him shiver a little. Mrs. Dodds must have noticed I wasn't paying attention.

" Mr. Jackson," She called. " Would you please answer the question on the board?" I looked at the board. The question was easy, but I pretended to not know it.

" I don't know the answer, Ma'am." I said. By now, every kid in the class were smirking and giggling.

" Well Mr. Jackson," Mrs. Dodds growled. " You'd do well to pay attention in class." Then she went back to teaching. But again, I didn't pay attention. I gave a happy sigh when the school bell rang.

It was time for the field trip.

Usually, most of the field trips we go on are boring. But Mr. Brunner was leading this trip, so I had hopes. The only bad thing about the field trip was that Mrs. Dodds was our other chaperone. Our class filed one-by-one out the door, toward the front, main doors. The other boys kept shoving and pushing each other around the whole way down the hall, acting like total idiots. The girls just gossiped and giggled pointing at boys. Again, idiots.

The only ones that weren't pushing, shoving, giggling, or pointing fingers, were me and my best friend Grover. Grover was, well, not exactly normal. He was really a satyr, who was supposed to bring me to Camp Half-Blood safely. I knew all about how he picked up three Demi-Gods, one of the three was my Mortal sister, Thalia. Once the four of them were at the top of Half-Blood Hill, Thalia told Grover and the others to run and reach camp safe, because an army of monsters were chasing them. Thalia tried to fend the monsters off, but there were too many. Just before she was about to die, my father and I took pity on her, and turned her into a huge pine tree, which now rests at the top of the hill. Her spirit was so strong, that it keeps the monsters from entering Camp Half-Blood. Then everybody found out about Thalia, and how she died. The Counsel of the Cloven Leaders, which contained elder satyrs, my brother, Dionysus,and Chiron, the ancient trainer of the Heroes. The counsel blamed Grover for Thalia's death, and they didn't give him his searchers license. The searchers license was a license that said that a satyr could go search for the great lost god of the wild, Pan. The Counsel of the Cloven leaders gave Grover one last chance to bring back a Half-Blood successfully, and if the Demi-God was safe from harm's way, they would grant the license. But if not, Grover would have to find another occupation as a satyr. And I was willing to help Grover on that.

So anyway, as we walked out the school doors, and to the buses, Grover and I were talking.

"You excited?" Grover asked me. I had a feeling he was talking about the field trip to the Metro Museum. I gave him a puzzled look. Even though Athena was my teacher on Olympus, I still didn't like learning. And it didn't help that I had ADHD and Dyslexia.

"Excited? Since when have I been excited for a field trip? You sure you okay, man?" I said. Grover shrugged his shoulders.

"Yea, yea. All fine, Perce." Grover grumbled. By now, we where boarding the bus. It just so happened, that Nancy Bobofit, was sitting to the right of me and Grover. Nancy was a kleptomaniac, red-headed girl that annoyed everyone. Well, except Mrs. Dodds, they both seemed to hate me. I figured they were in the hate-Percy-club.

"Well, well, well," Nancy Bobofit said to Grover and I. "If it isn't Percy and the Crippled." Grover rolled his eyes, and I sighed.

" Go away Bobofit," I said to, turning toward her. "Nobody wants you over here." Something must have been wrong with the world, because Nancy turned around and started talking to her friends. When I turned back to Grover, he was looking at me with a eye-brow raised.

I shook my head and smiled. If Nancy and her friends didn't bother us, this would be the best day ever. But boy was I wrong.

The bus started to come to a stop, and Mr. Brunner rolled up to the front of the bus.

" Alright class," Mr. Brunner spoke up. "We are here to study ancient Greek and Rome statues and artifacts. Please try not to break, destroy, or vandalize anything. Are we all set? Good. Now let's exit the bus." With that, he rolled to the front of the bus. See, the reason why Mr. Brunner rolled up to the front of the bus is because he's in a wheelchair. But I knew that it wasn't really a wheelchair. I also knew that Mr. Brunner wasn't exactly Mr. Brunner, he was really Chiron, the ancient Trainer of the Heroes. Also, his true form is the form of a centaur. Man from the waist up, and horse from the waist below.

We all exited the bus single file. Mr. Brunner ahead of us, leading the group toward the Museum. As we passed people, they all turned from what they were doing, and looked at me; as if waiting for my command to do something. No one else seemed to notice a thing.

We entered the Museum. Mr. Brunner lead us down long narrow halls. Statues of gods loomed over us. Someone in our class asked why some of the statues had animal heads, and human bodies. I figured we were in the Egyptian hall. And I was right because Mr. Brunner told how these were the ancient Egypt gods and goddess'. After that, we kept going. The Museum was like a maze, we took lefts, rights, more lefts, circles. I don't know how Mr. Brunner knew where to go, but obviously he did.

We ended up in front of a 10 foot marble door. Mr. Brunner pushed it open without a moments hesitation. We followed him.

Inside was the statues of the Greek gods. They sat in on thrones in a U. On the left were the male gods, and on the right were the Goddess. They were also holding their symbol of power. I looked at each and every one of the gods. They looked nothing like how they actually should, but it didn't bother me. And sitting straight in the middle of the U was my father, Zeus. His statue sat proud on his throne, his Master Bolt rested in his hand. Then I realized how much I actually missed him. I wanted nothing more than to go back to Olympus and be with my family again. But I knew I couldn't. They sent me on this mission to find my fathers bolt, and if they counted on me to find it, I wasn't going to fail them. At least I didn't count on it.

Mr. Brunner explained who every god was, what they were the god of, and who they were born from. When all of that was over, we walked around the thrones and farther into the room.

Now this part of this room was pictures.

Mr. Brunner stood by a painting of three people looking down at a million chopped pieces. I instantly recognized it. It was my father, Hades, and Poseidon looking at the chopped-up Kronos. Just lookig at the picture made the room more cold.

Mr. Brunners eyes scanned the crowd. Then, his eyes meet mine.

"Mr. Jackson," Mr. Brunner announced to the class. "Would you do the honor of explaining to the class of what this picture represents?" Mr. Brunner asked. I didn't know that explaining something was an honor these days, but who knows with Chiron. See, the reason he called me Mr. Jackson is because Athena thought it would make people suspicious if I came to school with only a first name. So she picked Jackson because she deemed if fit right in with the name. Perseus Jackson. It is a little catchy, isn't it? Anyway where were we?

Ah yes, I was about to answer who the people were and what they were doing, but then I remembered, I had to play stupid.

"Uhh. Ummm..." I stuttered sounding stupid. "Thats Kronos, right?"

Mr. Brunner wasn't satisfied. "Yes, indeed that is Kronos. Is that all Mr. Jackson?" He asked.

I shook my head. " Those other people, thats Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. And their cutting their father Kronos up into a million pieces because Kronos swallowed Zeus' siblings. Then Zeus got them out and they had a war. Titans vs. Gods, the Gods won of course; and at the end of the battle, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades cut Kronos up with his own scythe and cast him into eternal darkness." I explained. The girls faces scrunched up in disgust.

Behind me, Nancy Bobofit muttered, "Like were going to need this in life. It's not like a job interviewer's going to say: Please explain why Kronos swallowed his kids."

Other kids laughed. Mr. Brunner only smiled. "And to answer Mrs. Bobofit's excellent question, Mr. Jackson, why would you need this in real life?" Nancy's face turned bright red. Beside me Grover said, "Busted!"

I didn't answer the question right away though. I knew Mr. Brunner was trying to prepare me for everything, but I didn't give anything away.

"I don't know sir." I answered. Mr. Brunner nodded.

"Half credit, Mr. Jackson. Kronos did indeed swallow his children. But when baby Zeus was born, Rhea, Kronos' wife, took pity on the baby and hid him. And instead of giving her husband the baby, she gave him a rock wrapped in a bundle of blankets. Then when Zeus was older, he fed his father a mix of wine and mustered, making Kronos disgorge the other children. And when the God and Titan war ended, Zeus and his brothers chopped Kronos up and cast him into never-ending torture; into the endless pits of Tartarus. And on that happy note, its time for lunch. Mrs. Dodds, could you please lead us?" Mrs. Dodds lead us out the door and to the cafeteria.

Grover and I sat as far away from the class that we could, because maybe if we sat at a such long distance, people wouldn't think we were with the troubled kids. Father must have been in a good mood, because today the skies were clear; without a cloud in sight. I wasn't that hungry, so when Grover asked for my apple, a gave it to the satyr without regret.

Grover almost gulped it down with one bite. And when I looked at him funny, he blushed right down to his adam's apple. After we finished our lunch, we decided to go back and join the class.

Mr. Brunner was sitting in his motorized wheel chair, reading a novel, a red umbrella sprouted from his chair. The guys in my class were pelting Pigeons with Animal Crakers, and Nancy Bobfit was trying to steal something from a womens purse. Typical.

Nancy seemed to get bored try to pick-pocket the women, because she and her friends bounded up to Grover and I. She eyed us carefully.

"You got any money on you Jackson?" She asked. I shook my head. Then, she looked at Grover.

"How 'bout you?" She asked. Like me, Grover shook his head.

Nancy smiled. "Oh, why would I ask? Oh course the Crippled and Jackson wouldn't have money. I mean, I wonder if they even held money. Probably not, considering that your parents are poor." She had the nerve to say that? I felt electricity spark in my hands, and my rage growing, but I keeped it at bay. Hah! As if my parents were poor. My fathers were Zeus and Ouranos, gods of the sky. They both once ruled the world; well, my father Zeus still did. My house was made out of gold, and I lived in a palace. And she thinks im poor?

Nancy must have seen me scowl. "Awww," She said like I was a cute little baby. "Is poor little Percy Jackson going to cry? Did you finally realize the truth? That your parents dont really care for you?" That was it. Little arks of lightning shot out of my hands, going in every direction. I think I even saw Nancy get hit by one. And the best thing yet, is that it looked like she got hit by the biggest bolt.

Nancy was now on the ground. Grovers eyes were as wide as an orange.

"Percy did it!" Nancy shouted, fake tears sprouting from her eyes, pointing her finger at me. Mrs. Dodds was next to us in a flash. After she was done making sure poor Nancy was okay, she turned to me. A look in her eyes made me shiver.

"Now honey," She said real sweet. "You've been causing a lot of problems lately. I think I will decide your punishment for now. Yes, that will have to do. Could you follow me, honey?"

Grover started stupptering. "Bah... Bah... It was me!" He shouted. Mrs. Dodds raised an eyebrow at him.

"I think not, Mr. Underwood."

"But it was!" He demanded. Mrs. Dodds gave him a cold stare, making Grover flinch in fear.

"Stay here and be quiet, Mr. Underwood." She turned toward the Museum. "Now, Mr. Jackson, follow me." She said without looking at me. She started out to the Museum, not looking if I was following or not. I gave Grover a look, his eyes were still wide, and he was looking at Mr. Brunner then back to me. Probably wanting Chiron to notice the situation. But he was absorbed in his novel, not seeing a single thing.

I took off after Mrs. Dodds. She was already at the entrace tapping her foot impatiently waiting for me. When I was close enough to her, she started walking again. I traced her steps right behind her, weaving in and out of people. They had all stoped doing that thing where they looked at me.

Mrs. Dodds took a right into the Greek section. She lead me to a empty room with a couple statues, multiple pictures and paintings, and some artifacts. Mrs. Dodds searched the room, as if she was expecting someone here with us. But the only ones that were in this room where Mrs. Dodds and I.

I started to get nervous when Mrs. Dodds locked the room door. And there where no windows, so nobody could see in the room.

Mrs. Dodds had stopped searching to look at me. She looked at me from head-to-toe.

"Now, Percy Jackson," Mrs. Dodds growled, her eyes suddenly started turning red. "It is time for your punishment." Her eyes turned fully red, now glowing with hate. Her finger-nails turned into 6 inch bronze talons. Her body started shrinking, and from her back she sprouted black, leathery wings. My legs started shaking involuntary. I had a feeling Mrs. Dodds was a monster.

Now Mrs. Dodds had fully transformed. Where my math teacher stood, was now a 4 foot shrivled black bat. Its talons ready to strike, and its long yellow fangs showing.

"Nobody's here to protect you now, son of Ouranos." The monster snarled. Thats weird, why had it adressed me as the son of Ouranos, and not Zeus?

The monster flew up on a statue of a god. "Surrender now, or feel forever torture. Hand over the helm," Mrs. Dodds said. What helm?

"I..I have no idea what your talking about," I stuttered, scared mindless. Mrs. Dodds obviously didn't like that answer.

She jumped off the statue and dove towards me. Her shrill screech deafened me as I dove out of her way. What kind of monster is she? I searched my brain for a monster that was bat-like. But I came up with nothing.

I need a way to defend myself, but with what? I had my sword that I could summon with lightning, but I don't have that much time, plus I don't want to but this place in ruin's. Mrs. Dodds came back at me. As she dive-bombed me, I luged to the side to avoid getting in Mrs. Dodds way. But her talons caught my shirt and ripped my sleeve of, and cut my skin. I feel on the floor. Red blood with spots of gold leaked out of the cut.

"Ready to talk now, honey?" Mrs. Dodds cackled as she saw the blood drip from my arm. Shakingly, I stood up to look at the evil red eyes.

Something clicked in my mind. Wings, torture, helm. A sevrant of Hades.

"Not just yet, Alceto." I said now recognizing the monster that was trying to kill me. I tried to sound brave, but on the inside I was freaking out. My legs were shaking even more.

Alceto snarled. She got ready to attack again. Guess she leaves me no choice. I looked at the statues of the gods.

"Sorry," I muttered to them. Alceto was confused, but before she knew what was going on, I raised my hand in the air, my knuckles faced the ceiling. I concentrated, and BOOM! Lightning struck down on the room, making a huge hole in the ceiling. Whoops.

Five feet away laid my old Celestial bronze and Imperial sword. It felt so good to see it again. Alceto was to busy to notice the sword. She was looking at the hole in the ceiling with hate.

I ran to pick up my sword. "Hey, bat lady!" I said to the monster waving my sword to get her attention. Her head snapped over to me. She flew back several feet seeing the deadly sword. I channeled a powerful lightning bolt through the blade towards her, and managed to hurt her. Somehow she didn't die, which I didn't like.

"Yeah!" I shouted. "Who's the tough one now? If you want your helm so bad, why don't you come and get it?" Bad idea. My sudden talent for knacking monsters went of the cliff.

"So you confess?" Alceto hissed inching forward, more angry than ever now. Now it was my turn to back away.

"Uhh... Ummm... Yea-Yeah. I do!" I sputtered. Alceto sped toward me, talons at the ready. When she was close enough, I side-stepped, but the servant of Hades was no fool. She turned and grabed me by the throat. I tried slashing her, but she swatted the sword out of my hands. She lifted us off the ground about ten feet. When we were at the roof, she dropped me. I know. I should have been like: Pshhh! No big deal, flyings my domain. But no, my mind was so fuzzy right now I couldn't even summon a wind.

I hit the ground with a Ompf! I felt many of my ribs crack at the impact. And I got the air knocked out of me. Funny. Got the 'air' kocked out of me. Get it? Son of Zeus and Ouranos, Im basically made of air. No? Oh never mind.

Alceto flew down at me, ready to deliver the final blow. I couldn't die now. I still have a life to live! And I still have to find the bolt! How much shame would my father say if he said:"Oh yeah, Perseus? He died fighting a fury."

Well, I'm not dying today, fella's. I summoned the wind to pick up my sword and return it to me. I caught the hilt when it was by me.

The fury was now a couple feet away. It came a little closer, but before it could reach me I swung the sword. Whoosh! Alceto disolved into a golden dust pile, which just happened to all fall on me. I stood up and brushed the monster dust off me. I looked at my blade, and saw a massive crack right through the middle of it. I tapped the crack curiously. Half of the blade fell right off. Really? And this sword was new! Looks like I need a new one. Time to visit father.

Then I realized how tired I was. I started staggering around before I collapsed on the ground. My ribs were aching and my head was pounding.

That really wasn't supposed to be that hard. Ahh, stupid demon math teachers. They always have to mess up peoples day, don't they? With that, everything went blank.

On Olympus-Same day

Zeus' P.O.V

I watched as Perseus summoned his sword to eliminate the monster. A Fury. I will have to visit Hades later.

With me in the throne room were Poseidon, Athena, and Hephaestus, who had no weapons to forge. Perseus tapped his hand against his sword and it clattered to the floor. That got Hephaestus frowning.

"Well, there goes another," I said. They nodded. That got me thinking. Since I have a Master Bolt, why couldn't Perseus have a similar? I think Hephaestus was waiting for this.

"Its time for a new one," I explained to Hephaestus. He started to get out of his throne to teleport away, but I stopped him.

"This will not only be made by you," Hephaestus looked at me curiously.

"I think its time to call a old friend back, don't you think Athena?" I remarked to my silenced daughter. She slowly nodded.

"I think its time we found the Hekatonkheires. The crafters of my bolt." My son's eyes windend.

"Right away!" He and Athena teleported away to go search for the great Cyclops'.

Perseus had now passed out. Even though he had barely defeated the fury Alceto, I couldn't help but be immensly proud. The first monster he defeated was a fury!

Now, all I had to worry was finding the bolt. The plan was working great so far, but who knows. Let me just focus on getting Perseus weapons made.

Oh, Perseus. You're going to love your present.

Authors Note:

-I would like to remind you of something. Perseus' eyes are blue with yellow streaks of lightning running down. Also, Perseus hair color is BLONDE!

-I couln't have done this chapter without the help from Mundster Madman, so I thank you.

- This Chapter Is 4,329 words, not counting the Authors note.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own Heroes of Olympus.

Story: The Son of Lightning

AN: Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a son of Poseidon. It will take pieces from all of the books to create a new story about Percy Jackson. Also, Perseus' hair is blonde!

Chapter 5: Presents and a Flash-Back

Perseus' P.O.V

I awoke in a bright room. Sitting up I put my hand over my eyes to shield the bright light. When the light died down, I looked around this room and found it familiar. Walls that had the moving sky, blue carpet, and a lightning shaped bed. My room on Olympus.

"Get up," A gruff voice spoke next to me. I snapped my head over to the intruder. Sitting in a Lay-Z-Boy chair was a man in gold armor, strapped to his side was a 3 foot red dagger. The smell of blood was like an aura around him. Ares.

"Im up," I complained. "And dim the light, will you? It hurts my eyes." The light brightened.

"Get up, your father wants to see you." That got me up. I shot out of bed and looked at Ares expectedly.

"Where?" I asked. Ares stood up.

"Follow me... punk," Ares lead me out of the room and toward the throne room. Really? I know where the throne room is. I didn't need someone to lead me.

It seemed that no god, goddess', or nymphs were outside today. Finally, Ares and I arrived at the throne room doors. Why did the Olympians bring me here?

Ares grew into a 15 foot version of himself, and pushed the doors open. I was expecting all of the Olympians, but they weren't there. My father sat at the middle of the throne order, of to his right were Apollo, Ares (who, by the way just sat down), and Hephaestus. Off to my fathers left sat Athena and Artemis. Why were they there?

Then I noticed something. At the bottom of my father's throne and by his feet were a pile of armor. And next to that... was a lightning bolt. It looked exactly like the one my father had. I looked at him in shock.

"You found it?" I asked confused. My father only laughed gently.

"No I have not Perseus. Those are yours." My father said, which caused me to look at him more shocked. "But I would like to introduce you to... to some old friends of mine."

Three giant people stepped out from behind my father's throne. Each were about 10 feet tall. They had only one eye. Cyclopes. But the weird thing was, they had more than 2 arms. I couldn't count them because they're arms were always doing something. About 25 of the arms were playing rock paper scissors, 50 of them were tinkering with a metal, and the rest just hung loosely by their side.

I took a step back. After my encounter with the fury, i'm not so fond of monsters.

"I would like to introduce you to the Hecatoncheires, or the Hundred Handed-Ones. This is Briares," My father gestured to the Cyclops in the middle. His eyes were glued on me, which made me uncomfortable. The cyclops offered a smile, or what I assumed was a smile.

"This is Cottus," He pointed to the Cyclops on the left, who was not paying any attention. But by the smile on his face, I could tell he was very nice.

"And this, is Gyges," He announced the last Cyclops. And this one seemed less friendly than the rest. It had a scowl on its face and it seemed to hate being here.

"These are the cousins of the Cyclops. Sons of Gaea and Ouranos. So, your brothers. They are the crafters of my Master Bolt, and you're Lightning Bolt." The Lord of the Skies declared.

Then he turned to me. "Now, I would like to give you your weapons. Someone is waiting."

I was confused, was a really hear, or was it an illusion?

My father must have seen my confusion. "You are hear in a dream, Perseus. But it is still real. When you wake up, you will not have the weapons with you, but you will be able to summon them."

I was still confused. Why was I getting new weapons? Couldn't they... just like fix my old sword?

"To answer your unspoken question, I could repair your blade, but it wouldn't be anything long term. Any blade you channel lightning through will break, simply because the extreme heat from the electricity will make the sword brittle. That is why your sword broke. When you shot lightning at the Fury, the electricity caused the metal to lose it hardening and temper. If it wasn't for the very nature of the metal used to make the sword, it wouldn't have killed the monster," Hephaestus said, speaking with wisdom about swords.

"Alright, so basically, no shooting lightning out of swords?" I asked. Hephaestus nodded, smiling.

Zeus interrupted us by picking us by clearing his throat. I looked at him, and he said: "Would you like your weapons today? Or would you rather wait?" I looked at him with big eyes, and he seemed to get the message. He levitated the armor up into his grasp, then he shrunk down to my size, along with the other people here. He handed me the armor, and I checked it out. The armor was silver, and the boots were black with silver lining on them, and my father's eagle on each side. The armor had 6 pack abs imprinted into it, and tracing the lines of the muscles were what seemed to be little lines of electricity. The helmet, like the armor, was silver. A golden plume sprouted from the top. On the shoulders, lines of lightning intertwined, then it led down to the chest. Where my heart would be in the armor, a big swirl of lightning was gathered. But the weird thing was, the lightning seemed to radiate power.

I looked at my father in questioning, and he smiled. He sure does smile a lot.

"The lightning that traces the muscles and gathers in the heart is the essence of Ouranos. When he faded, I was able to get part of it, but the rest went into me. With the lightning by your heart, you will be able to draw the power of Ouranos and use it." He explained.

I was too speechless to talk. Now, I would always be in connection with my long gone father, who I never meet.

Finally, I came out of my trance. "So..." I choked up. "This holds part of my other father? What if it breaks?" I asked. My fathers eyes twinkled.

"The armor is indestructible. In a moment, you will see why. Now, let me get your other present." He summoned the winds to pick up the bolt that was supposedly mine. When it landed in my father's hand, I got a closer look at it.

It was a 3 foot long cylinder that, what looked like, to be made from lighting. And when I mean what looked like to be made from lightning, it literally looked like lightning that came from the sky.

The ends of the bolt were blue, like hot fire, and in the middle was a yellow and white mix.

"This bolt is made from my Master Bolt. From all lightning comes from my bolt, so does this. But this is a very special lightning bolt of mine. This is the same bolt that I made to create you." My father said. Again, I was speechless. So I was basically born from this cylinder? But if it were the bolt that made me... That means-

"Yes. This was also the last demonstration of the power of Ouranos. The last bolt that he made. Where your life was started." He stated.

My father set the lightning bolt afloat towards me. Slowly the bolt floated toward me. My body seemed to try and reach out to touch it, but I waited till I could catch it.

When it was close enough, I snatched it out of the air. When my hand and the bolt made contact, my body warmed; and it felt as if I'd been holding it all my life.

The lightning bolt hummed with silent power, but I could tell it wasn't as powerful as my father's Master Bolt. Or, at least I guessed.

"Throw the bolt," My father said. I faltered, if I threw it, I might not be able to find it. My father reassured me with a nod.

Hesitantly, I chucked the bolt as hard and far as I could. I watched it zoom off at unimaginable speeds, and soon enough all I could see was a faint trace of light flying through the sky.

"Now imagine it coming back. Like your old sword, you throw it, and it comes back." I did what I was told. I pictured in my mind the bolt coming back from where it was, and coming back to my hand. And when I opened my eyes, I could see a bright glow flying toward us, the air around rippled from the insane speed.

The bolt was coming straight at me. And just when it was about to hit me and blow up in my face, I grabbed it out of the air.

The force of the bolt was so hard, that it made me stumble and few yards back. When I regained balance, I said: "I wouldn't want to be hit with this thing." I shuttered just visualizing it.

My father took the bolt out of my hand without a word. He held the bolt up by his chest.

"I Zeus, Perseus father and the Supreme Lord of the Skies, bless this bolt with the power of strength. May this bolt be the end of its victims lives." My father stepped back and handed the lightning bolt to the Cyclops in the middle. Briares, I think his name is?

"I Briares, cousin of the Cyclops, son of Ouranos, and one of the forgers of Zeus' Master Bolt, bless this bolt. I may have not given it a special power, young Godling, but when Cyclops see this bolt, they will see a friend. With you carrying the bolt, Cyclops' will never harm you," Briares said the last part to me. He took a step back and handed the bolt to his brothers.

Cottus and Gyges spoke in unison. "We Cottus and Gyges, cousins of the Cyclops, sons of Ouranos, and the last two crafters of Zeus' Master Bolt, bless this bolt with our last strength. May this bolt never break. I hope you have liked your gift, Perseus. Let people remember that The Hundred Handed-Ones have forged a weapon once again." The two Cyclops started to flicker and shimmer. Until finally, a bright light erupted around them and they were gone.

Briares broke into tears. My father had a normal posture, but I could tell he was hurting on the insides.

"What happened?" I asked to no one in particular. But Athena answered.

"They faded." She sounded so appalled. And I couldn't help but remember my father that had faded.

"Why did they only fade, and not him too?" I asked pointing at the last Hundred Handed-One.

This time, Briares spoke up. "My brothers have been forgotten in history. After the Titanomachy, my brothers went into hiding. But I stayed out, helping the Olympians with problems they had. I was selfish to not go with them. And since I was helping the Olympians, gods and humans remembered my name, where they had no clue that I had two brothers. And here is the result, they have faded." He started sobbing again.

The lightning bolt laid on the ground where once stood Gyges and Cottus. I saw Ares looking at the bolt with lust in his eyes, and I decided to keep the bolt away from him. If I could help it.

My father bent down and picked the bolt up. He then handed it to Athena.

Athena took the bolt in her hands. " I Athena, sister of Perseus, and Goddess of Wisdom, bless this bolt with the power of speed. May this bolt fly faster than before." She said. She handed the bolt to Ares and took a step back.

Ares still had the look of hunger in his eyes, but he pushed it down for now. "I Ares, brother of Perseus, and God of War, bless this bolt with the power of tracking. May no person or god steal this bolt. And if they do, they will face the wrath of the War God. And you know what punk? I'll add another thing. I bless this bolt with the power of changing. May this bolt transform into different weapons." He said. He tossed the bolt to my father( who caught it) and took a step back.

My father spun the bolt in his hand. He had a thoughtful look on his face, then he nodded. He handed the bolt to me.

"That was thoughtful of you Ares," My father said. Ares puffed out his chest in pride. "Now, Perseus. Imagine this bolt changing and transforming into a different weapon. It doesn't matter what weapon, but whatever you pick, picture the lightning bolt turning into that."

The first weapon that came to mind was a spear. I visioned the 3 foot cylinder shaping into a 5 foot spear. About my height. I could feel the bolt in my hand grow heavier and change shape. Soon enough, I could feel the transformation stop. I opened my eyes, and now in my hand was a 5 foot shining spear. The blade at the end of the spear was blue, like the end of the lightning bolt. And down the staff was that yellow/white mix. Ares and Athena were drooling over it. Not literally, of course.

The spear was cool. I had to admit.

"Now project the spear changing back to its normal state." I conceptualized the spear changing back to the 3 foot lightning cylinder. The spear grew lighter and shorter. Now, I was once again holding the lightning bolt.

"Cool!" I muttered. I then looked at my father. "Is that it?" I asked politely. I hope it didn't come out as if I was a brat.

My father shook his head. "One more." What else could they have for me? A shield?

Apollo and Artemis stepped forward. Apollo held out his hand and something materialized into it.

A golden bow with silver inscriptions was now placed in his hand. The string on the bow was bronze. But I saw no quiver.

Apollo stepped forward again, with the bow in his hand. "I Apollo, brother of Perseus, and God of Archery, bless this bow with speed. May it hit its targets in a split second." He said. He stepped back and handed the golden bow to Artemis.

Artemis stepped forward. "I Artemis, sister of Perseus, and Goddess of Archery, bless this bow with aim. May it never miss its target." She handed the bow to me. The inscriptions were written in ancient Greek. I spotted one that said "Power." And another that said "Speed."

"Pull the string like your going to shoot an arrow," Artemis said. I placed my left hand in the middle of the bow, and my right pulled back the string. As I pulled the string back farther and farther, an arrow started to appear. And as I pulled the string back as far as I could, the arrow fully appeared. It was a lightning rod shaped in the form of a arrow. I let my hand of the string, and watched the arrow fly.

"How many arrows till I run out?" I asked. Apollo shrugged. Artemis answered, "You will never run out. That is why we did not give you a quiver. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back with my hunters. I hope you liked you gift," Artemis flashed off.

"Can we get out of here?" Ares asked. My father nodded. Ares and Athena, too, flashed out. The only ones left were Briares, Apollo, my father, and I.

Apollo took the bow back. "Before you go off to your quest, Chiron will give you this." Apollo said. "Now," He checked his wrist, like their was a watch their. But they wasn't. "I have a sun chariot to ride." Apollo, like the rest, teleported off. Now it was only me, my father, and Briares, who was still crying, but he had calmed down a bit.

My father turned toward Briares. "My old friend. Where would you like to go? Would you like to stay on Olympus, or travel somewhere else?" My father asked. Briares looked up.

"I think I have help you gods enough. I would like to go on the next part in my life. Take me to the Labyrinth," He said. My father looked angered.

"The Labyrinth?" He asked. "The endless maze? You could die! People would forget you like your brothers! You'd fade. You're the last Hundred Handed-One. You must stay alive."

Briares refused to give up. "Take me to the Labyrinth." He repeated. My father wavered.

"But," He protested.

"To the Labyrinth." Braires recited. My father gave up. Which was an unusual thing.

"To the Labyrinth you go," My father flicked his wrist and Briares shimmered away.

Now, he turned to me.

"Now, you will have to return soon. And Perseus?" My father said. I stared at my father. "Only use the bolt in a time of need. You can use the spear at anytime. We don't want people knowing that you're in contact with me. We want them to think you are clueless about the Greek myths. Now, it is time for you to return," My father gave me a hug, then touched his pointer finger to my temple.

Everything went blank around me. I could hear my father's fading voice say "Only in a time of need,"

Then, everything went completely black.

I woke up to someone shaking me. Groaning, I opened my eyes. Memories flooded my mind. The Hundred Handed-Ones. The lightning bolt. The golden bow. Cottus and Gyges fading. The blessings.

I found myself in a comfortable bed. White sheets lay over me and I sat up and stretched. I wore the same clothes that I fought the fury Alecto.

"You alive!" Someone beside me said. I turned my head over to find Grover looking at me in awe.

"Do you have that little faith in me?" I muttered quietly so Grover couldn't hear.

"H... How?" Grover stammered. I shrugged.

"I don't know. What happened? What was that thing?" I said sounding scared. Grover fell for it. His face turned completely serious.

"How much do you remember, Percy?" He asked. I fooled him further. I bit my lip and looked down at my lap.

"This may sound crazy. But Mrs. Dodds turned into this bat-lady-thing. She attacked me and then lightning came down on the roof and made a hole in it. The lightning also killed the bat-thing," I lied, convincing Grover that I wasn't the one that killed Mrs. Dodds. Also, I didn't want him knowing of my powers so soon.

"I... I have to go get Chiron. Hold on," Grover scampered out of the room. Soon, he came back with Chiron in wheelchair form.

Mr. Brunner smiled warmly. "Hello, child. How are you feeling?" He asked. I didn't realize it, but my ribs were still aching.

"Umm... My ribs hurt, but other than that im fine." I said. Mr. Brunner nodded.

"Yes, the doctor told us that you cracked several ribs." So I was right. I had cracked some ribs.

I got a horrified look on my face. "Mr. Brunner?" I inquired.

"Yes child?"

"What was that thing that Mrs. Dodds turned into?"

Mr. Brunner looked deep in thought. Deciding to tell me the truth or not. He made up his mind. "That, child, was a Fury. A servant of the Underworld God," He avoided Hades name. "You do remember the myth, don't you?" I nodded slowly.

"But those are myths!" I objected. Mr. Brunner's eyes narrowed.

"What if said, Perseus Jackson, that you could be a myth?" He asked. Ha, funny. Because one day I would be a myth.

"But the Greek myths are only legends explaining why things happened! Like how lightning struck, or how the Seas rose." I said. Mr. Brunner didn't like the word 'legend'.

"What if I told you that they weren't 'myths'? What if I told they still lived, moving with the Western Civilization? What if I told you that they lived in America?" He stated. I had to play my part. I opened my mouth, then closed it.

"If they were still alive. And in America, where do they live? Mount Olympus was is Greece, and is still in Greece." I pointed out.

"In New York actually. The 600th floor on the Empire State Building, to be exact." Mr. Brunner said.

"I'm pretty sure there's no 600th floor in the Empire State Building. I've checked before." I replied. Mr. Brunner cooled down.

"Then check again, child."

"Oh I will, once I get the chance." I said.

"Haven't you ever noticed the Greek culture here? You're country symbol has the eagle of Zeus. Look at the statue of Prometheus in Rockefeller Center. The Greek facades of your government buildings in Washington. The Greek Gods move where the Flame of the West burns brightest. And what so happens, to be here." Mr. Brunner continued.

"So what does this have to do with me?" I asked.

"You, child, are a offspring of a god. An Olympian God most likely." He said. I acted overwhelmed.

"Then who is my parent?" I demanded. Chiron's face turned sour.

"I do not know, child. We will have to wait until you get claimed. But for now, we must worry about getting you to camp safely. We will speak further of this at the camp. After the doctor releases you, you and Grover will take a bus to camp. And lets hope there is no interruptions." He said.

"And where are you going?" I interrogated.

"I must get to camp early. I will leave as soon as the doctor comes. And here he is," As if on cue, the doctor walked in.

The doctor had sun blond hair and bright blue eyes. He appeared to be in his early Twenties. He was a look-a-like Apollo.

The doctor winked at me. And then, did I realize, how actually much this guy resembled Apollo.

"I'm doctor Fred," The man held out his hand for me to shake. Fred. That was Apollo's name when he went out in the mortal world. I eyed the doctor, figuring out who it actually was. I thought Apollo had to drive his sun chariot?

I shook Apollo's hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chiron wheel out of the room. Probably to leave for camp.

"After I check my ribs, you will be free to go." Apollo said. He lifted the side of my shirt off and started poking at my ribs. When Grover wasn't looking, he waved his hand over the injury, and it instantly healed. My ribs stopped aching.

He leaned up and whispered in my ear. "Zeus told me to come down here and heal you. The sun chariot thing was a lie. "

Apollo walked to the front of my bed.

"Your all free to go, Mr. Jackson." He winked one last time the excited out the door. I got up off the bed, and tried to straighten my wrinkled shirt. Seeing as it wasn't working, I gave up.

Grover and I went out the room. When we were about to get out of the Hospital, we heard a scream. Grover and I eyes locked. And we came up with a simple plan. Run.

Yeah, I know, that was mean. Leaving innocent people to deal with Zeus-knows-what kind of monster. But hey, if you just got out of the Hospital, would you want to be back there 2 minutes later? Didn't think so.

Me and Grover hailed the next cab we saw. I didn't know how we could pay with no money, but Grover surprised me by pulling out a Twenty Dollar bill. We waited at the post for the next bus to come.

When It came, we boarded the bus and sat in the Third aisle to the left.

"So Grover," I said trying to kill the silence. "What's this camp that were going to like?"

He got all excited. "Oh, Perce, you're going to love it! There's this rock climbing wall, and the stable for horses. Then there is the Arena for sword fighting, and the Archery range." He blabbed on and on talking about the camp. And I was happy enough that time was passing faster then before.

The bus started slowing down, so I figured we were at the next stop, but when I looked out the window, we were on a highway. The bus driver pulled over to the side of the chaotic road.

"Hey! Listen, somethings wrong with the engine, so im going to fix it. Y'all can stay in here if you want, but it's going to get really hot," The driver put an emphasis on 'really.' He was right, black smoke was coming up from the bus and out of the air-conditioning vents. While people got off the bus, Grover stayed planted in his seat, panic shone in his eyes.

I tugged on his arm like a little kid. "Come on, Grover. Its like, a million degrees in here. I bet it's cooler outside." I started walking, but Grover stopped me.

"No! We should stay in here!" He gave a nervous goat laugh. He glanced out the window and across the highway. I followed his eyes. Four lanes away, Three ladies sat at a booth, knitting a pair of large blue socks. It wasn't a sky blue, or a electric blue, just a normal plain old blue. Next to them, a basket of the freshest fruit I've ever seen sat. And I've seen a lot of fresh fruit.

"Oh, them?" I asked. "Why are you bothered with Three old ladies?" Grover sucked up his courage.

"You know what Perce? You're right, let's go." I led Grover out of the bus. We were the last ones out, by the way.

The people on the bus were sitting in shady areas, but Grover and I sat in the sun. I looked over to the old ladies, and they seemed to be staring at me. I tapped Grover.

"Hey, is it me, or are those ladies checking me out?" I asked jokingly. Grover's eyes flashed over to them.

"Not funny, Perce. Not funny at all." He muttered. I gazed at the ladies closer. They're skin was down to the bone, they're hair was white, and the wore bandannas.

I recalled a memory like this, but I didn't remember the fruit part in it. I probed my mind for the the remembrance of these old ladies.


I was sitting on the steps of my father's throne, practicing my lightning powers. My father was watching over me.

"Perseus, can you feel the lightning in your limbs? Expand it. Let it grow. Then when it hits your fingertips, let it all go." My father advised. I was trying to channel lightning, and my father was helping me. I followed his instructions, and little sparks came out of my finger tips. I grinned.

"Good job, Perseus," My father congratulated me. "Your making progress. Keep training, and you'll be one of my first sons to wield lightning with control."

We kept doing this over and over until I got exhausted. I even managed to get a half-foot bolt out of my fingers.

I collapsed on the steps of the throne. My father laughed.

"Thats a new record, an hour and 27 minutes." My father revealed. I gave a small cheer.

Three gold lights came down from the sky, and landed in the middle of the throne room. I turned away and covered my eyes from the light. My father looked down, but didn't close his eyes. The lights faded.

Standing there were three really old ladies. My father instantly got up from his throne-and almost stepped on me- to greet the people.

My father bowed. "It's an honor to have you here on Olympus. What could you want from us gods of Olympus?" He asked politely as he could. His head snapped over to me.

"Perseus, bow." Groaning, I stood up and bowed, then plopped back down. My father cast me a disapproving glare.

"Forgive my son-" He started but was cut off by the old ladies.

The spoke in one voice, which was scary. "Son of Ouranos." They said to me. Their eyes seemed to pierce my soul.

I stood up again. "Yeah?" I asked. But they didn't answer. They turned back to my father.

"Fate has been declared. The times ahead are rough, but Perseus must lead you."

"What?" I asked again, and got ignored, again.

"But we are not here for that. Your daughter is dying." They spoke together. My father almost jumped.

"What? How!" He asked forcefully.

"Your child, the satyr, and the Two Demigods have reached the camp. But with an army of monsters following them. Your daughter told the rest to go and alert the camp, while she held them off. She held out, but even a child of Zeus can not fight dozens of monsters at once. Her life force is fading, and so is the camps magical barriers. The wine god does nothing to strengthen them. You know what you have to do. The ancient laws do not apply with this one," They pointed to me. "Do what you have to do to keep her alive, her string is not yet cut." They erupted in golden lights again, and went back to wherever they came from.

My father sat back down on his throne. "What do you say, Perseus. Shall we make it 'rain?'" He asked. I smirked.

"Yes we shall." I willed the air to pick me up and set me on my father's throne. I sat next on his throne armchair. I rubbed my hands together excitedly.

My father made a view of what was happening outside the camp. Dozens of monsters swarmed a tiny figure, which I assumed was my Demigod sister. He didn't look happy seeing that.

He took his master bolt from his sheath and pointed it at the vision. He aimed, and threw it. The bolt exploded in the middle of the throne room and cut the vision.

"What did you do that for?" I exclaimed.

"We're going to do things a little different today, Perseus." He said. And I had no clue what he was talking about.

He stood from his throne. How many times does he have to do that? Can't he just stay seated or stay standing?

He shrunk down to human size. And gestured for me to join him. I jumped off the 10 armrest. The winds made me float, then I landed gracefully on the marble floor.

My father put his hand on my shoulder. "This time, Perseus. We will go down there personally. What do you say?" I nodded excited. Usually, if my dad needs something to be done, say to make a building get struck by lightning (We have done it before,) we would just sit on his throne and launch lightning bolts at things. But this time, we got to do it in person.

Everything began to churn around us and a golden atmosphere surrounded us. Everything around us began to blur.

Finally it stopped and I stumbled when I hit solid ground. My father didn't even trip or stumble. I now noticed that it was dark outside. Roars of anger were heard from a distance. My father walked along.

I ran to catch up to him. Not far ahead, I spotted a hill. And a bunch of monsters. My father pointed his bow at a monster that was charging us. He let the bolt go, and BOOM! the monster didn't stand a chance.

"Summon your armor and kill as many monsters as you can. I will take on the larger and more dangerous ones." My fathers Greek chiton changed into gold armor. His Master Bolt grew longer, and looked more powerful. A aura of power covered him. It was so powerful, that it made everything around me feel like walking through syrup.

"Go!" My father demanded. I ran off. Quickly, I raised my hand to the sky and formed a picture of a lightning bolt coming down from the sky. A big BOOM! echoed around (not as loud as my fathers). Hey, just because I can't make lightning come out my fingertips, doesn't mean I can't summon lightning from the skies. I rather good at that.

Lightning covered me as I spinned. Armor attached itself to me. When the bolt went back up to the sky. I kneeled on the ground. I was now wearing silver armor with blue lightning bolts running down the ribs. My boots were silver, with the Master Bolt of Zeus on the side. My helmet, like everything else, was silver. An electric blue plume mohawked up from the helmet.

A half Celestial bronze and half Imperial gold sword was sheathed at my hip. The swords name was Sky Slasher. And to put it simple, it was a weapon that all monsters want to avoid.

I rushed over to the first monster I saw. It had bronze legs and bronze claws. I wasn't sure what it was called, but I sure knew that it was ugly. Before the monster knew what was going on, I slashed my sword across its stomach. It exploded into golden dust and got swept away by the breeze.

I now started taking on more monsters. Two harpies flew at me, but I could tell they didn't want to be here. I sidestepped one of attacks.

"I know you don't want to be fighting right now," I guessed. They stopped attacking.

"Oh, and how do you know that, son of Ouranos?" One of the harpies asked.

"Umm... I guessed?" It came out more of a question. The harpy on left (her wing feathers were yellow) flew at me in anger. I had no choice but to hack at it. Like the other monsters, it burst into dust.

"Listen," I said to the remaining harpy. "If you don't want to fight, then why are you here?" The harpy faltered, deciding whether to attack me or not.

"Work for the camp," I insisted. "They'll take care of you." The harpy glanced around worriedly.

"I cannot, son of Ouranos. But please do me a favor,"

"Yes?" I asked.

"Return me back to Tartarus."


"Do it," It pleaded. In regret, I sliced my sword across its stomach. Do I need to say it again? Well, it turned into a pile of dust.

I moved deeper into the jungle of monsters.

A creature with the fore-parts of a rooster and wings, and a body of a horse dashed at me. A Hippalektryon, I think it was called?

But it was dangerous looking. It's gleaming red eyes tinted with evil. The horse/roster thing turned sideways to try to check me with the horse part of its body, but I jumped over it.

It didn't really like that. It reared back, then charged me with its head lowered. What, now it's a bull?

I brought my sword down at an arch. It went KA-BOOM! All that was left was a neat, pile of dust, well, neat until it got scattered away by the wind.

Something rammed into my back. Quickly turning around, I found myself facing a 4 foot black shaggy dog, its red eyes even eviler than the last monster.

I quickly engaged it. Running up to it, I flipped over its head and tried to impale my sword into the creature. It was already moving out of the way. When I landed, I charged the monster again. This time, I fainted to the left, then hit with the right. But before I could land the blow, the monster stood on its hind legs and threw itself at me.

I tried to back up, but it was to close. The Hellhound ripped a part of my armor off, and just managed to slit my skin. It wasn't gushing blood bad, but it was still pretty bad.

Holding where the Hellhound had bit, I once again charged. I threw my sword at the monster, then kicked it in the ribs with my foot. It growled, but it seemed to be hurt.

I caught my sword when it returned. I spun out of the way to avoid getting bitten. The monster pounced at me. I rolled and came up kneeling, giving a war cry I drove my sword through the monster.

My adrenalin was pumping now. I began to spin my sword at a rhythm. A handful of monsters made a circle around me. I spotted a Empusa, but thats it. I was already thrusting my sword into monsters. In less than a minute, a huge pile of dust sat. But I wasn't even tired yet.

A mad Cyclops bounded up to me. "You be my dinner!" It yelled. It reached its giant hands down to pick me up. Did it really think it would be that easy?

I stabbed my sword into the palm of its hand. "Bad dinner!" It said while checking the injury in its hand. I bid the winds to make me come head-to-head with the One-Eyed Monster. It was too busy checking its hand, it didn't even notice me.

I hard as I could, I plunged my sword into the Cyclopes stomach. But unfortunately, that didn't destroy him. Now paying attention in the battle, the Cyclops backhanded me. He was so strong, that I went flying ten feet over. The Cyclops surged toward me. Still laying on the ground, the giant picked me up by the waist.

It brought me up to its one eye.

"Do you think you can defeat me, Godling?" It snarled, showing its yellow scummy teeth. Saliva dripped from its chin.

"I do." I choked out. Mustering as much power as I could, I summoned a lightning bolt to strike. The summon was obeyed. A lightning bolt extended to the ground and hit the Cyclops in the eye, frying it. It evaporated into dust.

"Perseus!" I heard my father's loud voice roar. "Help Thalia!"

I sprinted through lines of monsters cutting and slashing each and everyone of them I crossed. I spotted a rather large group of monsters gathered around something.

Fearing the worst for my Mortal sister, I bolted toward the area.

Monsters tried to block my way, but I eliminated them before they could stall me. I began to spin my sword in a rhythm again. I was not running anymore. I was now walking at a fast past.

I reached the circle of monsters. I stabbed one in the back before I got a clear look at my sister. Her eyes... Her eyes were the exact color of my fathers. The electric blue eyes scanned the crowd around her. Her spiky black hair was everywhere. And she looked as weak as a Demigod could. But the one thing that made me like her most was the look in her eyes. Her expression was fierce; that of a warrior. She looked ready to take on a army by herself, no matter what it took.

Giving a weak war cry, she charged. That was her first mistake.

The first monster she engaged swatted her aside like a fly. She crashed into the ground. Coughing, she stood up, her eyes glazed. I wasn't going to help yet, not until she was in serious trouble (she already was now, but...).

She approached the monsters. She swiped her sword at a monster, but missed. She stumbled when the monster lashed her with her tail. Falling to the ground now from the impact. Blood oozed out from several parts of her body. Her sword lay meters away, and she sat defense-less.

That's when I decided to help. I chopped the closest monster to my half-sister. It dissipated into bright dust. Standing around my sister protectively, I said: "No one touches her,"

The monsters hesitated, then attacked all at one. Moving in a circle around my sister, I dispatched monsters left and right. Soon, there were none left. Getting down on my knee, I helped my sister up.

She thought I was an enemy. My younger sister ran to retrieve her sword. When she got a grip on it, she tried to stab me. I back-stepped to avoid getting slashed.

"Die!" She screamed afraid. She brought her sword down from above her head, the blade would have smashed my head if I hadn't caught it with my bare hand.

I admit, it hurt. "Hey, I'm not trying to fight you! I'm trying to help you. See?" I pointed to all of the monster dust left. She softened a bit.

"Who are you?" She asked, lowering her sword, but still staying on guard.

"I am Perseus. Son of Zeus," I said. Her eyebrows rose.

"Like the myth Perseus?" She asked. I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, not the myth. I am much more... special, if you will." I stated.

"Oh, ok. Why would you want to help me?"

I thought of the best way to say this. "Orders from my father."

She looked puzzled. "Why would the great god Zeus help me?" She spat out 'Zeus' bitterly.

"Because, you, Thalia Grace, are my sister. The daughter of Zeus," I proclaim.

"I know that!" She half yelled.

"Then why else do you think we are here? To watch you die? Father Zeus would not do that." I state. She glared at me.

"Then why did he leave me all my life? I was stuck with my mother my whole life! She was a drunk, a drug addict!" She added.

"The gods have ancient laws that they have to follow. Did you really think humans were the only ones with laws? These laws prevent gods from contacting their children."

"But-but..." She broke down sobbing. Frowning, I tried to comfort her.

"Shhh... It will be ok," I said softly. Looking out, I saw that my father was walking toward us. His armor no longer on, and his Master Bolt back to its original form.

I stood up.

"How is she?" He asked once he reached us.

"Good," I answered. Thalia looked up at her father for the first time.

"D-dad?" She stuttered. My father gave her a warm smile.

"My, my, Thalia. You have grown from the last time I have checked on you!"

Thalia cracked a grin. "What about the camp? What will they say about all the dead monsters?" She asked, more serious.

"You tell them Lord Zeus has come to his daughters aid. Tell them the gods do care about their children, tell them we love them. We just have a weird way of showing it. Now, you must get back to the camp, wouldn't want anything happening to you, now would we?" My father said smiling.

Thalia started to walk down the hill, but turned abruptly.

"And Perseus, thank you for your help. I wouldn't have been alive right now if it wasn't for you." My father and I watched Thalia walk down the hill, and into the camps magical borders.

My father placed his hand on my shoulder, then before I knew it, we were in the throne room. My father relaxed on his throne.

Before I did anything else, I asked the question that I had been wondering the whole time.

"Father?" I asked.

"Yes Perseus?"

"Who were those old ladies that came here?"

"Those, my son, were the Fates,"

-Chapter is 8292 words!
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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians nor do I own Heroes of Olympus. I own my own plot. Credits go to Rick Riordan, and Rights belong to Fanfiction.

Story: The Son of Lightning

AN: Alternate Universe where Percy Jackson isn't a son of Poseidon. It will take pieces of all the books to create a new story about Percy Jackson.

Chapter 6: The Fates and Mr. Bull

Perseus' P.O.V

Seeing your life flash before your eyes is not fun. Especially seeing it from the people that control your life.

So these old ladies were the Fates, controllers of Destiny.

Still staring at me, the Fates put away the blue yarn and got out a blood red one. They pulled the thread and Snip! The yarn cut in half. They had just ended someone's life.

Grover started to get more nervous. "P-P-Percy!" He bleated. Taking my eyes off the Fates I looked at him.

He looked terrible. His body was shaking and his eyes were slits.

I put my eyes back on the Fates, much to Grovers dislike.

The old ladies were standing up now. Preparing to leave. Everything stopped for a moment, then suddenly the Fates disappeared.

The engine of the bus roared to life. "Yeah!" The bus driver shouted, patting the bus. "Thats my boy!"

We all climbed aboard, the bus was now cooler and the black smoke had stopped coming up from the vents.

Once we were all settled in, I asked Grover: "Who were those old ladies?" I already knew, of course, but I had to play along.

Grover hesitated before answering. "Those were the Fates." That's all he said.

"Were they worse than Mrs. Dodds?" I asked. Grover shivered.

"Much, much worse."

"Oh," I said stupidly. We stayed silent the rest of the ride.

Some lady was complaining about the bus, so the driver had to pull over again, to check the bus. I hate time waster's. When we got going again, I wondered where my eagle was. I haven't seen Akylas in a while. Akylas meant eagle power. And well, if you saw my eagle, you would understand why I had named him that.

Speaking of my eagle, I heard a familiar CKAAA! from outside the bus. Gazing out the window, I saw a golden, small figure flying above, scouting everything. I was actually starting to think Akylas was dead, but now he proved me wrong. Usually, I would fly along with him, but now that I was down in the mortal world, I couldn't just go cruising around. People would think I was a UFO.

I really wanted to go greet my eagle, but then again, Grover was sitting right next to me. Imagine that. Your best friend taking off and going hundreds of feet in the air, flying with an eagle.

Looking around, I saw many people getting out cameras and phones to take pictures of the eagle. Grover was even drooling over Akylas.

Yes, my eagle had powers too. He had the ability to lure humans to him. Meaning, they would stare at him all day if they could.

Akylas swooped down, coming straight toward are bus. People were too fascinated to notice that he was coming at them at full speed. Giving one last CKAA! Akylas broke through the window where Grover and I were next to.

The humans didn't notice. Their eyes were glossy and they were just staring at the eagle, who was now on my shoulder. Looking over to Grover, I found him the same. Glossy eyed.

"Seriously," I spoke to Akylas. "you have to stop doing that. Someone's going to find out soon." In response, Akylas rubbed his beak against my shoulder.

I am sorry Perseus. He spoke telepathically. And yes, I could speak to him.

Akylas' body was a bright gold, and his eyes were pitch black. His aura was golden, the scent of fresh air around him.

"It's fine." I said, scratching his head. "anyway, where were you? I haven't seen you since Ares took you." Akylas cawed in anger.

That dimwitted god put me in a cage! How dare he! Luckily, Lord Zeus helped me escape. Next time I see that war god, he's going to find out why he doesn't mess around with the Eagle of Zeus. Akylas used to be my father's eagle, until I was born. My father gave me Akylas for my 5th birthday. And since he is immortal, he will forever be with me. Well, I'm not immortal yet, but Athena had said before I turned 13, I would be full god. And I was turning 13 in a few weeks.

If an Olympian God knew anything, it was not to mess with my eagle. But Ares, being stupid, tried to capture him. And now, he will pay the consequence. A bad one at that.

From beside me, Grover sputtered. I whipped my head over to the satyr.

His eyes weren't as glossy and he started to raise a hand. Shakingly, he pointing a finger at me, then Akylas.

"Eagle... Who's?" He said. By now his eyes were back to normal.

"You know," I started. "Its not nice to point fingers," I tried. Grover ignored the comment.

"Who's eagle?" He repeated. I hesitated. Should I tell him the truth?

"Uh... It's mine." I said. Grover looked puzzled.

"But how? You've lived in a foster home your whole entire life, they don't allow pets!" He said.

Now what was I supposed to say? Tell him how I've actually lived on Olympus my whole life? I could... But I would have to tell father, I thought.

I was kind of stuck here.

Uh... Father? I spoke through my mind.

Yes Perseus? He responded.

Um... My friend, the satyr...

My father cut me off.

Grover Underwood? The same satyr that helped rescue Thalia?

I'm surprised he remembered.

Yeah, him. He asked me a question. I said.

And why don't you answer it? My father responded laughing.

Well, it's about where I lived. You see, Akylas decided to show up on my bus. And Grover, being a satyr was able to get through his power. And he saw Akylas. Then he said, if I quote: " You've lived in a foster home your whole entire life, they don't allow pets." What am I supposed to say now?

I saw Grover stare at me. "Um... Perce? You there?" He waved a hand in front of my face.

"Yeah," Was my reply.

Here, let me help you. The ruler of the Skies said. Time seemed to stop around me. Grover's mouth was frozen open, the bus driver was looking at the rear-view mirror, like Grover, frozen.

Looking around, I saw everyone was the same. Stopped in time.

Yeah, thanks. I implied.

To answer your question, I think the satyr deserves to know who you actually are. Life on Olympus, everything. He must not tell anyone, though. If he does, it will ruin our plan, and the bolt could be moved from where it is.

So I'm telling him where I actually live and who I actually am?

My father laugh, again.

Yes, Perseus. You are to tell him. He declared. The link cut, and time started back up again. Grover face planted into the window.

"Ow," He said rubbing his nose.

I bit my lip to stop me from laughing.

Grover glared at me knowingly. "You still didn't answer. How do you have an eagle?" He asked.

I sighed. "The truth, Grover, is that you actually know nothing about me." Grovers eyebrows came together.

"I know a lot about you. Your name is Percy Jackson. You've lived in a foster home your whole life. You came to Yancy Academy a couple months ago." He said.

I smiled. "The thing is Grover, my name isn't actually Percy Jackson. It's just Perseus. I've really lived on Olympus my whole life. I'm a son of Zeus. Trained on Olympus, with the gods."

Grover's mouth dropped. "You-Your lying."

Akylas cawed. Foolish satyr. He speaks the truth!

I looked at my eagle. I forgot he was there.

Grover blinked. "Lying." He said.

"I am not. If I were lying, could I do this?" I focused on the skies and imagined streaks of lightning coming out of the clouds.

The sky flashed and echoed. Grover shivered. "But..."

"If I were lying, could I do this?" I held my hand out of the broken window that Akylas made. I closed my eyes and pictured my lightning bolt flying from where it was, to this bus. I waited a few seconds before opening my eyes.

I saw a bluish/yellow object flying at us at a crazy speed. I watched as it got closer and closer.

Smack! The bolt collided with my hand. My body jerked from the momentum of the bolt.

I held the bolt firmly in my grip. I showed it to Grover.

"Still think I'm lying?" I asked sarcastically.

Grover's eyes went wide. "Th-that-that's Zeus' bolt!" He said deathly afraid.

"No, my father's bolt is stolen. That is why I am here, in the mortal world. I am supposed to find it, then return it," I explained. Grover seemed to calm down.

"How'd it get stolen?" He asked curiously.

"That's what we're trying to find out." I claimed. Grover nodded.

"Then who's is this?" Grover said looking at my bolt.

"This one, is mine. A gift from my father. I actually just got it today."

"Oh," Grover replied stupidly.

I noticed that the people were still staring at Akylas. The bus was parked, and we weren't going anywhere until Akylas left.

I rubbed my eagle's beak. "Akylas, you have to go. Sorry but if you stay here it will take forever till the bus starts moving again. I don't know when I'll get to see you again, since I am on this mission and all," I said.

If eagle's could frown, Akylas did. He spread his wings.

Good luck, Perseus. Now I'm going to go find that war god.

Akylas gave one last caw then took off flying through the broken window. Once he was out of sight, the people snapped out of it. The bus driver turned on to the road and everything was back to normal. For now.

When I looked at Grover, I found him staring at my bolt. Now that I had it, where was I supposed to put it?

I could just chuck it. But then what happens if It didn't go where I wanted it to go? I guess I just have to keep it for now.

I concentrated on my bolt changing forms and sifting into a different weapon. Soon enough, I was holding my 5 foot spear. It hadn't changed one bit. The sharp end was still blue, and the staff of the spear was still that yellow/white mix.

Grover's eyes bulged. "How'd you do that?"

"Secret," I remarked grinning. Grover didn't respond.

Minutes passed with Grover gawking at my spear, and I just relaxing.

The bus started slowing down, then came to a stop.

"Alright folks," The bus driver said. "Who's stop is this?"

I looked at Grover. Honestly, I didn't know where we were going, he was leading the way.

Grover nodded and stood up. He started walking toward the exit of the bus, with me trailing behind him. People didn't seem to notice that I was holding a 5 foot highly dangerous spear.

Once we got off the bus, Grover stopped walking.

"Where to next?" I asked.

Grover looked around.

"Next stop, Camp Half-Blood."

On the road- Same day

Perseus' P.O.V

Rain pounded on the windows of our car. Lightning light up the sky and thunder rumbled loudly right above us.

"Grover!" I shouted from the back-seat of the taxi car. "Go left!"

Grover yanked the steering wheel left and the car swerved to go where we wanted it. Grover hit the gas and we started flying. Not literally of course.

My spear was laying next to me.

Oh, let me explain our situation. A few hours ago, we walked around. Then we got in a taxicab and told them to take us to where ever Grover told the man. About 30 minutes into the ride, we heard a Smash! then our car flipped in the air. Me, being the son of Zeus, make a cushion for a fall.

Then you can only guess what happened.

Now, the taxicab driver is sitting in the passenger seat knocked out. Grover lost his pants somewhere back, and his furry goat legs showed.

From somewhere behind us, we heard a massively loud roar. Grover made a hard right, and are car almost flipped again.

"Where are we going?" I yelled.

"I told you already, Camp Half-Blood!" Grover shouted back in response. "We're almost there, too!"

I would say we were going about 100 miles per hour, but I couldn't be sure.

We hit a bump and our cab was lifted off the ground. The whole time in the air, Grover screamed like a girl.

When we landed back on the ground, our car jerked and my head wobbled around. Grover hit the gas again, but the car seemed to be slowing down.

"What happened?" I asked, hoping that he knew the answer.

"Flat tire, I think." Grover un-did his seat belt. And so did I.

We heard that roar again, and it seemed to be getting closer. Grover looked behind us quickly.

"See that hill?" Grover pointed to a large hill that I could easily spot. "Run to it. Don't look back. I'll hold off the monster." Grover put on a brave face, but I could tell he was shaking on the inside. Without my reply, he got out of the car.

I rolled my eyes and got out of the car, picking up my spear as I did so. I saw Grover taking deep breaths.

I walked up to him and grabbed his arm.

"Listen. Sorry, but your no hero. Your just about to get yourself killed. So how about we both run to the hill, and avoid the monster?" I said slowly and loudly. Loud because the thunder was booming around us.

Grover glared and me. I was already soaking wet from the rain. I had to squint my eyes to see Grover clearly.

"Fine," Grover said. He took off it a galloping run. I sprinted right next to him.

The hill was getting larger and larger as we ran closer to it.

Once again, we heard that roar. But this time, it was louder and more fierce than before. Looking back, I could spot a shadow of a huge monster. Grover must have saw it too, because he started running faster.

A streak of lightning illuminated the sky. Then the sound of an explosion hit not far behind us. Quickly glancing behind me, I saw streams of lightning hitting one area.

I silently thanked my father for his help.

You must kill the monster by yourself, Perseus. I will not help all the time. I heard a voice in my head say.

Yes sir, I said then cut the link. We were about 100 yard away from the hill now.

I heard an Ompf! beside me. I stopped running to see what made the noise. I found Grover laying face-first into the grass.

"Food," He moaned. I ran my hand through my wet hair. Trust Grover to trip when your running away from a monster.

"Uh," I said. "Bananas? Pizza? Yogurt? Mac and cheese?" None of those woke Grover up from his trip.

I poked him with the staff of my spear.

Then something clicked in my head.

"Grover! Enchilada's!" Grover shot right to his feet. He looked at me, fully awake.

"Where?" He said alerted.

"I don't have any. But, how about that monster that's chasing us?" I looked to where the monster was. From a distance, about 50 yards away, I saw a 8 foot furry monster. It's muscles were probably about the size of that taxicab.

But I didn't have time to explain his muscles, because he was approaching fast.

I grabbed Grover's wrist and started running. Every now and then, I took a peek behind us, and found that the monster was gaining on us.

"Run!" I shouted. Grover heaved to stay at my pace. The hill was close. 50 or plus yards.

The monster roared again, and then did I realize how close it was. Grover stopped running to look at it.

About 30 feet out, the monster stomped its way toward us.

It's veins bulged out, and horns came out of it furry head. It seemed to be also wearing Fruit of the Looms underwear.

"The Minotaur," Grover whispered from beside me. "Pasiphae's son."

The Minotaur roared, its black eyes bore hate and anger. But the weird thing is, I noticed a red and black aura around it. Kind of like... No. It wasn't possible.

He was now about 15 feet away.

I quickly searched in my head for a history lesson about the Minotaur.

Son of Pasiphae and the Cretan Bull. Human torso and legs, bull head. Half man, half bull. Doesn't have good eyesight, and uses smell. It could only go one direction...

That was it!

"Grover, when the Minotaur charges, at the last second, jump to the side!" I shouted. Grover trusted me enough to do what I told him.

The Minotaur stopped stomping. He moved his bull head back and forth, sniffing. He stopped, then set his eyes right on us.

He wound up his one leg, just how a bull does right before they attack. I slowly started to back up, Grover doing the same.

The Minotaur gave a last mighty roar then decided to charge. I took a stance with my spear at the ready.

The monster moved at a speed that it should not have reached. He blitzed toward Grover first.

When it looked like Grover was about to get trucked, he jumped to the side. The Minotaur blew by him like a frieght train.

When the Minotaur hit a tree, he turned around furious. This time he didn't charge. He tramped toward Grover intimidatingly. Grover tried to back up, but ended falling on his butt.

The Minotaur closed in on Grover. He stood over him and brought his arm up, ready to smash my friend into the ground.

They were too far away for me to save Grover. If I flew, the Minotaur would still smash Grover either way. There was no saving.

Grover looked at me wide eyed and I had to bite my lip. I put my spear out in front of me, then started running.

I knew I wouldn't reach them in time. I threw my spear like a javelin at the hideous monster. It went right into his leg. It should have killed him, considering that my spear had many blessings.

The spear to his leg seemed to make him more angry.

The Minotaur stopped bringing his hand up. It bawled its hand into a fist a prepared to strike. I just stood there and watched stunned. I started sprinting as fast as I could to reach them.

The Minotaur flexed. A sign he was going to hit soon. He roared, then started bringing his huge fist down.

From somewhere above, I heard a CKAA!

The Minotaur got distracted and looked up to see what made the noise. I smiled.

Akylas flew about 10 feet over the Minotaur and Grover, circling like how they do to their prey.

Grover took that chance to stand up and start sprinting to me.

Akylas dove at the Minotaur, and the monster being itself, couldn't see a thing.

My eagle struck the Minotaur in the eyes, further damaging them.

The Monster swatted the air by his eyes, but Akylas was already 10 feet higher. He continued circling.

Pasiphae's son stopped swatted and sniffed the air.

Akylas cawed which made the Minotaur turn toward that direction.

My eagle dive bombed again. He dove at the monster and extended his claws. He was about to strike the eyes again, but the Minotaur brought up a hand and smacked it to the ground. He sniffed, then stomped to where my eagle was.

I jumped up from the ground and willed the air to hold me. I took of in flight toward the two. When I was close enough, I commanded the winds to drop me. When I hit the ground, I rolled, then started sprinting.

By now, The Minotaur had Akylas in his grip. I ran faster.

When I reached them, I pulled my spear out of the Minotaurs leg, which made him stumble. But he did not lose his grip on Akylas.

The Minotaur gave a holler then squeezed his grip on my eagle. Akylas cawed, obviously hurt. The Minotaur squeezed harder.

That aura around him seemed to glow brighter. Akylas dissolved right before my eyes. My eagle melted into the light, then he was simply gone.

I stood there dumbfounded. The Minotaur's aura. Red and Black. Ares red and Hades black.

They had both gave their battle blessing to this monster.

Hades never liked me. Always mad at my father for breaking the oath and having a child. Mad that none of his children were as powerful as my siblings and I.

But Ares? My brother? I understand that he's jealous, but would he really give a monster his blessing? But oh yes, he would.

Rage started to grow inside me. Rage at Ares, at Hades, at the Minotaur, at everyone.

I felt my spear start to change and shift shape in my grasp, but I payed no attention to it. My focus was on the Minotaur, whose aura was lighting up.

Behind me, I heard Grover yelp. I whipped my body toward him. My eyes glaring. I knew I wasn't mad at him, but I was in that mood.

Grover pointed to me. "Yo-your eyes! And your body!" He cried. I didn't care what he said.

I turned toward the Minotaur once again. It was staring at me with those eyes. It pawed the ground, about to charge.

I got in a stance, my weapon in my hands. The Minotaur took off in a charge, and I charged back at him.

We met in the middle. I flipped over the monster, slash as I did so. I landed on my feet softly, and turned toward the Minotaur again.

This time I charged. I sprinted at Pasiphae's son. Once I got there, I slid under his legs and cut his calf. That did nothing.

Rage brewed over me more. I gave a war cry then threw my weapon. Which was now a Lightning Bolt.

It sailed at him in a blur. It skinned his head, and cut off one of his horns.

The Minotaur bellowed hurt.

The Lightning Bolt came back to me. While the monster was paying no attention, I ran at it.

I willed the winds to pick me up. I flew around the Minotaur, slashing and swinging my weapon at every chance I could get. When I started breathing heavy, I went back to the ground.

Once again, I landed softly on the grass. I pointed my bolt at the Minotaur, then released it. My weapon soared toward it at unhuman-like speeds.

It hit the Minotaur in the chest. Once it made contact, the bolt released an explosion. The blast was so powerful, that I stumbled back and almost fell.

The bolt flew back to me and I caught it when it was close enough.

The Minotaur was now wobbling around, off balance. I took that opportunity to unleash my bolt power. I raised my weapon toward the sky, and pictured thousands of volts of lightning coming down.

A huge thunder was heard, then my will was commanded. Bolts of lightning came down from the sky and was directed straight onto the Minotaur.

All you could see was lightning surrounding the monster, and flash of bright lights. I stood about 10 feet away, the storm and lightning fuling my energy.

I let the lightning go. The Minotaur was laying with its back on the ground.

It was time to end this.

I jump up in the air and ordered the winds to take me up. I shot up towards the sky.

I was at least 50 feet above the Minotaur. Giving my loudest war cry yet, I plummeted towards the ground.

I landed on the Minotaur's stomach area. The speed from the fall made the Minotaur's head and neck jerk up.

I held my weapon tightly, still in rage that Ares and Hades, but most of all how he dissolved my eagle into the golden light.

I sat on his stomach, kneeling.

I brought my weapon above my head, then arched it down. The Lightning Bolt went straight into its chest. I held it there.

Through the Lightning Bolt, I let little electricity run into the Minotaur's body. When I pulled my weapon out, the monster started to crumble into a golden dust pile.

Whoosh! the dust blew away in the breeze. I walked over to Grover, who was sitting on the grass.

"Come on," I said breathing heavy. "We still have to get into camp."

I help lift Grover up. Before we both walked up the hill, I ran over to where the Minotaur's horn was. A spoil of war. But also, that's what the Demigods would think I killed the Minotaur with.

In one hand, I had the Minotaur's horn, in the other, I had my bolt.

I looked over my bolt. I brought back my hand, then chucked it as far as I could. The bolt flew towards the sky. All you could see was a blue glow in the sky.

I silently prayed for my father to take the bolt.

I walked back to Grover, and we walked up the hill together.

The rain and storm had now stopped. I don't know who was controlling it. My father, or me. But it didn't matter.

Killing that monster shouldn't have been that hard.

A feeling shuddered through me, like we just walked through and invisible boundary.

Grover spread his arms. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood," He announced.

"Yeah, thanks. Put I'd really rather take a nap."

I collapsed onto the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw people running up to us.

But I concentrated on closing my eyes.

Then, everything went black.

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