Hunger Games which of these Tumblr Confessions do wewe agree with? #1

Pick one:
#1 I think Haymitch, Rue, Cato, Peeta, Effie and Thresh were cast perfectly, -
#2 once I saw people potraying Finnick as Garret Hedlund, I knew he was the one-
#3 The movie did not live up to expectations :(
#4 I think people blow The Hunger Games out of proportions with how -
#5 After the movie, my upendo for Cato grew a lot. Congrats on your performance, -
#6 As much as I upendo Katniss/Peeta, I can't help but feel that Finnick/Annie-
#7 While kusoma the Hunger Games for the first time, I had an image of Hayleigh-
#8 Does no one else relise the subtle sex scene at the end of Mockingjay?
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