Hunger Games Which of these Tumblr Confessions do wewe agree with? #2

Pick one:
#1The Hunger Games was AMAZING! I was worried that it would ruin the books-
#2If the Capitol was round nowadays, we'd all be in the Capitol-
#3I dislike all the comparison between Harry Potter, THG and Twilight-
#4The actor for President Snow is NOTHING like I imagined him to be-
#5I was kinda disppointed with the movie. They missed out so much in the arena, -
#6I have a crush on Jenny. I think she is absoloutely 100% adorable and -
#7I think Macolm McDowell should of played P.Snow, mainly for his voice
#8I really want Naya Rivera to play Johanna Mason. She perfect for the role.
 koolamelia posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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