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Ok, when I found out that Kiara is a cub in The Lion Guard I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to make myself get used to the idea that Kion is a cub, not to mention the same age as Kiara according to what Disney just said. Yes, he is the sekunde born but maybe he was from the same litter (making kiara and kion twins). So yeah.. he was born after Kiara and as it turns out he is the same age as her (not a big shabiki of that either).
By the way yes he is the sekunde born because -for the last time- there is no Kopa! :P
However! It makes scenes from the sekunde movie not make any sense!...
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posted by Kiara_thats_it
(Aria enters, impressed at her new duty as leader of the Lion Guard.)
ARIA: Wow. Me. Protecting the Pridelands. It's kinda scary... No. I can do this. So. The Pridelands bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. (gasp) I know just who to ask first,
(Aria's sister Zheni enters, having heard the whole thing)
ZHENI: Hang up a minute. I'm future queen, wewe are leading this "Lion Guard" thing, what does that make Konra?
(Aria pauses. Konra, Kiara and Kovu's son, is the future king. But Zheni has always believed she will be queen.)
ARIA: No idea.
ZHENI: Well, I hope he figures it out. (lowers...
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Let's start with the fact how Kopa was never and is not canon nor a movie character at all: link.

But some people think that the zaidi believers Kopa has the zaidi real he'll become. As in that if many enough believe in him as canon regardless of Disney saying he's not, Disney would make him into what those believers want him to be.

Well, Kopa believers: If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. And here's why.

The vitabu and Kopa are outsider written and look what happened: Disney approved him for profit and childrens' entertainment in vitabu known only in USA and did not even refer to him in the...
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I just stumbled over the seemingly maarufu interpretation that Mufasa's ghost was only in Simba's mind and that's why he didn't tell the truth about how he died. I was like 'Whaaaat?!' That never crossed my mind, in all these 15 years.

I guess it is kinda left up to the viewers interpretation in the film but Mufasa truly appearing to guide his son, fits the theme of the story much better than just Simba's imagination.

Rafiki had summoned him. wewe know Rafiki was able to do weird stuff, such as seeing that Simba is alive and where to find him, kwa doing something to the dust in the wind that had...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
I mean no affiance to those who upendo the lion king 2. And please don't leave any nasty comments, thank you.

First off, the animation.
The uhuishaji in the lion king 2 is totally horrible. Simba is darker (And somewhere in the movie his eyes are actualy blue!) , Nala is to bright and her eyes are to blue, Timon is dark and Pumba is dark and looks disgusting. The only charicters that looked like they did in the first movie were Scar and Mufasa. The wildebeests in the nightmare scene looked like wolves! I actually think that that the animators took zaidi time and work in drawing the new characters...
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posted by boytoy_84
 Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Here is 20 different languages to say "The Lion King":

Spanish El Rey León

French Le Roi Lion

German Der König Der Löwen

Italian Il Re Leone

Greek Ο Βασιλιας Των Λιονταριων

Swahili Mfalme Simba

Thai ราชาสิงโต

Chinese 獅子王

Japanese ライオンキング

Irish An Rí Lion

Korean 라이온 킹

Dutch De Leeuwenkoning

Russian Король Лев

Hindi शेर राजा

Norwegian Løvenes Konge

Indonesian Raja Singa

Polish Król Lew

Maltese Ir-Re Lion

Czech Lví Král

Vietnamese Vua Sư Tử
 Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
posted by hermionicole
Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Nala, Kiara, and all the other characters in the lion king have virtues to teach. They all have some sensible things au emotions to voice out... disseminate. Yes, it is aliyopewa that Scar became a sort of a villain but we've got to check his background before we judge him.
Scar was originally named Taka and we will be discovering why later.
Mufasa and Taka always loved each other when they were young but their was one thing that broke their bond: the title of being king. Taka can never be a king because he was born sekunde to Mufasa. Although he tried very hard to outdo his...
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posted by tecna535
 Cub Vitani
Cub Vitani
Vitani has light tan-colored fur, manyoya that is slightly tinted orange, electric blue eyes with dark eye shades, and a tuft of hair on her head. As a cub, she was briefly the same size but a little older than Kovu. She has very bright fur, manyoya compared to most of the Outsiders. As a child, her fur, manyoya was almost machungwa, chungwa in some scenes.
As a young adult, she bears a close resemblance to her mother, Zira, and her hair tuft starts to recede as well as gain dark ear rims. She also has freckles, and is thin and lanky, yet very muscular like all the other Outsiders. Her fur, manyoya becomes zaidi yellow and Pridelander-like,...
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posted by MindWideOpen
Pride Rock appeared menacing in the dark of midnight, black clouds circling the structure. The air stood completely still, along with the tall grass. Then, in the blink of an eye, it all changed. Cristal drops of rain turned to giant diamonds, shattering on the savannah ground. The still air turned into frightening winds, blowing away branches from trees. The breath-taking silence was broken kwa a roar of pain.

In the pango of Pride Rock, all crowded a dark brown lioness. She was breathing heavily,her black-rimmed ears pinned sharply back. She dug her claws into the ground, gasping it tightly.

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Zira lived with her cubs happily until they all became adults,she rememberd the promise she made to Scar(Taka).She trained Kovu for days and days until he became the perfect hunter no one has seen,she filled his moyo with hatness and evil.But Kovu didn't listen because he fell in upendo with the kings daughter and betrayd his own family.Zira tried to get him back on their side but she was unsucsesfull,she watched him every night when he was on Priderock,she thought he had a plan to get to Simbas daughter then get Simba's trust then when he's on his own they'll get him.And her plan of ambush...
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 They are pretty much up in the air. (LOL)
They are pretty much up in the air. (LOL)
Anyone who has seen Lion Guard knows Tiifu and Zuri. But do we really? There are still so many maswali about this pair of lionesses.

Okay, so first up: parentage. One thing I hear a lot is that they are sisters. I do not believe that, but if wewe do, that is fine. As I do not believe they are sisters, I have separate theories for each, so let's start with Tiifu. There is not a lot behind this (yet!), but I think her dad is one of the rebel lions and her mom could be Kula (please tell me in maoni if wewe know something about Kula that disproves this - real proof only!)

For Zuri, I...
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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
“The Lion King” is about a young prince named Simba who goes from a cub whose father was murdered to an adult who takes his place in The mduara, duara of Life.
    Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick) is the son of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Queen Sarabi (Madge Sinclair) whose birth means his uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) is sekunde in line to the kiti cha enzi after him. Scar’s three henchmen are Shenzi (Whoopi Goldberg), Banzai (Cheech Marin), and Ed (Jim Cummings). After Mufasa saves Simba from their plot, Scar decides to murder both of them so he can become king....
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The Lion King 2019 remake has just been released, and now that I have seen it, I want to write my thoughts on it. This really can't be done without comparing it to the original, and aliyopewa that I have also seen the Broadway musical, I feel that I may as well write a comparative review all three versions in this article.
Please be aware that this makala may contain some spoilers for the new remake movie.

The Original: The Lion King (1994)

This is the version that virtually everyone is most familiar with. If wewe were a child growing up in the 90s, like myself, there is a good chance that it...
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posted by lionkingfan5555
I know some people think that Scar and Mufasa are not brothers but wewe see they are and I will tell wewe SCAR: Scar has his mother's fur, manyoya she has brown fur, manyoya and he has his father's mane he has a black mane and also Scar's green eyes come from his father too! MUFASA: Okay and this is Mufasa he has golden fur, manyoya like his father and he has red eyes like his mother but the red mane I don't know where that comes from. But here it is this is what I think. Okay, so some people wonder who Scar and Mufasa grandparents are well.. here wewe go Scar and Mufasa grandparents are (DRUMROLL) Mohato and Asali! Now...
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 Kopa and Simba
Kopa and Simba
I wrote the whole thing myself and i am hoping this is gonna be good.

*The Lion King 3: The return of kopa*

*Part 1*

The sky was reddish pink, it was turning morning the wanyama lined up for Kiara and Kovu's official wedding at the Pride Lands, Vitani stood up looking proud at her brother. Wind blew againts her brownish-gold fur, manyoya and through her bangs as she watched her brother and the other lionesses roar. Kiara and Kovu stepped up the pride rock and roared as the wanyama went wild. Kiara and Kovu hugged each other as Nala and Simba roared with them.

Later on, Simba and Nala were walking along...
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posted by KyngJ908
 At the bottom of the hill...
At the bottom of the hill...
Following includes:
Opinion and language

We all saw when Simba and Nala rolled down the kilima right? Well thats the thing. It looked as if Walt diseney puts secret things inside the movie but no one even notices.

Was Nala actually in heat? Well I think so because her eyes tell the whole story and sex is written all over simba. On shabiki fiction they make simba zaidi drunk and Nala is grumpy and shes the one I would Think I'm ok with. She's usually zaidi entergetic tho.
The Lion King remains to this siku my favourite animated movie. It has spawned two sequels and a Broadway musical, among other things. However, as it has happened so often in the past with a lot of films, the sequel is a path to the dark side.

Whereas darker and edgier sequels like The Empire Strikes Back and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have worked and done their predecessors justice, The Lion King 2 fails miserably.


It is refreshingly different to see a Disney sequel that picks up immediately after the events of the first film.

It is also refreshingly different to see a Disney...
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It was a nice siku in the Pridelands, Omati was not seen. The Lion King felt good. Not for long. After 4 months Kiara had a new cub girl. Her name was Nishia. It was the ceremony for Nishia that day. "Kiara,it is time!" Rafiki said. "Bless her." Kiara commanded. Mufasa and Sarabi were watching over. "Well done Kiara!" Sarabi said. Meanwhile Kodonah and Sheekra were watching. They were teenagers. Kodonah and Sheekra were best friends. "Sheekra,wanna go somewhere really cool!" Kodonah said. "Not until the ceremony is over." Sheekra said. "Fine." Kovu was exited. The ceremony was over. "Wanna go...
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posted by mhs1025
hujambo guys, this past summer, I saw the remake with afew of my friends, and, I have some good and BAD reviews. Before we get started, if wewe haven't seen the remake yet, please don't read this makala as I'm about to give some potential spoilers. Now, let's get started:

The characters: I thought the characters were great and the fact that James Earl Jones reprised HIS role as Mufasa was an EPIC plus for me! I also thought Beyoncé was great as Nala, and I thought Seth Rogen did a pretty spot-on Pumbaa. I will admit-James Earl Jones sounded like he's aged, but if wewe think about it, he has. The...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Hakuna Matata.
Hakuna Matata.
Hi everyone, I just want to say before Frozen came into the picture. The Lion King had a number of things that taught me while I first watch this movie many years ago, here they are.

Let it Go!

Yes, the Lion King had actually taught us to let go of our past. It also taught me to improve my future along the way while learning from my mistakes in life, our life is full of ups and downs.

Parental Love

It also promotes about loving your parents like Simba and Mufasa did, I really upendo my parents despite that we do not agree on a number of things, especially with my relationship with my mother.

The mduara, duara of Life

5 years ago, my favourite dog pet died unexpectedly and I was really sad over it. But I managed to let go of it because it's part of the mduara, duara of Life, and I truly understood this line.

Thank wewe Simba!

These are the 3 reasons on why the movie will always cherish in my heart. So, do wewe agree?
 Splendid View.
Splendid View.