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posted by karlyluvsam
[Scar:] I know that your powers of retention
Are as wet as a warthog's backside
But thick as wewe are, pay attention
My words are a matter of pride

It's clear from your vacant expressions
The lights are not all on upstairs
But we're talking kings and successions
Even wewe can't be caught unawares

So prepare for a chance of a lifetime
Be prepared for sensational news
A shining new era
Is tiptoeing nearer

[Shenzi:] And where do we feature?

[Scar:] Just listen to teacher
I know it sounds sordid
But you'll be rewarded
When at last I am aliyopewa my dues!
And injustice deliciously squared
Be prepared!

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posted by lionking1993
Honestly I think Nala takes zaidi control of the Kingdom than Simba does. I mean, she doesn’t let him know that since she’s aware of Simba’s dire need to follow the in the footsteps of his father, but Simba is a very damaged and hotheaded lion that she balances out with her calmness and clearer thinking. So, Nala insists on following Simba everywhere and helping take care of Royal Duties so she can keep him grounded if things start getting out of hand with his emotions.

I did not write this. I though I would pakia it since I totally agree. Found this on Tumblr
posted by invaderHailey
(Hello all wewe Lion King lovers!
this is a little story about my Lion King OC's!Enjoy!)

Hailey's pov:

I woke to the hot sun on my face i got up and went to to the lake to to get a cool drink of water.I then hear a roar i look up and a male lion is standing inayofuata to me "Hello is there a problem?" i say "Problem?"He says will a laugh "Problem?"He says again "Well yes...what do wewe thing wewe are doing drinking from my lake?"He says kinda with a growl "What do wewe mean YOUR lake?" i say back "Well i live right here kwa the lake." He says back to me "Well that doesn't mean it's YOUR lake." i say back...
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posted by javonsims
uh'you discust me i alisema to kiara . what u say , oh nothing i alisema escuss me i lied. so i figuerd i become good Marafiki with her and kil her when i get the chance,so i alisema Queen kiara wanna have a lesson tommorow at dawn. Late that night i heard her call me and she alisema lets go now. I got up and she came and when we got to the water hole i tried to kill her.But she roared so loud it woke the others and i ran to them before she did and alisema she tried to hurt me and banish me for no reason. So vitai and nala took my side and alisema it was probaly a mistake. Even though wewe got away this time wewe want the inayofuata kiara said. i giggled and walk off. then my inayofuata chance hit i striked at her and just as i slapped her Nala walked out and called for help.So simba,kovu,kiara,and nala each vanished me while the other wanyama of the pridelands sung"ONE OF US'. I looked at Vitani and walked away
posted by lol12345678101

Shenzi,Banzai,and Edd! "Leave now and never come back Omati, ROAR!" Yelled Malta. They left while both of them were thinking about Simba. "Is he up there? Asked Malta. " Of course but I really miss Kodonah too! He was my brother but then he died in a herd of zebras, then after a few years I met wewe and we became best friends. Meanwhile Kodonah was still alive but lived a bit far from the Outlands and close to a desert. He met a lion named Mheeto, Mheetu's son. He also met two meercats named Dozun and Brithiana. Mheeto always asked about his father. One siku Kodonah...
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In pride rock Scar is eating his full leg of a swala, palahala as he gets flashbacks of him eating with his family au just his mother which Mufasa and his father was the ones to eat together. Scar stops eating and sighs Scar:"(sigh) why must sorrow flashbacks haunt me now" he says to himself not having the appetite to eat anymore. Scar then sneaks to the very juu of pride rock where the only way up is to take a slanted path behind pride rock, once he got up there he takes a look at the very slowly drying up kingdom then at the grey colorless sky. Scar:" (sigh) mother if your up there watching I hope...
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posted by Lionkingarts
Nala looks out to her home, Thinking about her mother. What if her first hunt failed? What if she got herself injured? All those thoughts were really distracting on the hunt, So nala returned nyumbani without a scrape of the chajio, chakula cha jioni she really needed. Sarafina saw her starved daughter come nyumbani without any food. 'Nala? Did wewe even hunt?" Nala coughed. 'I'm sorry mother, But my thoughts have distracted me from the hunt. and they were really bad." Nala explained to her mother. Sarafina put an angry look on nalas centermeters. ''Nala. I am not letting wewe go nyumbani emptypaws. wewe have to fill you're self up!' Nala looked in her mother's eyes in sorrow. "But?'' Sarafina yelled. ''No buts! Now get out there and hunt! Remember nala, You're the lead huntress and the pride needs to eat. Your loyalty and experience in hunting can help us. If wewe would just stop thinking those thoughts and do it!" Sarafina watched as her daughter left to redo the hunt, Nala yelled back to her mother. "Got it!'
posted by lol12345678101
It was a sweet warm siku in the Pridelands. Everything seemed just right."Kovu have wewe seen Kopa?" Kiara said. "No,and we still have not figured who will be king." "We have voted it with the lionesses and it was equal it can be possible that wewe both will be king." Kiara said. " That looks fair I think we should try it and see how it goes."Kovu said."Hey wewe guys. I need to tell wewe something......Vitani is pregnant!" Kopa said. "Kopa congrats! So are we!" Kiara said. 9 months later. It was going well with Kovu and Kopa being king. There was a slight scream kwa the gorge. "Kiara and Vitani are down there! Simba said. They ran as fast as they could! It wasn't what they thought happened,Kiara and Vitani had their babies. "Kiara what should we name him?" Kovu alisema "Kodonah,Kodonah it sounds right.
I have this on VHS for about 10 au maybe 15 years and I absolutely upendo it. The story tells the tale of a young cub who is framed for the murder of his father Mufassa(actually Scar killed him with the stampedes) who runs away and befriends Timon & Pumpaa. From the opening scenes to the break taking muziki and muziki kwa Elton John who did the song Can wewe Feel The upendo Tonight, The Lion King was the best Disney movie of our time, winner of 2 Oscars back in 1995 I highly recommend all Disney lovers to watch this but if wewe have any children then beware because some scenes may make them upset especially the part where Mufassa dies as well as some scary scenes otherwise than that it’s a great movie.
Nala started humming Queen undenied. "Queen undenied. Yeah.'' Nala looked around to see if there was any paa au buffalo, and saw nothing. "Wow! How does mother expect me to hunt when there is nothing?' Nala suddenly saw a small figure, Scurrying around in the savannah grass. She crouched down to see zaidi of its figure and found out it was a hare. She pounced on the sungura, hare and killed it with her bare sharp claws. She licked blood off her teeth. ''All in a day's work.'' She picked up the sungura, hare in her teeth, And runned to look for zaidi prey. ''Oh so the prey must be in the grasslands having their...
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I was answering a swali today under foramu because someone had asked "how we know so much about the characters and their back grounds?" Well I gave a pretty lengthy answer but it's worth mentioning again I think.

You see when you're as passionate about something as a die hard lion king shabiki wewe can understand where I am coming from. wewe see these characters as real, even though wewe know they aren't. It's about the extensive research into the minds and hearts of the characters we've come to know and love. I can't tell wewe how many what if? Stories and scenarios I personally have come up with...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
(I upendo songs that give me the chills au gosse bumps.)


1.Be Prepared

2.Can wewe Feel The upendo Tonight

3.Circle of Life

4.Just Can't Wait to be King

5.Hakuna Matata


1.He Lives in You

2.He is Not One of Us

3.My Lullaby

4.We are One

5.Love Will Find a Way



1.Be Prepared

2.Can wewe Feel The upendo Tonight

3.He Lives in You

4.He is Not One of Us

5.Circle of Life

6.My Lulliby

7.Just Can't Wait to be King

8.We Are One

9.Love Will Find a Way

10.Hakuna Matata

posted by lol12345678101

It was a terrible siku in the Prideland rain poured almost
everywhere. The swala, palahala had died....... all wanyama died. Simba went for a walk. "Father the son of Kovu has died. What should we do." Simba said. "It is time Simba wewe are my son and Kovu is now the one true king to save us it is time for wewe to know your destiny and become a nyota it is time that the sun set on your time and rises with a new era. It isssss TIME!!!!" Simba was gone in a flash. Many years had passed and Nishia was becoming a great princess she was very careful and fell in upendo with...
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