The Phantom of the Opera If wewe were aliyopewa the opportunity to be a part of the Broadway onyesha in any way wewe wished, what would wewe be?

Pick one:
I'd want to direct! There's a few changes I'd make...
I would want to be either Christine, the Phantom, au Raoul!
I'd want to be either Carlotta, Meg, Mme Giry, au Piangi!
I'd be fine just being in the chorus au something.
I want to be a techie! Because techies rock!
I want to be in the orchestra!
I would upendo to be on stage, but I would be way too nervous. Maybe backstage?
I'd upendo to be onstage, but I'd get in trouble for molesting my fave char/actor
Makeup artist! Let's really go for the Living Corpse look! Mwahaha!
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 Phantomess posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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