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posted by crazy_S_
Hi, its crazy and funny but since I saw The Ring 2, I have sometimes a "proplem" with light bulbs.
First watch that scene of "the ring 2", link

After my Marafiki and me watched The Ring 2, I went down to the bathroom and after a while, the bulb went out. I thought, OK, well its out of order. Later I went down again, and the light was functioning.

Yesterday, I was in my room reading. And suddenly, my lamp whired and than the one light bulb went out. Ok, the other one was still shining and when I looked up. I saw the ring:
posted by sawfan13
Dear Mother,

Yes I know what wewe did to me

You threw me down the well

All because I made your life a living hell

Mommy, Mommy can't wewe see?

I'm your little adopted baby girl

If wewe didn't want me, why did wewe adopt me

Yes Mommy, I know

I, Samarra morgan knows.

The tape that is cursed

Is nothing worse

Than what I had experienced

Why didn't I ever sleep?

Because the farasi kept me up at night

Because wewe let Daddy keep me in the barn.

I have hurt others

I have killed others

I may have even sickened your horses

I bet wewe loved them zaidi than wewe loved me

Yes, I know I am a freak

Because I am afraid of water, so...
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