The Rocky Horror Picture onyesha maneno muhimu and Credits for RHPS

DrDevience posted on Apr 04, 2008 at 10:03AM
There is not a lot of problem in this spot with people crediting images. I think most are trying very hard to do the right thing. Well, I'm going to make that even easier for you...

You do not have to remember each and every website you got images from. Oh no. If it is a still from the movie you are posting, and it likely is, then the credit for the image is always: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation - no matter where you got it from. Ta Da! Simple, eh?

As far as Keywords go, some of you are having a bit of trouble with that, so I'll make that easy also ;)

ANY still shot from this movie starts with tons of easy keywords no matter what:

image, movie, rhps, rocky horror, picture show, cult classic, screepcap, still shot

That's 8 right there and we haven't even gotten to what the picture is of, have we?

Say it is Tim Curry... then you can add:

tim curry, frankenfurter, sweet transvestite

Now the problem is to narrow down the keywords!

See how simple this really is? Hell, after you put those keywords into the system a few times, you don't even have to type them anymore. Just click the blue links under the keyword box!

Woohoo! No more 2s from the Doc anymore!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DrDevience said…
I received a very nice message from someone who said they disagreed with the keywords. I am not being facetious. It was a nice letter explaining their feelings... I would like to address their concerns here so others with those same objections can also be answered.

I write. A lot.for magazines and for the Internet. This means I do a whole hella lot of searches for images and websites. The keywords I suggest to people in various spots are actual keywords I use when I do these searches.

If I need a Tim Curry from RHPS image that is wallpaper-sized, for example, then I will search for: tim curry, wallpaper, image

If that doesn't bring up what I really want, then I will search again for: transvestite, franknfurter, frankenfurter, wallpaper...

If it is icons I want, it is icon I put in the search terms.

The thing is,Google's spider can not see your images. It can only categorize things by the keywords you use.

If you are using NO keywords, or just the movie title, then people who are looking for these images are not going to find them very easily at all.

As to proper credits - I know the kids making icons want you to credit them. That does not mean it is the legal thing to do. The movie company owns the image. It is not being legally altered by the icon makers unless they got express written permission from that studio... and I bet 99% do not do that.

Now, it is the NICE thing to do to credit BOTH the studio and the icon maker.... but it is absolutely the studio who owns the rights to the image.

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita misanthrope86 said…
Yeah, I totally get what you are saying about the keywords, and I am trying to slowly add more to the images that I post, but it just drives me nuts! I really am tyring, but I would rather keep my sanity than post 1000 keywords! LOL, I am too weird...

As for the crediting, I really am quite stuck. I have witnessed some HUGE bust-ups on other sites where people have not credited the icon maker and people have been banned because of it. So I guess I will have to credit both the company AND the icon maker from now on.

But I will say that I am certainly not the only one who didn't know about crediting the company. I haven't seen anyone credit like that, so I guess I'm guilty of crediting in the same manner that a large proportion of Fanpoppers do (if they credit at all, that is!).

Thanks for this information DrDevience!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita DrDevience said…
That's why I'm not downrating if someone credits the icon maker. It is an honest mistake, and I believe it does cover Fanpop's legal butt.