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Think, Frederik, think. Talk to him. Keep him from whatever it is he’s planning with you, Frederik thought.
“What we did was wrong, I know that” he alisema loud. “But wewe have to understand. I have a daughter and I was afraid that wewe would-”
“That I would what?” Cas interrupted furious, pointing the sword against Frederik’s throat. “That I would rape her? Just like I raped Alex? For the last time I didn’t do that!”
“Please, man, I have a wife and two kids. They need me” Frederik begged.
“You spent every evening in that café, don’t wewe think they’re better off without...
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“I met Kelsey in the hospital” Jeremy started his story. “I was looking for some meds, because seeing dead people kind of keeps wewe up at night. She busted me, lectured me” he smirked at Kelsey who remained invisible to her mother. “but helped me out anyway. The sekunde time I saw her was also the last time. She came knocking at my door, asking me to keep an eye on Amber, who was dying. Kelsey had bitten her during a full moon and she wanted to find the cure. I told her she needed Klaus’s blood and she left to get it. She came back without it. I didn’t think Klaus would give her...
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Liz was working at her office, when the phone rang.
“Sheriff Forbes” she alisema short when she answered.
“Sheriff Forbes, hi” Stefan replied. “I was wondering how it’s going with the murder on Gabe Lindy”
“I’m sorry, Stefan. I can’t give away such information” Liz answered.
“I’m going to take a wild guess and say the corpse is missing” Stefan alisema amused. A few sekunde of complete silence followed. Stefan had asked Katherine to compel the sheriff to forget he knocked her down and took the body.
“What do wewe know about that?” Liz eventually asked.
“Doesn’t matter”...
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The door of the Boarding House slammed open and Stefan entered the house, with Katherine still in his arms.
“Stefan, are wewe all right?” Rebekah asked worried as she quickly got up. She walked to him, but Stefan headed for the stairs.
“Where’s Damon?” Elena asked when she didn’t see Damon coming in.
“He…he stayed behind. There was something he had to do” Stefan alisema vague.
“Stefan” Elena protested unsatisfied.
“He’ll explain everything when he’s back” Stefan replied impatient. He turned to Rebekah. “Could wewe bring some blood bags?”
Rebekah reluctantly went to...
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The inayofuata morning
Grumpy and irritated Klaus entered Ric’s loft. Even with Tyler dating Veronica, Caroline was still clinging onto her ex-boyfriend. He should’ve never turned Tyler. He should’ve just killed him.
Klaus reluctantly looked up at Rebekah who came off the stairs.
“We need to talk” she alisema with her hands on her hips. She waited for Klaus to say something back, but he just raised his eyebrows. “You have to tell Stefan what happened in the past. We are losing him, Klaus. Katherine is weaving her web around him and we need to get him out before it’s too late”...
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Stefan and Katherine glared at each other, not sure what to do now, but Damon made it easy for them.
“Get out” he alisema trembling.
“Damon, I didn’t know” Katherine started. “I swear I didn’t know”
“Just go away, Katherine” Damon said. “You, too, Stefan” he alisema without looking at his brother.
Stefan vowed his hands and made a step towards Damon. “I really thought wewe knew. And I really didn’t mean to let it happen. All I know is that Rebekah gave her blood to Elena and that I couldn’t interfere. If I could’ve, I would’ve, wewe know that” he pleaded.
Katherine looked...
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Bonnie closed her suitcase and lifted it from the ground. She carried it, but it was really heavy. She needed Caroline for this. After all she would need a place to stay when she left the clinic. Which was today. She had signed her release.
“Are wewe going somewhere?” a male voice asked. Bonnie waited for Keith to catch up with her. Maybe he could carry her suitcase for her. And indeed, as soon as he was standing inayofuata to her he said: “Here, let me do that”
He took the suitcase out of her hands and released Bonnie from her burden.
“So, are wewe leaving?” he asked.
“Yeah, I feel a lot...
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Elena opened the door of the Boarding House. As she passed the living room she saw Damon sitting in the couch, his back to her. She wanted to sneak away, but…
“Elena! Get your punda in here now!” Damon said. He sounded furious and so Elena rushed to him. She looked at him and startled. She had never seen him this angry.
“What’s wrong? Did I do something?” she asked careful. Damon looked at Stefan, who came out of the study room.
“I’m sorry, Elena. I thought he knew” he alisema sad.
“Knew what? What is going on?” Elena exclaimed.
“Will wewe stop playing dumb?” Damon alisema angry...
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The late September sun warmed Elena’s face and she opened her eyes. She saw Damon sitting in what looked like a very uncomfortable chair.
Perhaps Damon felt Elena’s eyes on him because he opened his. When he saw Elena was awake he quickly sat up.
“How are wewe feeling?” he asked hoarse. “Can’t believe I actually fell asleep”
“Can’t believe wewe actually fell asleep in that chair” Elena alisema with raised eyebrows. “Why didn’t wewe jiunge me? There’s plenty of room”
“I wasn’t supposed to fall asleep” Damon alisema obvious. Elena wanted to maoni on that when someone knocked...
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“How is he?” Derek asked as soon as Damon and Elena entered the Boarding House.
“I’m right here” Damon said. He walked to the kitanda and sank down. Elena sat down inayofuata to him and looked at Derek. “Hey, could wewe go and get some blood”
“Yeah, sure” Derek nodded and he rushed to the basement.
“You feeling better?” Elena asked concerned, taking Damon’s hand.
“I’m fine” Damon alisema short. “Why were wewe in the hospital?”
Elena looked away. Then she looked back. “Who told wewe that?”
“Who do wewe think?” Damon smirked. “He told me not to come, but I’m a little...
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Damon was lying on the autopsy table, bare naked. A man in a white kanzu, koti was standing over him, holding a scalpel in his hand.
Jeremy was standing at the reception of the police office, impatiently waiting for the sheriff to onyesha up. After a few dakika a door went open and Liz came inside. “Jeremy, hi, can I help you?”
“There was an accident tonight” Jeremy quickly started without an introduction. “What happened to the body?”
The coroner placed the scalpel inayofuata to Damon’s clavicle.
Liz arrayed her paperwork, taking her time to answer. “I don’t see why I should share that kind...
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Jeremy turned his computer off when his phone rang.
“Hi, Elena. Did wewe get the results? It’s not something bad, is it?”
“Jeremy, I need your help” Elena alisema quickly. “I’m not in the hospital anymore”
“What? Why not? Where are you?” Jeremy asked confused.
“I don’t have time to answer that” Elena alisema nervous. “You have to do something for me”
“Okay, what?” Jeremy asked.
“I need wewe to go to the cops and ask them what they’ve done with Damon” Elena said.
“What? Elena, I don’t get it” Jeremy said.
“He’s had an accident” Elena explained quickly....
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These doors need to be oiled, Keith thought as he opened the door of Bonnies room. He walked to the kitanda and sank down.
Bonnie turned on her back in her kitanda and opened her eyes a bit. When she saw Keith her eyes widened and she sat straight.
“What the hell are wewe doing here? Go away! I’m going to call security! Get out!” she hissed.
“Ssshh” Keith said. “I’m just here to watch wewe sleep. Isn’t that romantic?”
“No!” Bonnie whispered loud. “Not if you’re the one watching”
“So, you’re not going to sleep, because I am here?” Keith asked. “Well, in that case, we might...
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Elena was lying on a hospital bed, surrounded kwa her friends. She was awake and a little annoyed.
“I’m fine, I want to go home” she said.
“You fainted, Elena. wewe need to slow down a bit” Caroline alisema bossy.
“I just have a low blood pressure, which is no surprise” Elena alisema pointing at her neck.
“Well, the doctor wants wewe to stay here for the night” Stefan said. “And I agree with him”
“This is a conspiracy” Elena alisema grumpy.
“We can stay if wewe want” Jeremy suggested.
“And stop me from leaving, right” Elena said, figuring her brother out. “No, wewe can all...
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Damon was still lying on the kitanda when a shadow came over him and he opened his eyes difficult. “Elena?” he alisema weak. Katherine shook her head. “It’s me” she said. She took his shoulder and helped him sit up. She took the glass of bourbon from the table. “You should drink something”
“Shouldn’t wewe tell me to drink blood?” Damon asked sarcastic.
“If wewe don’t want to it’s your business” Katherine alisema and she held the glass in front of Damon. He wanted to take it out her hands, but she refused to gave it to him. “I’ll do it” she said. “Katherine? I’m not...
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Caroline was making homework, yes homework, when someone rang the doorbell. Her mother wasn’t home, so she’d have to get up.
As soon as she opened, she wanted to close the door again, but Ronnie stuck out her foot.
“Five minutes” she said. Caroline sighed and opened the door. “What?” she asked.
“I, eh,…I want to apologize” Ronnie started. “The way I harassed you. I was going too far. I know you’re close with Tyler and I jumped into conclusions. I assumed wewe knew where he was”
“And I told wewe I didn’t” Caroline replied cold.
“Yeah, I know” Ronnie said. “That’s...
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They were sitting on the same terrace Elena had had ice cream with Damon when Derek grabbed a chair from the meza, jedwali inayofuata to theirs and invited himself.
“How are wewe guys doing?” he asked looking from Stefan to Elena. He’d never seen the blonde girl before and thus he didn’t pay much attention to her.
“Did Damon send you?” Elena asked short.
“What? No!” Derek alisema desperate. He looked around before he continued. “But it’s because of him I’m here. He’s not doing good, Elena. He’s a total wreck”
“He should’ve thought about that before he attacked the poor girl” Rebekah...
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Rebekah and Stefan were walking hand in hand in the shopping mitaani, mtaa when Rebekah squeezed Stefan’s hand and nodded in front of her.
“Isn’t that your friend?” she asked. She nodded at Elena who was walking their way, though she didn’t seem to notice them. They accelerated their steps until they reached her.
“Hi, Elena” Stefan said.
Elena startled and put out her earphones. “Stefan, geez, you’re going to get me a moyo attack someday”
“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you” Stefan apologized with raised hands. “Rebekah saw wewe walking”
Elena looked at the girl who smiled at...
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Bonnie walked with her plate to a meza, jedwali and wanted to start eating when she felt a pair of eyes burning in her back. She looked up and saw Keith standing inayofuata to her shooting her a meaningful glance. Bonnie, not wanting to be rude, waved at the kiti, kiti cha opposite of her. Keith walked around the table, put his plate down and sank on the chair.
“Keith Dason” Keith introduced himself. Bonnie accepted his hand. “Bonnie Bennett” she said. She started eating.
Keith, however, didn’t touch his food, but kept staring at Bonnie. Bonnie looked up, feeling uneasy. She swallowed.
“Why, eh, why are...
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Five days later.
Derek was rushing through the kitchen, setting the breakfast meza, jedwali when slow footsteps were heard on the stairs. Derek raced to the stairs and tried to help Damon keep his balance. Damon tried to push him away, but was too weak.
“I made breakfast” Derek said.
“Gee, thanks” Damon mumbled sarcastic. He shuffled to the jikoni and fell down on a chair. He looked down at the meza, jedwali and picked up the blood bag. “This is breakfast?” he asked Derek.
“You have to drink it, Damon” Derek insisted. “It’s been five days. wewe will die if wewe don’t”
Damon shrugged. “Then...
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