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Stefan looked up when he heard the door open. Damon and Katherine entered, but they were alone. “Where’s Elena”? Stefan asked, looking over Katherine and Damon’s head.
“She’s in the car with Caroline…and Bonnie” Katherine added grumpy. Stefan looked outside to see the car.
“The car that’s still on the road” Damon cleared up.
“Ah” Stefan said.
“Where did that treacherous bitch, kahaba go?” Katherine tried to be neutral.
“You mean Amber?” Stefan said. “I don’t know. I thought she was right behind me, but I only turned around when I was here and kwa that time she was gone”
“Eh, Stefan?” Katherine said. “It was a rhetorical question. I couldn’t care less about her”
Stefan turned around and walked to the meza, jedwali and sank down on a chair. “This is my fault” he said. “Anything that happened regarding Amber is my fault. If she dies it’s on my hands”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “A lot of people have died on your hands and wewe never cared about them either” Stefan drank some blood from a glass, so he wouldn’t have to maoni on that. “You’re afraid the mtu-bweha got to her?” Damon continued a little compassionate. But Stefan didn’t have to answer that either because the door went open and Caroline, Bonnie and Elena came in.
“Good, now we’re sure everyone’s salama and happy I’m going to bed” Katherine alisema and she went upstairs.
Damon sank down on the kitanda and Stefan walked to Elena. “Hey, wewe okay?” he asked soft. Elena nodded. “I can clean that up if wewe want” he alisema pointing at the blood on Elena’s neck. Elena touched her neck. “Yeah, that would be nice” she alisema distracted. “Okay, let me get a towel” Stefan alisema and he walked to the kitchen. Elena fell down on the kitanda and rest her head on Damon’s shoulder.
Bonnies face stiffened, but Caroline pulled her towards the door. “I think that’s our key” she winked. She pulled Bonnie outside.
“Damon better not do anything” Bonnie said. “Elena’s his brother’s girl”
Caroline lay her hands on Bonnies shoulders. “Bonnie, is there something wewe have to tell me?”
Bonnie looked up, a sudden sad gleam in her eyes, and for a moment she just wanted to let it out. But then she shook her head. “No, I’m okay” she said.
Inside Stefan saw how Elena leaned against Damon, who had closed his eyes. He walked to the kitanda and tapped Elena’s shoulder. “Elena?”
But Elena pressed herself against Damon’s side. Stefan sighed and threw the towel on the table. He walked away and went upstairs.
Damon’s phone buzzed and he woke up. He rubbed his eyes as he carefully pulled out his phone and answered it.
“Yeah?” he alisema sleepy.
“Damon” Alaric said. “Could wewe get me out of here? I’m in jail”
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