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Bonnie's P.O.V

"What did wewe do to them Klaus?" Damon shouted furiously.

"Only what needed to be done. My dearest Katherine gave an order that was not followed." Klaus replied looking at me.

"Where did wewe put Meredith?" I asked.

"That's for me to know and wewe to find out my dear. Here is a note from Katherine."

Time is ticking dear.

Wanyonya damu cannot pass over water

Where else would I put her?



She put her in Honoria Fell's grave. Under the bridge, it makes sense now.

"Where did wewe put Stefan?"

"He is inside under a spell. How do wewe think we could get his sweet Elena from the house?"


Damon had lunged for him, but was stopped kwa an invisible wall. Slowly Klaus walked towards him and grabbed him kwa the throat; Throwing him into the wall.

"You underestimated me." He replied running off.

I looked at Damon he was just getting up. I ran towards him. He had a cut on his head, but I knew that would heal soon.

"Are wewe okay?"

"I'm fine, go find Stefan."

I ran into the house and saw on the kitanda asleep. I ran to her to see if she was breathing. She was and I ran upstairs to find Stefan. He wasn't in his room but the ladder to the roof was, so I took it up. I got to the juu of the roof and saw no one and nothing. Suddenly, there was a thump at the other side of the roof. Turning I saw it was Katherine.

"Hello dear." she hissed.

"Where's Stefan." I alisema as controlled as I could.

"He wasn't cooperating after I told him about putting Elena where I put him and blah blah blah. I thought Elena would be lonely."

"You put him in the well?"

"Maybe au maybe I put him somewhere further away."

She stalked towards me gracefully. Walking a straight line across the middle of the roof until she was in front of me. She came and whispered in my ear,

"I told wewe Damon was mine didn't I? wewe should've listened maybe none of this would've happen."

I was furious and I slapped her across the face. Her head jerked to the side, but was staring at me in one second. Her eyes were in slits and her eyebrows furrowed together.

"You shouldn't have done that witch."

She grabbed my arm and twisted it. I screamed it was excruciating. After that, it all went in slow motion. Damon had jumped up on the roof and was running towards Katherine. She turned around right before he got to her and pushed him back making him slide across the roof. It was almost like the sinema where the boy is saving the girl and the villain tries to kill the boy but he saves the girl. Except now, I know how Bella feels. I mentally sighed. Katherine turned to me.

"Now where should I put you? Oh wait I was going to kill you."

"No!" it was Damon.

Both Katherine and I turned towards him. He ran straight into Katherine taking her off the roof. This all would have been fine except for the fact that I was still in Katherine's solid grip. Finally, we landed on the ground, Katherine, and Damon standing, and me on my knees. Wincing I got up from my knees to stand.

"Katherine give her back to me."

"No, wewe know I always get what I want."

"I never wanted wewe Katherine," he hissed back.

"Yes wewe did. So did Stefan."

"I've always wanted what Stefan had. I thought I wanted wewe too but I don't. Now wewe are going to kill the upendo of my life. Kill me first."

"I would never kill wewe Damon but I can kill this pathetic witch."

I closed my eyes and instinctively leaned back. Waiting for the sting of the blow I knew was coming. However, it never came. I opened my eyes and saw Katherine and Damon face to face, her hand in his grip. Katherine's hand suddenly fell off my hand and the blood rushed back into it.

Katherine was falling to the ground, leaning over in pain. She looked up at booth of us. A stake to her heart.

"You have always been mine Damon."

She lay limp on the ground. Slowly turning to ash. I looked a Damon and we both ran and embraced each other. He stroked my hair soothingly and I rubbed circles on his back.

"Oh Bonnie." he whispered kissing me.

I pulled back.

"We have to find Elena, Stefan, and Meredith."

"Where are they?"

"Meredith is in the tomb, Elena should be in the well with Stefan. If Stefan isn't with Elena he should be somewhere nearby."

"We have to find them come on."

He pulled me onto his back and we ran into the forest. Passing trees and brush. Finally, we got to the well. I looked in and saw Elena covered in dirt with her hair in tangles. Damon and I both pulled her out.

"Elena!" I screamed

She collapsed into my arms crying. I looked at Damon. He was stiff. I touched his arm and he relaxed.

"Where is Stefan?"

"I don't know they used the mind manipulation and put me to sleep, I couldn't stay awake," she alisema frantically.

"Ok, ok calm down."

"I'll help wewe find him."

I nodded pulling her arm lightly. We walked around the forest desperately waiting for a miracle to happen. We got one when we heard heavy breathing coming from a field, and ran towards it. There on the roof was Meredith tied to a pole.

"They lied! Stefan is in the tomb."

"Stefan is in the tomb?" Elena repeated.


I looked up at Meredith concentrating. Her eyes fluttered open to a position used after being pulled out of a deep sleep. She starred at me, her eyes pleading for me to get her off the roof. Help, she mouthed to me.

"How are we supposed to get up there?" I asked hoping for a good reply,

"Hold on tight baby bird."

I smiled at the name, baby bird. He hoisted me onto his back. I nudged his back waiting for him to jump to the roof. He jumped and my stomach lurched it was like being on a free fall. After what felt like hours, we got to the juu of the roof. I jumped off his back and walked towards Meredith.

Her clothes were in tatters and her hair in tangles with dirt on her face. She didn't look like the Meredith I knew.

"Come on Mere."

With the help of Damon, we cut her loose and picked her off the pole. She winced every time we touched her stomach back au wrists where the ropes had been tied to her wrists.

"I'm sorry." I told both my best Marafiki after we were both on the ground.


"Because I'm the reason you're like this."

"No you're not. Katherine and Klaus are the reason we're like this."

They were right, but in a way, it was my fault. I hadn't listened to Katherine and she almost killed my best friends, but now we had to find Stefan au else he would be gone.

"We have to find Stefan! Please!" Elena shouted as if kusoma my mind.

"We'll find him Elena."

"Then let's please go."


Katherine didn't lie about the distance between Stefan and Elena. It took us a dakika to get to the tomb from where Meredith was. The juu slid off the tomb easily and we walked into the darkness. picha from the last trip here replayed in my mind. Walking down with just the light from the flash light. Clinging to Matt with desperation. Watching Katherine nearly kill Damon. I snapped out of it and saw the gate that lead towards the inayofuata room where the fight had been.

"Everyone ready?" Damon asked.

We all nodded and saw watched as he pulled open the gate. Sitting in the middle of the floor was Stefan, tied to a chair. A hand flew the Elena's mouth and she started whimpering.

"Elena?" Stefan whispered.

"I'm here." She alisema rushing to him.

I leaned into Damon and watched the scene unfold in front of me. Elena carefully cut the ropes from the chair and Stefan was released. I watched as Elena held his face in her hands and murmured something into his neck while they hugged.

"We have to get out of here before sunrise. Stefan doesn't have his ring."

Everyone quickly filed out of the tomb and towards the boarding house. Stefan went through the garden when we got there, searching for the key. He opened the door and saw that Ms. Flowers was walking around cleaning up. Everyone had scattered around after that, Meredith to call Alaric, Elena and Stefan to their bedroom, and Damon on the couch, I walked towards Ms. Flowers.

"Are wewe feeling alright Ms. Flowers?"

"Oh I'm fine dear just a little tired is all."

"Okay just tell me if wewe would like any help."

I walked over to Damon and sat down inayofuata to him. He looked me over and smiled.

"Hello baby bird." he alisema kissing me.

"Hello." I yawned.

"Are wewe tired?


"Come on let's get wewe in bed."

He picked me up and carried me up the stairs. Turning to my bedroom door, he had me turn the knob. He carefully laid me in the kitanda under the covers.

"Goodnight Red."

"Goodnight Damon."

He closed the door and I closed my eyes and let sleep to overcome me.
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