The Walking Dead: Carol Peletier Carol Peletier {Screencaps Guide}

Bibi69 posted on Nov 01, 2013 at 10:39PM
This is a guide to all the screencaps from 'The Walking Dead' that Carol has appeared in. Even if it's just a part of her, like the back of her head or her hand, or etc. Every glimpse at Carol is in here.

*The episode titles in bold indicate episodes that Carol did not appear in.

**I put them in the 'Regular Photo' section, because Fanpop decided to take off the 'Screencaps' section.

Season One:
1x01 ~ Days Gone Bye
1x02 ~ Guts
1x03 ~ link
1x04 ~ link
1x05 ~ link
1x06 ~ link

Season Two:
2x01 ~ link
2x02 ~ link
2x03 ~ link
2x04 ~ link
2x05 ~ link
2x06 ~ link
2x07 ~ link
2x08 ~ link
2x09 ~ link
2x10 ~ 18 Miles Out
2x11 ~ link
2x12 ~ link
2x13 ~ link

Season Three:
3x01 ~ link
3x02 ~ link
3x03 ~ Walk With Me
3x04 ~ link
3x05 ~ Say the Word
3x06 ~ link
3x07 ~ link
3x08 ~ link
3x09 ~ link
3x10 ~ link
3x11 ~ link
3x12 ~ Clear
3x13 ~ link
3x14 ~ Prey
3x15 ~ link
3x16 ~ link

4x01 ~ link
4x02 ~ link
4x03 ~ link
4x04 ~ link
4x05 ~ Internment
4x06 ~ Live Bait
4x07 ~ Dead Weight
4x08 ~ Too Far Gone
4x09 ~ After
4x10 ~ link
4x11 ~ Claimed
4x12 ~ Still
4x13 ~ Alone
4x14 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
4x15 ~ Us
4x16 ~ link {Screencaps to come}

Season Five:
5x01 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
5x02 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x03 ~ [i]Four Walls and a Roof

5x04 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
5x05 ~ [i]Self Help

5x06 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
5x07 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x08 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x09 ~ [i]What Happened and What's Going On

5x10 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
5x11 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x12 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x13 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x14 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x15 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}
5x16 ~ [i]link {Screencaps to come}

Season Six:
6x01 ~ [i]link
{Screencaps to come}
6x02 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x03 ~ Thank You
6x04 ~ Here's Not Here
6x05 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x06 ~ Always Accountable
6x07 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x08 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x09 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x10 ~ The Next World
6x11 ~ Knots Untie
6x12 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x13 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x14 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x15 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
6x16 ~ link {Screencaps to come}

[u]Season Seven:[u/]
7x01 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
7x02 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
7x03 ~ The Cell
7x04 ~ Service
7x05 ~ Go Getters
7x06 ~ Swear
7x07 ~ Sing Me a Song
7x08 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
7x09 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
7x10 ~ link {Screencaps to come}
7x11 ~ Hostiles and Calamities
7x12 ~
7x13 ~
7x14 ~
7x15 ~
7x16 ~
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