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 Flora Mythix
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 "Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying!!!!!"
"Flora, your plants are annoying! And..talking?"tells Stella. "What did my talking plant do?" asks Flora. Stella points to a plant moving, preventing Stella from entering her room. "Why do wewe want to go to your room?" asked Flora. "I need to change my outfit, Brandon and I are going to a restaurant in Magix tonight," majibu the angered Stella. Flora thinks Stella is annoying. Flora casts a spell and the plant disappear. Stella walks in her room. "No thank you?" asks Flora. "No!" smiles Stella. "Flora!!!!!!!" shouted a voice. Flora walks to Tecna.

"What?" asked Flora as she entered Tecna's...
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the fate of bloom
Everyone has been giving some form of an opinion this week, so I thought maybe I should too. But instead of adding to the drama over this user nonsense, I'll be bringing us back to the opinions of what this club is about: the freaking Winx Club. So, today I'll be sharing with wewe all my juu inayopendelewa eleven "good" characters. (And kwa "good characters" I mean, of course, the characters who are not evil) Why juu eleven? Well, as the Nostalgia Critic would say, I like to go one step beyond. So sit back, and enjoy my orodha of juu eleven "good" characters.

11. Clarice

Yes she might just be a minor...
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I've been meaning to make an makala on this for a while now. As most of wewe know I really don't like the Nick dub and am a big shabiki of the 4kids version. Well I might as well share a few of the reasons why.

So the first and biggest reason; the actual dub itself. I think the scrip is kind of cheesy and boring. Where as the 4kids version is littered with jokes that are actually funny ("The chemsha bongo in last month's Teen Witch alisema 'What would wewe do if wewe got to take over the whole universe?' I wrote 'You'll find out soon enough, loser,' and sent it in"). And the subtle adult references they slip...
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