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 Flitter, Elas, Amarok Evolved
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Do we ever see her again?

Hello darlings. This is my FIRST story that I have written in english. I tried my best spelling errors were corrected, but I'm only 13, so I do not know very much about english, yet. However, I hope that wewe would tell me any errors, what i have in this story. This is also my first story here, so can wewe put comments, what wewe think about this story/chapter, Thank you.

Chapter 1: Realising

Flora sat on the toilet , holding a pregnancy test, which was blinking 2 red lines. Flora stared at the lines in horror . She was too young for that . And she was already in 3 month!...
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 The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
The Winx Club and W.I.T.C.H.
hujambo guys,
I was just really inpatient about the sekunde chapter and I also saw that many of wewe are too. So I wrote the sekunde chapter today and yeah, here it is. Enjoy! ;)

Chapter 2 - The Pyjama Party
At Winx's Room:

*The first siku at school already finished and all the girls went back in their rooms. There was a huge storm outside but that didn't stop the Winx prepare for the party. They talked a bit, took a kuoga and soon started preparing.*
Musa: So, when will nyasi, nyasi kavu Lin and the others come? I can't wait to meet them!
Flora: They should come very soon. Also, we still have...
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Oay i thought of uandishi this when i saw princess-Flora's version. Here's mine, with different confessions. Originals are at the bottom.

1. I really agree with this one. Sky's hair looks ridiculous in season 5. Just as ridiculous as Helia's. (If not more.) I don't really care about the voice actors, i grew up watching the nick dub since they started dubbing in 2010. So... yea.

2. I honestly agree with this one alot. Not only cause of the young mashabiki but zaidi so because of the way she acted in season 4 would've been for nothing then. Turning against the winx, and what not. Roy is cool, but no.

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So my makala is written in direct response to this girl's makala hence the use of 'you' and 'your'. I found this makala to be very offensive so I analyzed it word for word and responded.

And the orodha goes on. The girls of the Winx Club have tiny little spindly arms and legs – which is what beautiful looks like – and wear skirts and dresses so ridiculously short that, if they were to bend over, wewe would see their entire vagina, even if they were wearing underwear. I have interpreted this as an example of them displaying their sexual prowess. Because all boys upendo legs, they have to show...
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• Tritannus' name appears to come from a mix of Triton and Titan.

• Triton is a Marine God of Greek Mythology who is the son of Poseidon, the God of the Sea (whose Roman equivalent is named Neptune), and his wife Amphitrite, the Nereid sea nymph and daughter of the Sea God Nereus. Triton is depicted as being half-man half-fish, the tritons are his descendants and, like him, are also half-human half-fish. One of Amphitrite's 49 sisters is named Galatea.

Titans are a race of primeval deities in Greek Mythology who are alisema to be immortal giants and who once used to rule the world until...
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Hi Girls!

This spell which can calm the stress of the exams has really helped us! But remember, this spell and ritual will only work for calming your stress, to make wewe feel relaxed and to make wewe confident about the exams.
You need to find a quiet relaxed spot somewhere which reminds wewe of the room where wewe are going to have your exams in, like the clicking of the clock au the furniture which looks similar to the examination room.
You’ll need:

-Coloured candles. These colours on the candles would be good: Orange, Yellow, Green, peach, pichi and Purple.

-Stones. These stones would be good: Carnelian,...
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Here are basic skin care secrets everyone should know!!

Apple Mask(For Normal Skin)

Needed Things:
An apple (cored and quartered)
2 tsp honey

Method: Take a blender au a chakula processor and chop the pieces of apple in it. Mix the honey and put it in refrigerator for at least 10 minutes. Apply the mixture to your face with the tapping motion. Tap the area until the honey feels tacky. Leave it for 30 dakika and rinse it off with cool water.

Banana Mask:
Needed Things:
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. all natural honey
4 tbsp ground oats
Mineral water
1 cucumber

Method:Mash the ripe banana, ndizi until it has a smooth texture....
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