The Wiz 45 Years Since Elvis Presley's Death

sweetlady982002 posted on Jan 02, 2022 at 07:38PM

What is ur favorite Elvis Presley (EP) movie(s) & y?  The reason y I asked is b/c on Tues., 8/16/22 will be the 45th anniversary of Elvis' death.  Elvis made a lot of movies, but my suggestion 2 u is that u can make a list of ur favorite Elvis movie(s) that u either wanna see on TV or the movie(s) that u haven't seen such as "Tickle Me" or "Live A Little, Love A Little".   After u make ur list, u can send ur list 2 the following TV stations such as This TV Network at; Freeform at; ION Television at; Pluto TV at; Get TV Network at; E!TV at; Peacock TV at; Roku at; Crackle at; Tubi TV at; Plex TV at; & ION Plus at


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