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posted by orkneymatrix
Thora always remembers
Someone whom she's met,
Never forgetful,
Never ending,
Something'll happen yet.

I don't suppose she's easy to find,
And even harder to achieve the trust of,
But the upendo deep down
And the lacking frown
Bring her nyumbani to me.

Incapable of selfishness,
Unable to witness death,
The murderous sister,
The brave double-soul,
Holds out through it all.

One zaidi thing remains for her,
And it is her fearlessness,
For death, she wishes,
And pain, she craves,
Nothing she hates, nothing.

At a finale, she holds tall,
Amongst the others in the stall.
Wishing for death
Rather than loss,
Her moyo remains strong.
posted by orkneymatrix
"It does. Believe me, Marco. Her soul still exists; it has not yet ceased to be. I can feel it around me, as if wewe never appeared that siku for the reason wewe did."

"I know what it's like to lose someone. My mother... my sister... I witnessed my mother suffer, but we fought - she was a stranger to me kwa the time she died. It was still horrific; I wouldn't wish it on anyone, like I said. I witnessed my sister die a quick, painless death. Harvey must have watched his wife, the upendo of his life, put on a brave face for him as she fought a losing battle against cancer. It may not have been as horrific,...
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