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A/N: A bit of a small chapter, sorry. Ah... Enemies Foreign is airing in less then 48 hours! :)
Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS.
Song: Say When kwa The Fray.

"I think I'll take that coffee now."

Tony and Ziva walked along the streets just outside NCIS with the sun hanging low in the sky - among the dark grey clouds, both having half-filled coffee cups at hand. The growls of thunder became zaidi dominant as...
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posted by mossheart1235
DISCLAIMER: wewe know the deal :]

Things were looking up for us for once. It'd been two weeks of boring old paperwork and Ziva and I were finally back in business. I didn't know how great of an idea it was to be fighting on the roof of an apartment building in the middle of a thunderstorm, but hey, at least I was punching people!
Behind me, my ninja was doing exactly what she did best, and that was be a ninja. I heard what sounded like a person drawing a kisu and thought it must've been one of Ziva's- but I was wrong. A moment later, I heard a gunshot, and, ten agonizing seconds...
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posted by yay4wicked
“...and don’t forget, take lots and lots of pictures, don’t kill each other...oh, Tony, you’ve got to try that little cafe I told wewe about! They have the best biscuits; well, not biscuits, but whatever they call them in France…”
    Tony and Ziva blinked at Abby, slightly exasperated, but smiled to her as the door began to shut. Just then a streak of red-tipped white shot into the elevator. Tony sighed as the door opened again.
    “And one zaidi thing. Stay safe,” Abby pronounced firmly, her gaze raking them both and lingering on Ziva...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Disclaimer-Nope, I do not own NCIS,only some small gifts.
I have noticed that a lot of people do Ziva's POV,so I am going to write a Tony's POV.

He dragged himself up the wooden stairs to his apartment door. "Another waisted day, DiNozzo." he alisema as he figeted with his key. He through his gear onto the small couch, where he noticed he still had not read the biography of the mwandishi to Deep Six.

Tom E. Gemcity

He skipped the part about boring McGee's life, and then saw how the characters came to life.

Agent Tommy and Agent Lisa were created kwa two people I admire very much. They will remain...
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posted by NCIS_Addict_87
"I guess there's no need to ask how wewe got here, huh?" Tony alisema absently. "What is wrong Tony?" "I was thinking about Kate. I think about her less now, but every once in awhile a thought creeps into my mind." Tony told her. Ziva giggled, "Thinking about her naked again Tony?" He turned away, and all he alisema was "No." Ziva reached out and touched his arm gently, "It is okay to miss her Tony. She was your partner and I am sure that wewe will always remember her." "Kate was so different than wewe Ziva. Sometimes I don't know how we got along at all, she didn't like confrontation and she was a...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
After much, much procrastinating, I finally came up with a beginning to this chapter, which was supposed to finished some months ago!

It may suck, but I only just finished the McGee and Abby part of this chapter so bare with me :D

So.... comment, rate but most of all... enjoy! It would make my day!

DISCLAIMER: I, unfortunately, do not own NCIS, just the DVD's. I think I can handle that... for now. Muhahahahaha. Anyway.... xD

Sometimes, Always


McGee stolled into Abby's lab and plonked himself down in front of one of the many computers. "Tony and Ziva are stressing me out, thought I'd come...
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He flipped the emergency switch and turned to Ziva. Her brow was wrinkled in confusion. "Tony...", she began. He placed his finger to her lips to quiet her. "But Tony I don't underst....", she whispered. "Ziva just listen to me for a minute. Ever since wewe came waltzing in with your tough girl attitude, cargo pants and your worldly experiences I had this feeling that we were meant to be. But what do I know about suff like that? Nothing. So I ignored my feelings siku after day, week after week, mwezi after month, but I just can't do it anymore." He stopped to take a breath and almost fearfully...
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posted by Ms_Montana
A/N: Just a short one-shot inspired kwa “False Witness”. I own nothing.

From hands and hearts

With another snowy evening in D.C, another siku ended for Tony. But it was the first time in the last few days that he felt actually pretty good. Not the sort of good his was used – DiNozzo-good – but it was still a huge improvement. Unintentional Brenda Bittner had puzzled him; making him think about his entire life, the past years and all the One-Night-Stands he had had. Midlife crazy.
He was about to switch on TV, when someone knocked at his door. DiNozzo wondered; he hadn’t expected visitors...
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posted by NCISCHIK
Ok please, please don't judge me to harsh on this. I was up till 3 am uandishi this and then my little brother deleted it all, and I am in troubles for screaming at him, so this was better until I had to re-write it. And don't bother kusoma this if bad spelling and punctuation bothers, wewe because I am not going to check this over and over again, just to get it right. I did that once and it got deleted, so oh well. This is my first shabiki fic so i hope wewe like it
It was almost mid-night and Aiva was ready for a night at nyumbani with a good book, when...
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posted by mossheart1235
Ziva sat with her hands clasped, legs crossed, as she watched Abby get ready. "Tonight will be amazing, don't wewe think?" Abby squealed, slipping her earrings in.
"Abby, it will be, but I never thought I would see wewe wearing white."
"Me neither, Ziva." She turned to face her best friend and sighed."What do wewe think?"
"Oh, Abby, wewe look great!"
"Yeah, but is it too much?" Ziva suppressed a sigh. This was Abby's big day, and she should be worried.
"Honestly, my sister was zaidi of a fashion expert than I was. Abby, wewe look amazing."
"You sure?"
Ziva smiled. "I am sure."

Abby's wedding was a dream...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Well,this took a lot of thought. maoni are equal to happiness. This has a preview of the song Mockingbird kwa my inayopendelewa artist,Rob Thomas.DISCLAIMER-Don't own the characters au the music. I'm not going to write another chapter until there are at least 5 comments!
"Tony!" I exclaimed as I saw the most valuable person in my life fall to the ground.
I ran to his side,relieved that it was only his shoulder that was shot.
"I'm okay,Ziva." he breathed.
I wrapped my arms around him,with my gun in my left hand. As my hands joined at the back of his neck,I shot at the shooter,who stood saying....
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Please understand this is my first ever shabiki fic of any kind! I have never written before so don't be too harsh lol! And if wewe all think its of good quality i have other chapters in mind!

DISCLAIMER - I do not own NCIS au any of its characters!

The Storm Before The Calm

It was 0630 and Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo sat at his desk, it was unusual for him to be at work this early but he just couldn't sleep. He looked across the room to where the very alluring Probationary Agent Ziva David usually sat, she was the reason for his lack of sleep, had been for a while. He just couldn't get her...
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posted by BarbaraCocaCola
They spent the whole siku strolling on the beach, together, just like a couple... Everything is so perfect that they just can't believe. Lying in the towell embraced, freeing all the words that have been inside of them all this time...But now they've got to go. They need to fecth the witness and come back to Washington... they're afraid to come back... how will the things be now? They can't break rule number 12... but after all they've been through they are willing to break all the rules. They're together and nothing else mathers...
-We've got to go... -Tony says.
-I know. -Ziva respondes. -But...
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posted by iheartwheaterly
Disclaimer-I am not affiliated with NCIS au CBS.
I do not have any part in creating in these characters, nor do I own them.
Anthony entered the building with less swagger and less spring in his step. Mondays were basically torture for him, it ended his weekend that was filled with bia and junk, taka food. As soon as he placed down his gear, Ziva started to snicker.
"What?" he snapped.
She looked up from her computer screen.
"None of your business." she retorted hatefully.
McGee watched the bicker and realized the intensity in the bullpen. Tony stared intently at Ziva, and she ignored him....
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posted by earane
FanFiction everyone on this sitepage must off read/write them. A lot of wewe will also know about fanfiction.net
Now what my plan is, to make a orodha with reall good tiva fanfictions so that wewe do not have to search, because mostly fellow readers can point the best stories at you.
The idea is this, name the story+ the mwandishi in your maoni and I'll put it on the list, but please don't put your own in the comments, let's stay objective.

My girl - Angel-death-dealer
The kisu - Broadway007
Blank - Prissy and Bregan
Captives - DiNUTZzo
Just One zaidi - Aldea0402
Motherhood - Sophie Ranier
Me, My fake husband, and my crazy aunt - broken piece of the puzzle
posted by NCIS_Addict_87
"Tony maybe tonight would not be a good night. I understand that wewe have questions, that wewe would like to talk to me but..." Ziva paused, "we will talk inayofuata week. Pick a day. I will make wewe dinner." "Really?" Tony exclaimed. "Okay, I may not make dinner, but we will talk." She held up her hand, "I promise." "Back to your car it is then little lady," Tony responded. Dropping Ziva off at her car was hard, he'd wanted her to come nyumbani with him, he'd wanted to talk to her about his feelings... their feelings and most of all he'd wanted to make passionate upendo after holding her most of the night....
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posted by MYK79
Ziva is happy they skipped the movie, even though she knows it only confirms what he fears. Tony was right! Since they moved back here, she had only left the house to visit her former employer, once, and to go with him to bring her daughter to school where she sat in the car, four out of the five times. Her anxiety was rebuilding with the growing of her belly. The first week she hadn’t let Tali out of her sight, au even out of the house. Occasionally both of them had companied Tony to visit his father in the nursing home. Now that Senior had recovered and Tali would soon be starting first...
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DISCLAIM-seriously? y'all get it kwa now. Don Belisarrio and I are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE! Therefore, i own NOTHING to do with NCIS except DVD s. au anything else i mention in this article. so yeah, stop kusoma this and get down to what u actually clicked for.

don't get confused, the beginning is the same. this just has the middle and end of it :)

PROLOGUE: An older gray haired man entered, and immediately all eyes went on him. He was almost never here, but he was the most famous man in the building. Everybody knew he was here for one thing, and...
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Rating - K/K+
Word Count - 1396
Small Summary - This is basically Tony and Ziva's reactions to what happened in Masquerade, and the aftermath. Oh yeah, italics indicate flashbacks from the first part of the story. I got really into this fic, but as the siku progressed, I found myself less impressed with my uandishi ability. XD So here goes.......

Persistence of Memory

He gently grabbed her forearm. "Come on, Ziva, please, don't go", his voice croaked with desperation.

She looked at him, her eyes not masking her fear. Her fear, not of the past, but the here and now. What could be. That fear also encased...
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Author's Note:

Came up with it a night au two after Outlaws and In-laws. It was a dream at first, I only remember some parts. I was annoyed with myself that I can't remember the other, so I thought up of something to fill the empty spaces.

I know it's kinda cliche, but I Just want to share. My shipping instincts, apparently, are still very alive, even in slumber. When I'm not satisfied with my dream, especially when I forget a lot of parts of it au when it's interrupted with me waking up, the creative juices just flow.

My dream, which has become a fluffy day-dream.

Sorry for the blabbering! Okay,...
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