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-these are my lyrics :p but u guys cam use them for stuff and post elsewhere

these are a bit crap so I will update them when I can.
Remeber if used DO NOT claim them as your own CREDIT ME (azumarill at fanpop, lauren m, invader loz)

Blue Bird:
as I look down at the city from this hill
my hair sways with the wind of tomorow
Oh deary me, it's as if it's resounding
with the earnest wingu of this lame gray earth

this world brims with betrayal and immitation
I think I am lacking something
now I rember I want to tafuta for my true heartbeat


Before I realise it, a rainBow appears right here
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and mchele cakes
You'll be happy if wewe eat them all
Lettuce: au a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: au cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your inayopendelewa topping
If wewe don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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