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infused with a iromote wild cat
loves masaya
has attacks of "ribbon strawberry check" "ribbon strawberry suprise" "ribbon aqua drops"
turns into a cat when exited au gets kissed
has suger pink hair when a mew

infused with an ultamarine lorikeet
quite bossy
her attack is "ribbon minto arrow"
can talk to birds and can fly
her hair goes brighter blue when a mew

infused with a finless porpoise
fancies ryou
her attack is "ribbon lettuce rush"
she gains a mermaid tail when a mew and is near mew aqua
her hair goes bright green as a mew and her hairstyle changes.

infused With a gold...
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Hi again fans! It's me, Kasey. Lets take a closer look at another of my many amazing creature transformations. wewe won't beleive your eyes when I tell wewe this one. ^_^

Well, lets go! :D

When wewe think of Vamipers, wewe prouably imagine them as monsters of maarufu culture and sucking the blood and soul out of their victims. Well, besides the Vamiper, there is another creature that also has this kind of ability. Meet the "Chupacabra", the Mexican Goat Sucker.

Known to all as the blood sucker, this creature poses abilites so strange, it is even...
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Summer:Oh my god pudding, saladi is gone!!!Look a note.

dear,freak with pointy ears who likes pudding

I kidnaped miss
pudding and I will make her marry me and wewe can't do
anything about it if wewe would like to see our weding come to
the deserted church on appel street.

I hate you,

Pai:Taruto's going to kill him...I'll onyesha him the letter.

*Pai went to Taruto's basment room.*

Pai:Taruto pudding, saladi is...What are wewe doing with my computer?!

Taruto:Nothing.....U h what about Pudding?

Pai:You were looking at pictures of Pudding....That's a little creepy I won't ask.Anyway look at this note we got....
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posted by mintymomiya
1. Poke him in the head, constantly.
2. Tell him that "the blue knight" is a really gay name.
3. After saying that, insist that he is gay.
4. Tell EVERYONE that he is gay, even write it into the newspaper.
5. Call him a stupid hippie.
6. Spread rumours that he's cheating on Ichigo with Kisshu.
7. hariri a picha of him so it looks like he's kissing Kisshu, make sure he sees it. (This will annoy Kisshu too!)
8. Put loads of salt in his chakula just before he's about to eat it.
9. Pour karatasi la kupamba ukuta paste all over his head.
10. Tie his shoelaces together.
11. Send him dirty text messages, pretend they're from Ichigo....
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