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The sun.
A beautiful place, blazing hot.
So hot, that no living human could walk on it.
Except one.
We expect her to have long brown hair tied into a red bow, yellow gloves, yellow ballerina dress, yellow shoes. Yellow eyes, if possible but if blue, fine.

Sakura: Look guys! I'm touching the sun!
Ringo & Berry: EHHHH?
Sakura: I'm just kidding! Geez,you guys...
Ringo: wewe had us scared, Sakura-Neechan!
Berry: Yeah!
Sakura: I feel like the sun is calling out to me...somehow...

Later that day...
Sakura: Ah! Kishu-Sama!
Masaya: Huh?
Masaya: Kishu-San? Sakura-Chan, wewe don't...
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Ever since Ichigo and her Marafiki had defeated Deep Blue two months ago, Ichigo has been having a dark feeling inside of her, and how she also had a feeling of how Deep Blue was still alive somewhere.

No, that's not true. He's gone. Ichigo thought. But why DO I have this feeling. . .?

On the roof of Cafe Mew Mew, Ichigo threw rocks down the cafe roof.
Surprisingly, one of the rocks landed back onto Ichigo's foot.

"Eh. . .?" Ichigo was confused.
"Hey, Ichigo!" A voice called out. Ichigo looked down the cafe roof and she saw Kisshu!

Kisshu floated up to Ichigo.

"Kisshu!" Ichigo said.
"It's been a while,...
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 "These claws were made for battle!"
"These claws were made for battle!"
Greetings all wewe Mew fans! It is I, Kasey here giving to wewe guys another deluxe suprise with a new creature feature after many months of busyness and school and all that.

Anyway, let me onyesha wewe guys the newst edition to this special Creature Features! =D

Everyone knows what T.Rex is au Velociraptor and Triceratops. But do any of wewe guys know the most unusal looking dinosaurs native to the Asian borders? Some of wewe might not, but this Creature Feature will onyesha wewe guys one of the most bizar and possibly the most fearsome looking dinosaurs...
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. Pull his hair all the time.
2. Replace all his hair ties with fluffy pink ones.
3. Paint sparkly butterflies on everything he owns, and on him.
4. Throw chakula around in his jikoni until wewe can't even see the walls.
5. Tell Ryou that he poisoned the cake.
6. Actually poison the cake.
7. Put chewing gum in his hair.
8. Every day, sneak into his bedroom and hide a banana, ndizi under his bed.
9. Keep doing this until he has a massive pile of rotting bananas under his bed.
10. While he's cooking, play really crappy music, really loudly.
11. Tell him wewe really really upendo mash potato, make him cook wewe loads...
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. Ask him if he even knows what Quiche is, au does he just think he was named some bila mpangilio word?
2. Tell him daily that Ichigo hates him.
3. While he is sleeping, replace his dragon swords with copies of them wewe have made from toilet roll tubes.
4. Make maoni about his strange clothing.
5. And his hair.
6. Walk up to him, look at him seriously, and say "I know what wewe did Brian." Then walk off without explaining anything.
7. Buy him strawberry patterned pyjamas, and make him wear them in front of Pai and Taruto.
8. Get Pai to leave the ship for a while, so Kisshu has the responsibility of looking...
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pudding, saladi
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This is the full version of the Opening theme. THIS SONG IS ABSOLUTE LEDGEND!!!!! it rules hope u upendo IT
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