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posted by jantheaanina
did u know everyone turns mean, then good, and besides,

get off tdi!

its not the original season, its just the first!

heather isnt the main antagonist anymore!

everyone turns into!
courtney did. so do justin, alejandro. its just not her,


she learned her lesson already! shes already better than before! dont wewe know that she gave high rating to the show? i see whenever shes eliminated, THE SEASON TURNS BORING!

and besides, dont call her bitch! wewe ARE THE BITCHES! wewe are dumb enough to see her purpose!
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 What I look like!
What I look like!
Ok. So to everyone who've read my intro article, you're probably wondering what Rebecca (Becca, Kiyurie) is like. So, here's a guide/fan fiction.

Name: Rebecca Amelia Kiyurie Chan

Gender: female

Age: 16

Hobbies: Surfing, all sports actually, Computer, video games, drawing, reading, TV, wewe get the idea...

Why I'm on TDA:

Well, I'm new to TDA, I just felt like it. I'm super bored all the time, and hey, however I tried to walk away from signing up, it sounded like a great experiance, and if I won... wow...


Pretty long slightly wavy dark brown hair, with shades of red in the sun. Pale skin,...
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posted by Mp4girl
Ok. First of all if wewe know me, you'll know that I like to be called Kiyurie au Kimi.
This is just a lil sneek peek on how I'm getting along with Duncan on TDA (If wewe don't know what I'm talking about, read my articles! Sheesh! :D)
*** (Flash to Ep. 13, Ocean's Eight au Nine)
BTW, this is the episode when Courtney comes back!
Ooh, xtra drama!
I was getting ready for the challenge, in the girl's cabin. Gwen, Beth, Lindsay, and Leshawna, kwa BFF's, were sitting beside me.
"Hey, Kimi," Gwen glanced at me. "So how're wewe getting along with-"
I punched her in the arm, hard.
"OW." She said. "Fine, don't...
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