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Last time on Total Drama: High School Romance:
Francis: Come on dude wewe didn't get her strippers?
Jordan: She's a girl dude
Noah: Damn your not that bright he meant MALE strippers
Jordan: *Walks out* Lia's not the type to like that. Anyway How about this guys
Noah: It looks cool dude
Francis: I say your husband material
Alejandro: If she doesn't like it I will yell at her in spanish
Jordan: Thanks. Lets get out of here
Francis: Amen!!
Noah: Good
*Leaving the Mall of America*
Jordan's P.O.V
Okay so the guys are convincing me to get Lia strippers for her bachelorette...
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 Meet... Alejandro Jr
Meet... Alejandro Jr
Before wewe read: Hopefully sometime soon Im going to post a video. Kinda like one of those getting to know the mwandishi things.

Last time... On TD:HSR Bridgette and ale had their baby shower, Lia and Jordan decided it be better to get eloped, and Francis finally told Noah the truth, Oh before I forget... BRIDGETTES HAVING HER BABY!!

Alejandro calls Lia and Jordan
(With Jordan and Lia)
Jordan and Lia were making out in Jordan's kitanda when Lia's ringer went off
Ringtone: I'm at a payphone trying to call nyumbani all of my change I spent on you!!!!
Lia: (Whispers) Oh shit!! (Answers) Hello?
Alejandro: Lia...
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*BEFORE wewe READ (BYR): Okay so every season will have 8 episodes... The last episode will have either a 2 part to it au 3 parts depends on how much drama there is. Alright sit back, relax, and read on down to season 2 Also there is some spanish in here so if wewe don't understand it go to Google translate*

Bridgettes P.O.V
Man... I can't believe me and Alejandro have lasted this long :) <3. I really upendo him. But no time to talk about that... I'm hanging with my BFF Lia
Lia; hujambo Bridge wanna come kwa my place. There adding a spa room!!!
Bridge: Su- *Phone beeps*
Lia: Whos that?
Bridgette: A message......
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No P.O.V
Today was the last siku of High School. 9th graders were going to be 10th graders, 10th graders into 11th graders, and 11th graders into 12th graders. Drama was already going on with the Marafiki and with Summer coming along... Things couldn't had gotten worse...
*At lunch*
Lia and Mike: Sit down at table
Mike: Im sorry I can leave
Lia: It's a free country (Says that with attitude)
Noah: *Sits down at table* hujambo guys. Can Tim sit with us
Jordan: Sure
Francis: *Looks at Noah* Noah...
Noah: Francis....
Lia: Guys... Can we at least have our last lunch without this... This... Um...
Bridgette: This...
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(Before wewe read: Okay so I won't do part 8 3/3 right away because in the inayofuata part I want to explain all the couples and how they got together so that way there arn't any confusion between any of them. That will most likely be ilitumwa tomorrow 6/15/2012)
Noah P.O.V
Damn this school really is DRAMA Lia and Mike broke up now Lia's dating Jordan. Bridgette likes Alejandro... and to juu it all off I havn't seen my man Francis all day. I better go find him
No P.O.V
As Noah was running through the school of Total Drama High Noah saw something so shocking in the gym locker...
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*Before I begin: I'm sorry this one is short beond the others. I don't have much time before I had to log off and go start on my hair and I really wanted to get a part in before tomorrow. So here it is*
No P.O.V
Everything was working out for the great friends... Lia and Mike are still going strong, same with Bridgette and Jordan and Noah and Francis. Lauren decided to give Alejandro one zaidi chance. The fights between Lauren, Lia, and Bridge ending and the girls made up as well as the boys. Everything was going so good and the school mwaka was going kwa so fast. It was already April and the gang...
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Lia's P.O.V
Man what was I thinking? fighting Francis cousin like that all cause of cheerleading?! I just wanted this siku to be over
Duncan: Personally I wouldn't give wewe detention if I was principal of this loser school but I'm only a science teacher. You'll have lunch at 12 and leave at 2. If wewe need me I'll be in the teacher's lounge making out with Gwen *Leaves Room*
Jordan: I shouldn't even be here it's all Alejandro falut that me and Francis are here
Francis: Tell me about it. wewe know what Ale...Vous êtes un perdant putain et j'espère que vous mourez
Alejandro: What the **** are wewe saying...
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No P.O.V
It was Monday morning. The group was sitting down in the school courtyard
Noah: Hey... Wheres Francis?!
Lia: mtulivu, clam down he'll be here soon
Francis: hujambo guys sorry I'm late I want wewe to meet my cousin Lauren
Lauren: hujambo guys
N, J, M, L, B: Hello
Lauren: So do wewe guys like... Have a cheerleading team?
Lia: Yeah there having tryouts today after school. Im thinking of trying out
Lauren: Cool
*Bell rings*
Mike: hujambo Lauren where do wewe go?
Lauren: I don't know
Jordan: Cough Dumba** cough
Bridge: *Hits Jordan in the gut*
Jordan: I mean.... Come on Lauren lets go take wewe to the office to find out
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Jordans P.O.V
Okay this school should just be Called Drama High.... Lia's crying, Mike hurt her feelings, and Lia's trying to get me a tarehe to prom. *Sigh* I need to IM Mike right now *Log on to computer* Okay good hes on
BridgexJordan: hujambo what your deal
MikeSPD: What do wewe mean
Jordanrocks234: With Lia in class? Why wewe yell at her
MikeSPD: I didn't mean to honestly. I really like her honest
Jordanrocks234: Okay why don't wewe ask her to Freshmen prom... It's this Saturday
MikeSPD: Alright but I don't have her number
Jordanrocks234: Your in luck 555-3219
MikeSPD: Thanxs man your awesome
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Francis's P.O.V
Man 9th grade so far has been...AWESOME... yeah lets go with that. Okay so it isn't awesome. I miss him... I miss Noah... To bad he's with Cody... *Sigh* I mine as well go down to lunch... I mean it can't get any good. As I opened the door to the Cafe I felt totally happy when I heard....
Francis: When did this happen?
Zoey: Take a copy and all the info there
As I took a copy of the Total Drama Express (TDE) it really did have all the info I need. Noah broke up with Cody because he like someone else? YES YES YES!!!!!...
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Total Drama Surviva': Episode 1: An accident?.. Not realeh'. ^^ 
Ellie: Jen, I'll be fine.. Okay? Besides, I think I need this trip to Alaska. *smiles falsely* 
Jen: Really? About half a sekunde zamani wewe were throwin' fits about not going at all! 
Ellie: A persons view can change..—

Airplane thingy 030:"Flight 29 to Alaska now boarding...

Ellie: Now, I have to go! *hugs her aunt Jen awkwardly and runs toward Gate 29* 
Amber: Okay, mom! I have to go! *getting attacked kwa kisses* 
Amber's mom: ... Fine. Just give your mom a hug, then give me a hug. 
Amber's other mom:*raises her arms,motioning...
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posted by V-GIRL96
 "The Great Gaby-Sama!"
"The Great Gaby-Sama!"

Name: Gaby Kyoko Taylor

Age: 13-15

Height: Short
Weight: "Don't wewe know it's rude to ask a lady this?" D:<

Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown-Black

Title(s): Otaku, Cosplay Freak, Lolita- Otaku
Nicknames: Gabs(Matt), Gaby-chan, Insane Otaku (Matt), Evil Little uyoga Demon (Matt), Evil Genius, The Devil, The Great Gaby-sama (herself and Matt when he wants something from her), Cutish Girl (once kwa Matt when they were 6 and she hasn’t let him forget it), Gold-Digger

Likes: cosplaying, anime, manga, money, video games,...
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added by PrinnyPringles
Chris: Alright! We are back! ;D. Our cast is ready to start their puzzle challenge! Here we go!
Wyatt: Danny, Timothy, wewe two have to-
Timothy: No. He has to-
Danny: What the fuck did I-
Iris: Good luck, Noah!
Noah: Same to you!
Tyler: Oh god, I am so regretting this…
Madelyn: At least it’s only a puzzle and not something worse.
Marissa: Like eating Vegemite au Marmite.
Riley: What’s that? O:.
Lia: Well, it’s kind of like this paste-
Chris: GO!
Campers: **rush and start looking for their puzzle pieces**

Indigo Team:
Iris: Alright, where should we go?
Riley: Hm…Wherever the breeze sends us? O:.
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*BYR: This whole part will be in Lia's P.O.V so mostly it will only have my OC, Bridgette, and ninjacupcake88 OC Lauren. Remember: Everyone's OC will be in the final part of season 2 episode 4*

Lia's P.O.V
(In the mall of america)
Saleslady: How may I help you?
Lia: I'm here to pick out a wedding dress and bridesmade dresses
Bridgette: Don't forget Jordan's lil sister's dress
Lia: Right
Saleslady: Right this way... Here wewe can find a wide variety of dresses wewe can choose from. Have fun
Lauren: I wonder what the boys are doing?
There probably playing videogames no doubt
(With the guys)
Jordan: ale can't...
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Before wewe read: I wanted to do this extra early cause I was watching something on Youtube and I thought it be funny if I put in my story... All rights go to the people that used this idea. If wewe guys watch Degrassi wewe should know this Mini
(Told in Lia's P.O.V)
With all this drama that happens at Total Drama High wewe think we be use to this. But we wern't and Biology didn't prepare us. The only people I had left was a guy I don't trust (Mike) a criminal (Duncan) A barbie doll (Jayden) and last but not least... A princess (Tiffany)
Tiffany: This is crazy why are they coming here?!
Duncan: I...
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BYR: Okay this season is gonna end a little early cause I really want to start season 3 on a high note so I speed time up in my story. Also this episode is going to be really short cause I'm making part 2 extra long
(At Bridgette and Alejandro's new house)
It's been almost close to 9 months since Bridgette has been pregnant. The guys decided to throw Bridgette and ale a baby shower
Lia: Here Bridge it's from me and Jordan (Pushes big box)
Jordan: Your gonna need it
Bridgette: (Opens present) Aww A baby crib, kitanda cha mtoto mchanga thanks guys (Hugs Lia)
Alejandro: Thanks man
Francis: hujambo Bridgette and Alejandro this is for...
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Last time on TD:HSR: Bridgette and Alejandro decide that maybe it be best for them and there new bundle of joy to get emancipated. Francis realize that he misses Noah... And the group decides to celebrate ale and Bridgette's emancipation at Lia's new beach, pwani house :D. What will happen in the sekunde part. Read below:
*BYR: I changed peoples personalities up to spice up the drama*

(At the beach, pwani house)
Alejandro: Wow Lia ... Usted tiene una gran casa en la playa
Lia: Thanks Ale.
Francis: Yeah Lia... Big beach, pwani house
Jayden: And with no parents around makes it even zaidi awesome
Lia: Come on girls lets go...
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*Last time on TD:HSR Jordan had gave Lia a promise ring telling her that he wants to marry her. Bridgette and Alejandro have there "First time" But had they gone to far? YES, bridgette finds out the shocking news that shes pregnant and tells Alejandro. Today we find out what Alejandro reaction is to the new baby*

Bridgette: ale baby I don't know how to say this so I'll just say it... I'm... Pregnant....
Alejandro: *Speechless*...... Repeat that...
Bridgette: I'm pregnant!!!! Okay!!!! Im a 15 mwaka old girl who is going to have a baby in 10th grade!!!!!!!!
Alejandro: Baby mtulivu, clam down... We'll get through...
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hujambo guys... Liagirl123 here. So as part of TD:HSR series I'm going to be doing extra's throughout the series. This is my first one and I'm really excited about it. In these extra's I'll be doing like mini stories, fun facts, and even relationships. In this one I'm going to talk about the relationships... So there won't be any confussion. So here I go with the first one

Got together: January 12th, 2012
Broke Up: May 12th, 2012
Reason why (They Broke up)?: Lia had seen Mike kissing Zoey in the courtyard and the sad thing was... It was there 4 monther together... :'(

Got together:...
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