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OK, so, a brief intro. Gwen is a vampire and Courtney is a werewolf and they both have fallen for Trent, a mortal. Like Twilight, but backwards with two rival girls falling for the mortal guy instead of two rival guys falling for the mortal girl. Duncan is also part of this, but he comes in later. Ok, now for the story!
Courtney's POV
My name is Courtney Banks, and I am a werewolf. My starting sentence why? Because I know this is a spot about those bloodsuckers, but I won the thumb war to go first! Anyway, something treacherous has happened to...
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OK so what's happening is that Gwen is a vampire, Courtney is a werewolf, Duncan is a vampire,Trent is a mortal, Bridgette is a mermaid, Geoff is a warlock(guy witch), and Heather is a evil fairy. OK, so now wewe know what is what. OH and Bridgette turns into a mermaid when she's wet. Also,Courtney turns into a giant mbwa mwitu once a week. Gwen and Duncan have to feed once a night. Geoff casts spells and Heather is like a tiny trouble maker. So now wewe now.
Courtney's POV:
It was late a night...
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I ran back to my room I was breathing so fast I could fell it in my fangs. I locked my door, if Gwen found out what I did she kill me,again! About a mwezi zamani Gwen told me she was pregnet. I all ready knew it was Trent's...or so I thought. When Gwen came nyumbani the mwezi she told me, she had another boy's sent all over her and she was covered in dirt. I thought the sent was Trent's and the dirt had changed the sent,boy was I wrong. Ever sence the night she came nyumbani with another boy's sent I could fell gulit coming off her in waves and she could never sleep with out wiggling. When I entered her...
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Hey! Here's chapter ten, And remember we need wewe to Review!

I walked back in and sighed, those two to need to grow up! I found the camera still on the floor, and smashed it, hopefully Gwen wouldn't see it now, but knowing Adrea, she probably

has the tape with her... Gwen was fixing herself breakfast...speaking of breakfast "Gwen," I asked "Do wewe mind if I...bite you?" she was quiet for a minute, then said

".....Knock yourself out." With thoughts of last night still lingering, I sunk my fangs into Gwen, Subconsciously, I bit deeper, Gwen moaned a little, for the first time I began to actually...
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Courtney:Sultana of Moldovia-Known in some parts of the world as Lodemai of The Crows-The Great Archives Record:Intelligent,knowing,wise,and shrewd.This winged one was cast from a firmament.

Duncan:Duke of The Arctic-Known in some parts of the world as Curse of Blood-Great Archives Recod:Thirstly,unstoppable, and vicious.

Geoff:High Priest of The Arctic-Known in some parts of the world as Curse od Romania.Great Archives Record:Brought back from the dead too late:a dumb and zombie-like vampire which hunts any blood.

Trent:Count of Scandinavia-Known in some parts of the world as Herms of evil-Great...
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How’s it been? Here's chapter five!

I carried Gwen's limp body across the park, ran to find my car had disappeared! Now I wouldn't normally do this, but it was an emergency, so I walked up to a silver hybrid and smashed

in the window, unlock the door, and put Gwen in the back. I thought I heard her mumble "Isn't that against the law..."

"Gwen, you've been shot, I think that stealing a car is your biggest problem right now." I told her. I began to hot wire the car, but quickly realized that the keys were still in the ignition!

I started the car and speed home, Gwen needed a hospital, but I guess...
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