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narrator:on total drama cruiseline...
one ice cool chick:kari:yo
one cool musican:
trent:hey guys.
one party dude:
geoff:lets party dudes!
one hyper girl:
one boy who eats well:owen.
owen:whoo hoo!
one hardcore fanirl:rayentte:
one guy who LOVES pie:phil.
one surfer chick:bridgette.
one bookworm:noah.
(he didnt look up from kusoma his book)
one delquient:duncan.
one crazy girl:isabella.
isabell:oh! oh! wanna see what I can do with my arm?!
(she bent her arm)
one guy who is really desperate:cody.
cody:check out the cod mister!
one really laid back girl:kat!
*Chris and Chef walk out of an air plan* "Hello fans! This is season 3 of..." Chris started. "Total....Drama...." he continued. "the musical!!!!!" Chris sang. "You remeber our origal campers,contestants but now they are the performers on this totally awesome onyesha staring ME!" Chris said. "Another season are wewe serious?!" Gwen said. "Yeah but theres like new contestants this time!" Chris said. "Anyway lets meet our new contestants." The lame-o-sine pulled up. "This is Izabel!" Chris said. A pretty girl stepped out. She had red-brown long curly hair. and seemed nice."OMG! im on total drama the...
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Duncan: hujambo smart guy want a piercing
Noah: maybe after the shows over
Noah: I want to freak my parents out

Chris: Who ate all the gilded chris awards
*owen sits behind the bleachers*
Owen: mmmmm chocolate!!!!!!!!!

*at playas de losers*
Courtney: hujambo duncan they got ddr here
Duncan: so what I dont dance
Courtney: come on it will be fun
Duncan: fine
*Duncan starts to dance and falls out the window*
Courtney: are wewe ok
Duncan: I told wewe I dont dance

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max:oh,before wewe jump,i have to tell wewe something.3 things,actually!first of all, im not going with you,so to tell wewe the challenges,here are some wlki-talkis! sekunde of all,let me announce the teams.elizabeth,tiffany,lia,katherine,and jacki,your on the SREAMING SQUIRRLES! violet,phil,izabel,yuri,and alex are on the KILLER CROCS!alex:cool! max:and third of all,jacki,watch out for the juu of the door! *jacki bumps her head* jacki:oh my god,im SMART! alex:yeah,right!prove it,whats 345 devided kwa 67? jacki:5.14925373134! alex:*pulls out calculater*WOW,SHE'S RIGHT! TEENS:*GASP!!!* max:now jump!! teens as their falling:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *CRASH* inayofuata TIME, FIND OUT WHO DIED!
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