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I turned my head to the side just as the guy who was driving my little-big yacht called, “Ahoy! C’mon, my little Kiseki! We’re here!”
At the same time, a foghorn sounded. My moyo pounded with anticipation as I awaited my debut at the island. Total Drama Island. The place I’d look up to; my nyumbani for the inayofuata eight weeks.
From where I was, probably far enough so that I could just see 22 figures standing kwa the dock. As far as they knew, I never existed. Well, they probably all knew I existed, ‘cuz wewe know, my dad works for the federal government, and my mom was an actress in Hollywood, and for some reason, they chose to drag me and my siblings into their famous lives. Spread the love, my father called it. He was a peaceful old man who wasn’t too old, and he was the reason I ended up here.

I was close enough to the island dock now that I bet they all could see me as clearly as I could see them, with my white-blonde hair and that ... snobby chic outfit I always wore.
Stepping off the yacht, I was faced kwa a girl with hair the color of midnight blue, with a little squinge of turquoise in there, too.
She greeted me with the words, “Who’s she?” So apparently, not everyone knew who I was. I was glad of that.
“Ah, Gwen,” a guy with wind-styled black hair murmured, who I recognized as Chris, the show’s host. Instead of speaking to Gwen, he looked at me as he spoke. “Kiseki Itachi,” he whispered. He was ... well, someone who knew my father. A friend. Though they never talked. He just comes over for chai and chess. All they say usually is “check” and “checkmate.”
Gwen squinted as she took in my name. “Well, hi,” she alisema unwillingly.
I smiled briefly and gave a tiny wave. “Hey.”

I looked back to see another girl, about my age, with dark brown hair.
“I know you,” she said, drawing my attention. “You’re Kise Itachi.” She had called me kwa my nickname, rather than my full name, and that surprised me. But somehow, this girl seemed familiar. I didn’t like the sound of her. I felt like I’d known her since forever, but this was impossible ... because...
“I’m Kise Itachi,” I confirmed, with a light smile. “And you’re...?
“Courtney.” She answered with one word, then looking into my ice-blue eyes for one zaidi sekunde and then turning away. I somehow knew that. I knew her name. Did I know her from somewhere?

I followed Chris to the clearing, standing in the middle of the group of awed campers, obviously knowing who I was. There were a few people who weren’t involved with what I was doing. I glanced briefly at them, and my gaze landed on a teenage boy with jet-black hair and the most pale, lovely eyes I’d ever seen. Not only that, but the skin the perfect shade of pale peach, pichi and a green mohawk the glinted in the sunlight.
It was as if we were in a movie. As if we were the only two people in the world. I was startled for a minute, of this stranger. Who was he? Had I ever seen him before?

The teams were decided, and as I got put on the Screaming Gophers, I glared. I didn’t want to be a gopher. I mean, seriously. They were brown and annoying and ... totally gophery.
“No way,” I interrupted, “am I being a Gopher.”
Everyone else looked surprised at my complaint.
“Okay, like seriously,” I continued. It wasn’t that I had a problem with being a Gopher. It was just that the blue-eyed boy was a Bass. “Gophers are ... like freaky.” I couldn’t say anything else.
“It’s just a team name, Kiseki.” Chris sighed.
“A suckish team name,” I sulked. People around me muttered.
Chris groaned. “C’mon, Kise. Don’t do this to me. If I let anything bad happen to you, your father would kill me.”
An idea was forming in my head. I hated Chris. I knew that a long time ago. I smiled sullenly.
“Oh, no, Kise,” Chris pleaded. “What do wewe want me to do? Change the name to The Screaming Beavers?
The blue-eyed boy who I saw as a hot bad-boy rolled his eyes. “C’mon, Angel. Decide,” he smirked. “My legs are getting kinda stiff.” He smiled mockingly at me.
My moyo soared at his flirting with me. “Get real, juvie-boy,” I snapped back.
“Alright then, Duncan, Kise,” Chris interrupted. “Would wewe rather be a Bass?”
Yes! “Yeah, I guess,” I answered modestly. “Thank you, Chris.”

I’m a Killer Bass,” I singsonged, as I skipped back to the cabins.

Random story about my character, Kiseki Itachi. If wewe wanna be put in it, au wewe have an idea au whatever, leave a comment!
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