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Doc:Well,whos gonna stay?
Patrick:I WILL!
Patrick:*runs away*
Everyone:*goes in time machien*
Dani:*tears*I already miss him
Tammy:Dani,It's ok!
Kayla:Doc,where we going next?OOOO CAN IT BE AT A MALL IN 3000?
Doc:No!where going to the 1930s!
Episode 3:1935:YOU swing LIKE A GIRL!!!!!coming soon!
1.)1888:Don't fear the ripper
2.)3002:Miz.Man's reveng
coming soon!
3.)1935:YOU swing LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
4.)2001:Christina Aguilera and the stage
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posted by nocofangirl218 finally updating this! XD

Anyway, I wanna quickly say Happy New Year, and...yeah; hope it's going great! :3 So, without further rambling, here's the inayofuata TDR!!!!


-The inayofuata morning outside the cabins-

*everyone is sleeping peacefully, but then Kate and Crystal come in between the two. They then take out two mikes from no where, test them, and start to sing out of tune*

Kate: Wake up, wake up, on a Saturday night!

Crystal: Could be New York, maybe Hollywood in Vince.

Both: London, Paris, maybe Tokyo! There's something going on; everywhere...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, were back on regular shedual...yay? :P Honestly, making the aftermath was fun! Oh another 4-5 episodes, I get to do another. :P Anyway, schools starting, so I might get these up later than I usually do, but....hey, lets not think about that! ^^' Oh well, hope wewe like this episode!


Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Well, bacon Hawks, looks like wewe guys actually lose this time!

Heather: Yeah, yeah, just get on with the ceromoney already!

Rae: Leave. Chris. Alone!

Heather: Don't tel me what to do newbie!...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zanna: Welcome back last episode we missed three contestants welcome Brandee, Brad, and Gerald! Let’s start off with a challenge this week’s challenge is a song that’s about you! First is Avril
Avril gets up and sings I’m not a girl not yet a woman
Then it is Billy and Milley sing wewe are woman I am man
And then it is Brad sings Thank you
Then it is Brandee’s turn she sings No one
Then it is Camille sings with Nikki and Genie they sing Don’t cha to all
Then it is Gabby sings I’m the greatest star
Then it is Gage sings too sexy
Then it is Hadar sings Independent
Then it is Isabella sings eyes on me
Then it is Jack sings the way wewe make me feel
Then it is James sings Tell me baby tell me
Then it is Katherine sings that don’t impress me much
Then it is Kelly sings fergalious
Then it is Madison sings oops I did it again
Then it is Roxie sings Roxie
Then it is Zack bad to the bone
Zanna: wewe vote who deserves to go nyumbani
posted by RandomFanGirl
The inayofuata day, I ended up going shopping with Courtney and Sierra (who ended up dragging Cody along, against his will.). Courtney wanted me to come with her to do some final baby shopping for her son before he was born; Sierra had just kind of invited herself along with her hostage Cody—he obviously didn’t have any consent in this.

The mall was crowded since krisimasi was less than a week away.

Sierra and I were just providing opinions for Courtney while Cody was, well he was just there.

“Ow,” I heard Courtney moan. Both Sierra and I turned around to look at her.

“Are wewe all right?”...
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posted by gothemo1234
chirs:hi everyone its me chirs from the host from total drama (harrit pushs him)
harrit:your not the host i am bitch
chirs:NO I AM
harrit:NO I AM
chirs:talk to the hand
(chirs and harrit fight and harrit wins)
harrit:ok lets just check out the campers kids hujambo look here comes beth's kid
gery:oh my god my mom alisema she meet u before your name is is is is
harrit:how about u just stand were your mom sand ok (gives him a creppy smile)
chirs:hey here comes dj's kid
harrit:(pushs him down)u stay down
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*8:15 am, in Sikowitz's classroom*

Talia: Good morning, students! I trust everyone slept well...
Everyone: *groans*
Heather: Slept well? How are we supposed to sleep with the construction crews making noise all night long?!?!?! Why don't wewe try sleeping over there?!?!
Talia: Because I have a private set, and I don't have to! Did I forget to mention the construction crew?
Jen: Ugh, yah!
Talia: *chuckles* Heh heh, good.
Gwen: Are wewe related to Chris au something?!?!
Talia: *smirks* I'm his niece.
Bridgette: Great...
Jared: *standing stalker-like close to Bridgette*
Bridgette: Um...hi?
Talia: Anyways, your...
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