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Doc:Well,whos gonna stay?
Patrick:I WILL!
Patrick:*runs away*
Everyone:*goes in time machien*
Dani:*tears*I already miss him
Tammy:Dani,It's ok!
Kayla:Doc,where we going next?OOOO CAN IT BE AT A MALL IN 3000?
Doc:No!where going to the 1930s!
Episode 3:1935:YOU swing LIKE A GIRL!!!!!coming soon!
1.)1888:Don't fear the ripper
2.)3002:Miz.Man's reveng
coming soon!
3.)1935:YOU swing LIKE A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
4.)2001:Christina Aguilera and the stage
Phil: now where back
Phil: evryone get back here your time is up
Chase: but we just started
Phil: i alisema one minute. Ghost go get your freind
Ghost: ok
Phil: each of wewe will be chased kwa one ghost. wewe could mgawanyiko, baidisha up but to win your whole team has to get out.
Alex: what if all exept one gets out
Phil: wewe loose, now go
Phil: the victomes are now on the sekunde floor
killer zombies: ahh!!!
Summer: why is this peverted ghost chasing us
Phil: didnt wewe hear me say hes part of the challenge, oh yeah and your right he is a perv
ghost: *starts crying*
Phil: well looks like wewe could win but... wewe still...
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*Sakura Kiss*


Tamaki:Guess what!!
Hikaru:Let me guess..
Kaoru:..Haruhi's birthday is today.
Tamaki:No! Today is Haru...oh so wewe do know..
Honey:Yeah Kyoya-chan told us, Right Takashi!
Mori:Yep (ok remember ppl that his leg is broken)
Tamaki:Mommy WHY!?!?!? wewe knew I wanted to tell the great news!! *anime tears*
Kyoya:Well daddy,You took to long to get dressed so I decided to tell them for you.
Tamaki:WHAT!!! 5 dakika IS NOT A LONG TIME!!
Kyoya:You know how impatiant I am! 5 dakika is like 5 hours to me.
Honey:So when are going to go present shoping for Haru-chan?
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Chapter 9: Sleeper Group 1...

They could not stop screaming. They where very affraid. Suddenly Sarah stopped screaming and said, " Oh my GOD!!! What the fuck is your problem!?" " Nothing just wanted to scare you!" " Get Lost freaks!" It was three boys with there faces painted. Sarah new them as she was a little girl and they didnt like each other. She got her shoe and threw it to one of them. It hit his head as he fell to the ground. " Agh wewe crazy bitch! Get outta here!" He alisema as he got up and kept running. " Ughh I swear no one is sane in this town anymore!" Sarah alisema as she got her shoe...
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Trent and Beth= Brent

LeShawna and Ezekiel= LeKiel

Duncan and Sadie= Sadeuncan

Tyler and Izzy= Tizzy

Heather and Cody= Cheather

Courtney and Harold= Courald

DJ and Bridgette= D-Bridge

Eva and Geoff= Geva

Noah and Lindsay= Linoah

Katie and Owen= Kowen

Justin and Gwen= Gwustin

Chris and Chef= Chref

Malitav the kubeba and Mr.Coconut= Mr. Malitav

Sasquatchanaqa and Interns= Sasquaterns

All of these are odd couples. Do wewe agree au disagree if wewe like it 5 stars!!!

Give me your suggstions
Some are the same as most of yours, but I got different ones, too.

Ezikiel Avery Keeth
Eva Josephine Ricci
Noah Addyson Roudrigez
Justin Steven Gatso
Katlyn Chrysanthimum Andreson
Tyler Robert Zurro
Isabelle Danielle Gray
Cody Smithsonean Hayden-Parker
Bethany Lillian Faron
Sadie Macraycon Woods
Courtney Rachel Ace
Harold Manndellyn Sarren
Trent Michel Lennon
Bridgette Jennifer Stone
Lindsay Lanita Gates
Daniel Johnathan Baker
Geoff Nathaniel Matria
LeShawna Rolandi Ranor
Duncan Irwin Payne
Heather Leslina Mallard
Gwenyth Hannah Russo
Owen Forest Spindelli
hoped u liked it!
posted by TDIlover226
Owen wanted to go over and see if Harold was ok, but he knew that Harold worked i a porn shop, and that he never won over Leshawna. Owen figured if he would ask, that he would be told what he already knows. I don't get another chance to win over Izzy, the thought popped into Owen's mind. I need to get her alone and tell her. Izzy told the others about how she had became a millionair. Heather was now qiuet and shy and she acted like a sweet girl, but evryone knew that Heater was devilesh inside.
I can't beleive Heather is trying to cover up what shes done, shes an evil girl, she made fun of...
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Dawn's TDIpod song Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
franz ferdinand
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Congratulations Shawn! The latest winner of "Pahkitew Island". JaShawn 4ever!
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posted by Courtney370
Hello everyone..

This is Just an bila mpangilio idea me and my friend had came up with and it's is an murder story... so if wewe don't like murder story then don't read it..


*Trent calls Gwen*

Gwen's under Trent kitanda

Gwen: hello

Trent: Gwen, where are you?

Gwen: No where..

Trent: What do wewe mean kwa that?

Gwen: All wewe want to do is rape, then kill me..

Trent: Still, I need to know where wewe are

Gwen: Noo, i'm not telling you..

Trent: Gwen, if wewe don't, I will find wewe

Gwen: Whatever..

Trent: Don't worry, I'll find wewe *hangsup*

Gwen gets the phone and hold it close to her chest

Trent: I will find her
posted by Courtney370
It was 9:00 am and me and duncan lived in canada but one thing changed about us we are married and we have 2 kids. courtney and duncan are in the kitanda with his arm around her. duncan wake up. alisema courtney what priness? alisema duncan go and check on jimmy, hunitumia and courtney. alisema courtney why can wewe do it. alisema duncan cause it your turn duncan. alisema courtney ok,courtney im going to check on the kids. alisema duncan he got up from the kitanda and walk down the hall to the babys room. duncan hears the baby crying. he picks up the baby and hold it in his arms. why are wewe crying jasmine? alisema duncan in a nice...
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Ok,You know the rules I'm sure so if wewe know them wewe skip to number 5.First rule:The couples have to be from total drama. Rule 2:I didn't say canon so it can be fanon too.Rule 3:This is my opinion don't bash me for it.So now lets start.

5.Courtney and Duncan
Do I even have to say whats wrong with this couple.First Problem they don't get along I'm mean at all and that's a big Problem wait no that's a huge problem.You can't have a relate with each other causing the sekunde Problem.Second Problem they won't put each other first.I know Courtney did care for Duncan when he got hurt but that's one...
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Here it is a sneak peek of total drama revenge of the couples starting in December. Yeah!
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