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by: Vannessa Hart

I walk away,
no one wants me,
all alone,dark,gold
Dark complection,
dhahabu Heart.

I see their smiles,
I feel my frown,
Dark complection,
dhahabu Heart.

I turn away,
From all the pain,
Dark complection,
dhahabu Heart.

Many don't love,
they hate,
Dark complection,
dhahabu Heart

-V Hart
posted by Trent-lover123
 Ranma:help me
Ranma:help me
Roxy:Thanks for kusoma the last revuing of the inayofuata episode. Ranma:oh so your the one who wrought them. Shampoo:HHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIYYYYAAA!(kicks riana down hard)Riana:Owwwwwwww!!!! Starr:owch. Shampoo:stay way from from ranma tramp girl au me kill you. Riana:DEAL!!!! Shampoo:you call that a kiss ha. Riana:you can do better. Shampoo:mmmh... (kinda makes out ranma) Riana:Oh my god..... Ranma:what hell!!! Shampoo:oh ranma. (snuggles ranma) Ranmas dad:come on boy lets practis fighting. Ranma:YEAH LETS DO THAT RIGHT NOW!!! Shampoo:no fight. Ranma:sorry I got to practis hee hee. Christy:wow I...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Full name: Victoria Agnes Carmen Elizabeth Dadidson III

Story: Vee is hyper and emo. Ever sience her mother left her father when she was only a baby, Vee hated her mom. She now lives with her dad, Barry. She's a regular juvinile delenquent. When she grows up, she wants to be a phsyco killer. She's very silly. She is a hell of a daredevil. One time, she jumed over the grand canyon on her motorcycle! Dawn likes her because she's funny and silly.

Friends: Dawn, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, Lindsay, Heather, Izzy, Trent

Enemies: Everyone else (especialy bridgette and geoff)

Crush: Trent
Ok let's first start off with Lindsay. Lindsay is a beautiful but dumb (no offense) girl she always wants to make Marafiki and she has a crush on Tyler that relationship moved fast because they made out in the 5th episode ok back to Lindsay I like Lindsay because she is friendly,and creative however she is scared of roaches au anything that climbs au crawls I also don't like how she focuses to much on her looks I also upendo they way she roasted heathers punda in that's off the chain but the way she got out was a little weird but it didn't really matter because she loved the loser island she even...
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Okay....apparently, my makala was too long, and it cut off the ending. -___e Anyway, because of that, I'm jusr gonna post this as part 2! Hope wewe enjoy! ^^'

“Mike...what's-” Zoey began, but stopped when Mike suddenly knelt on the ground before her. He then pulled out something from his pocket, Zoey's great surprise...she saw it was....a ring. A beautiful engagement ring. Zoey gasped audibly, and, in other words, became dumb-struck.

The two of then stayed like that for a moment. Mike kneeling before Zoey, Zoey just staring in awe. After a while, Mike then spoke, and asked the question...
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So, i get really tired of people always complaining about Courtney and how "evil" and "mean" she is. There ARE people who actually like her, wewe know. i'll just be posting some of the most maarufu complaints about her, and i'll be well, reasoning with them.
"She cussed in her audition tape!" yes, but she's not the only character to ever cuss. don't take it all out on her.
"She destroyed the set on Rock n' rule!" and she did that to win! what? was she supposed to destroy only a little bit, to be fair?
"She was ALWAYS trying to change Duncan!!!" yes, but, Duncan didn't seem too annoyed kwa that,...
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Noah picked Cody up bridal style and carried him to the pool.
"Everyone! Cody just went into labor!"Noah screamed.

With his outburst. Everyone stopped and dropped everything they did and rushed over to Noah.They all started asking bila mpangilio questions.

"Oh My God! How can i help?
"Are they any doctors here?!

While everyone was talking Cody winced in pain and started breathing harder as zaidi contractions hit.Then he felt a gush of water flow down his legs.

"Uh-Oh." He thought
"Noah.There coming."

"Can everybody just shut up and listen! Does anyone here have any sort of experiance with delivery?"Noah asked...
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posted by Markiey_Dear_10
Hi, Im Markiey (Weird Name I Know Blame My Mother, HaHa) And Im New! I Think TD Is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I Dont Care How Many Times My Marafiki Tell Me To Grow Up And That TD Is A Kids Show, I Still upendo It =) Imma Kid At Heart. Thats Why Im So Bubbly! So Yeah. I Know Alittle About fanpop Thats To My Little Sis: whoo_sharp_e And My Friend/Sisters Friend: NoahxCourtney77 So Bassicly...What Do wewe Do??????????? Thnxxxxx,

P.S: Sorry If Any Of wewe Think Think This Is Spam I Just Thought I Should Put This On A Club I Loooooooove!

P.P.S: If Your Wondering I upendo Izzy, NoCo, And GxD
posted by cookiewasted9
Duncan looks like a toilet and Trent is batshit.
How batshit?...tHiS bAtShIt.

Anyone else agree Total Drama Island is best and always will be best?

This Gwen,this is not my kind of Gwen.

Trent may be crazy,but how sexy would he look in a straightjacket?

Justin looks like a beaver, biva to me yet reminds me of tofu.

I imagine Trent has a twin brother because I like twincest.

Your mom and me all night long watching Total Drama Island.

wewe know that kubeba was only chasing them to get Trent's number.

Sorry,I didn't know pausing the tv on Trent and making out with it was a no no....

Courtney wewe smexy beast!

I used to dream of TxG then it turned into it's going off into a twincest fantasy..

TDI would of make a great anime....someone get on that.

I once bought a blow up doll and glued Courtney's face to it...oh the night we had...

Trent was Chef for Halloween two years in a row.


Ok,that is all>_<
 me (Penny)
me (Penny)
Ok befor i start the acrtical i just want wewe to know that if wewe still want to be in these articals but wewe havent sighned up yet here is the link.

and if wewe are in the articals and wewe want something to change au just want to leave a maoni go ahead oh and please don't tell me i am a bad soeller i alread know that.k here we go.

Penny's P.O.V
Me and my Marafiki just sighned up for TDP.And a weird thing is we all made it, oh well. i am so excited because cheff is going to come and pick me, jake, yuri, austin, and ya'vanti up. Jake is my boy friend, yuri is my best friend,austin is just a...
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posted by TDItwin
i wrote this for school it is tdi related but my english teacher dosnt know that !!
it was raining wait not raing pouring i needed somewere to shelter au my hair would turnn into a made science expriment then i saw it a small derlected house just one house in the middle of the country side all alone CRACK lighting ohh no thats it i thought i need shelter and ran into the house i shouldnt of done that !

when i got in the house i knew at once it was a bad idea there was moss all over the gray walls "hello" i called out i dont know why i just did...
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 I Did not made This A Friend did!!
I Did not made This A Friend did!!
The siku was so far away I Couldn't believe I had got pregnant kwa Tyler. I've Seen This on lifetime A lot With My Mother on Mother's siku and even A Girls Night Out With my friends. I Thought It will Never EVER happen To me. Now We're Just Drops Outs In A House With Three Babies. And Tyler has A Crappie Job And While I Have To Babysit Me And Tyler's Kids. And It All had To Start with Tyler coming drunk with A bia can in his hand. Tyler?!? I alisema wewe can't bring bia in To The house when The kids are watching TV In There playpen? alisema Lindsay with A Aonnyed look on her face. look Lindsay! I maybe...
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posted by PeacefulCritic

Amy: I do find her character ok but she seemed like she was just there so wewe feel bad for Sammy. She didn't do anything but beat up and boss around Sammy. Her personality and her actions was almost as clear as Chris being the main villain of the show. She didn't do much really if she did I'll like her if she has a real reason for it. I really wish that they would of done something to make this character seem like a character instead of a weakness of Sammy's

Sammy: I guess I do like her character. But when I saw her audition tape for the first I through she'll be another Zoey. Seriously...
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So after finishing Total Drama All-Stars I started watching Total Drama Revenge of the Island, and I realized something... Scott and Lightning are always with each other.

I don't think it's something the writers did on purpose but whenever the teams are out, their always standing inayofuata to each other, when one of them gives an idea, the other almost always supports it (and is normally the first to do so), and they normally agree with each other. They also get along pretty well, while most of the other team mates just fight.

Lightning has actually alisema (in one of the first episodes), that Scott...
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posted by gothemo1234
tabitha:your in the furture

chirs:who are u

tabitha:im tabitha ill onyesha u the furture look what happen's to duncan's son colin

(duncan's famliy looks at colin rip)

chirs:how did he die?

tabitha:u never payed duncan so he's son died because he never ate

(gwen and the two kids leave and duncan looks a the rip one zaidi time)

tabitha:thats so sad (starts crying and blows her nosie on chirs's shrit)

(duncan puts colin's cane on he's rip and leave)

cody:man why do we have to dig the died poeple up?!?

harrit:i dont know because we need the job to get money so start diging

(after there are done diging chirs looks...
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posted by soxfan89
So, I'm Going To Make A Story Called "Katie And The Beast". It's Gonna Have Everything From The 1991 Movie "Beauty And The Beast" But It's NxK Style. So Here I Go With The Cast!
Mrs. Potts-Bridgette
Bimbettes-Lindsay, Courtney And Beth
So There wewe Have It!
Chris: Okay everybody your first challange is...


Chris: Fine! But your the last person to get a change of pokemon! DRINK THIS! *gives desiree water* DRINK IT ALL!

Desiree: *drinks water and turns into a ninetails* OMG! AWESOMENESS!

Chris: okay anyway, lets get onto our challange! Our challange is a talent onyesha where only 3 members from each team will participate!

Sofie: um exactly what type of talent onyesha are wewe talking about.

Chris: A pokemon talent show,In a pokemon talent onyesha wewe will use your attacks to make a wonderfull onyesha that will impress...
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posted by taytrain97
I'm going to 7th grade tomorrow, so I've decided to recap on my inayopendelewa times during my 6th year.
BTW, Raynie is me.


Ah, sixth grade. I miss it so...xD


Science, my inayopendelewa class. How much I learned will stay with me forever, from both the vitabu and my classmates. xD
(Science room. All the diologue is in an English accent.)

Austin: 'Ave wewe been to Narnia lately?

Raynie: No, 'ave you?

Austin: why, yes I 'ave. Why...
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posted by LeshawnaGirl
What is Duncan's fear, yes we know it as Celine Dion muziki Store Standees but really what is it? I have the answer, it it it it it it is. Well, isn't it obvious. His fear is mean, funny, and juvenille.

It hides under your kitanda and its everywhere. who is it, what is it! Is it Chris, Chef, the big sassy sista LeShawna, no its its its?
Its HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes Himself!!!!!
With enough edginess to be censored kwa Cartoon Network, Total Drama Island teeters on the borderline between milder Adult Swim shows and regular CN shows. With CN not caring much about the series anymore, maybe it's time to go in the Adult Swim direction. This would allow for zaidi of that mature humor that made TDI so great, and was kinda Lost in later seasons. But would Adult Swim accept the pitch? Here's why I think so. While TD's ratings may not be good enough for CN, Adult Swim has renewed Squidbillies, which got even lower ratings on its latest season. Adult Swim also recently revived...
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