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sanaa ya shabiki
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This Total Drama Island sanaa ya shabiki might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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 lula trying to tALK WITH TYLER
lula trying to tALK WITH TYLER
ok today is my first siku at highschool upendo ok here it goes ;people walking; courtney:hi am courtney who are wewe lula;am,am,am lula courtney:nice to meet ya lula and what a nice name lula:thx wewe are ok court courtney:thx lula;oh my word who is that hot dude courtney:you mean tyler oh he is a joke that is bad in sports he is a complete losers why go for a guy like that ;tyler trips and falles in a bin; she what i mean lula:well i think am inlove am going to talk to him courtney:ok but remember he a loser lula:yeah yeah ok here i go lula:hi dude am lula am new here i was wondering if wewe coulde...
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*At the Elimination Ceremony*

Chris: well well...looks like the Leet's are now the Noobs

Sgt. Calhoun: how funny....

Chris: so now wewe will vote and someone goes home....*smirks*

*Everybody goes to vote*

Sgt. Calhoun: now while they're voting, lets onyesha some of the confessionals...
*In the confessional booth*

Sayu: no way! i could have won DX I upendo mario! But i'm not blaming anyone my teams coolio ^-^

Sayu: oh well...our team may have Lost for now but i'll try and win it for us next!....

Sayu: man i could kill for some chokoleti right now...and some guitar, gitaa hero I'm

Sayu: just..gonna..go.....
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Hmm, I think I might go back to this scripting... It is faster, therefore I can get zaidi done. Hope wewe enjoy anyways.

Chris: Last time on TDL, the campers had to survive in a jungle. Cody led his team to a not-so-victory and they had to face elimination. It was Heather who got eliminated because her team thought she was at fault, but it was actually Owen who didn't tell his team the challenge. Who will be eliminated next? Find out right her on Total. Drama. Letters.

Team Inferno - Geoff, Gwen, Owen, Izzy, Cody, Tyler, Sadie, DJ.

Team Hydrogen - Bridgette, Trent, Lindsay, Noah, Katie, James,...
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"Regret something Beautiful" Epilogue & "Here we go again"  Intro

A week after the wedding, Mike and Ally have been zaidi close than ever before. They worked together and managed to handle their little children.

Though they were starting work in a few days, they always stayed close to their Marafiki and assisted them with their careers. Thinking back, the couple compared their Marafiki past life and what their doing now.

Duncan and Courtney still have the same jobs that they had before, only now with a cute little girl named Ameilia. Ameilia has pale skin, Dark brown, curly hair, and brown eyes....
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-The dance-

Ally stirred from her sleep and opened her weak eyes. She felt something warm and strong press against her body. Oh yeah, Mike. He was silently snoring and was still fast asleep. Ally looked at her digital clock. 9:45. Oh crap!
     She quickly shot up in her bed, then started shaking Mike and whispering his name.
     "Mike! Mike!" she hissed."Wake up!"
     "Chester no! Thats not a razor!" He snorted before he woke  from his crazy dream.
     Mike rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock.
      "9:45?! My parents are gonna kill me! I gotta get home!" He exclaimed....
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