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total drama: revenge of the island
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"Hey, Fiona! Barry! Stay close! Got that?!" Gwen shouted to her 2 5-year-olds who were playing tag outside in their backyard. "Anyway, Bridgette, so Noah told me he works at the maktaba now! " "HaHa! Why doesn't that surprise me?" Bridgette laughed. Bridgette and Gwen both sipped their cup of coffee. Then, the doorbell rang. "Oh, that must be Geoff and my beautiful young Lola." alisema Bridgette. Gwen and Bridgette walked to the door and opened it. Bridgette said,"Smoochie-poo! Lola! Come on in!" Gwen greeted Geoff and high-fived Lola. "Wow, your house is big. And clean!" Lola said. Gwen just...
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As stated in the first three parts of the episode, Gwen and Trent are getting married and are having a big wedding, with the help of some of their friends. Here's part three. This time, some of the preparations are going haywire.

Leshawna's Journal

Despite my pineapple allergy, I have decided that I should work on the batter and the frosting, but it wasn't gonna be easy. There had to be some individual situations with what type of flavor frosting Trent and Gwen would like, au what kind of cake decorations they'll like. This was going to be one hell of a decision. But first, I needed to confront...
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Note: Sorry for the long delay, but I was working on a fan-made spin-off for another show. Anyway, here's the story.

Trent's Journal

We were facing a terrible tragedy with our tailor. He stated that me and Gwen needed custom-made clothes, but we both thought that it was one of the most terrible idea we have ever heard of. So wewe know what we did? We fired his ass. Now we holding auditions to see whoch person has the guts to be our new tailor. There was one person who we thought had a good style, but a little bit too much. Then there was one with a high passion for fashion. I liked him, but Gwen...
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Justin's Journal

As wewe realized, after I got back from my trip, there has been some crazy shit going on while I was gone. So I went into town to find out what was going on. Turns out, it was some freakin' meteors from space. They have put many shops out of business, massacred a lot of stores and fucked up Noah. In my experience, I had to do something about it. I went over to the mayor and told her what had happened to the city. She told me that alien lifeforms had crash landed from space, and they wanted to see what human life was like. I told her that I wanted to do something about the alien...
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Heather's Journal

Man, I cannot believe what that son of a bitch, kahaba asshole Leshawna was doing with Chris. When I walked kwa her house, she was trying to hide something from me. It looked like some sort of upendo note. How did I know it was a upendo note? It was heart-shaped and was covered in glitter. Who the hell was she uandishi a letter to? And better yet, what the fuck was going on?! It had to be Justin. She was all google-eyed on him in season 1 and for some point, trying to have sex with him. That peach-wearing porno rap-star wannabe was about to get her big fat punda kicked so hard that she wasn't...
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Sadie's Journal

Oh, my God, wewe will never guess what happened to me and Katie last night. Justin Bieber visited our house and told us about his upcoming concert. We were like so amazed when he told us about it. wewe see, me and Katie are big mashabiki of Justin Bieber and has always liked his muziki and styles. Katie told him that we were gonna be there and that we look mbele to seeing his concert. We called Lindsay and Beth and a couple of our Marafiki and told them about the concert. They all squealed with Glee and they also noticed that Justin Bieber had some extra tickets, so we could take every...
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Harold's Journal

After being voted off the game, I've decided to take zaidi efficent actions in my spare time. I dreamed about being on Jersey Shore, and it had just came true. MTV was holding auditions for their new spin-off, "Jersey Shore: Off the Chain". Leshawna didn't care if I was on some show, she knew there was a piece of me inside of her. The night of the premiere was so intense I wasn't even sure what to do, but I gave it my best shot and nailed it out. Leshawna saw my performance and loved it.
Blaineley's Journal

I can't believe Chris. That stuck-up son of a bitch, kahaba thinks he can vote me off, but that is so unfair! I was supposed to be the host! Me! Fuck him and his dumbass schemes. Last night, I had a vision in which I murdered Chris with a shotgun, and he fell off a cliff. I was like "Oh, my God, that is an awesome idea." I had announced it on "Celebrity Manhunt" and alisema that I wish Chris was dead. It was possible, but it was one thing I alisema insulting about Chris. I should kick his punda hard!
Cody's Journal

What the hell was I thinking? I almost had sex with Sierra. I might've saved her punda out of a destroyed plane, but now I look at her and every now and then she's in kitanda with me and attempting to molest me, making me think that we're gonna masterbate. Lucky for me I was able to get out of her area before it got worse, and horrible! Out of all the twisted challanges of season 3, that was the most horrible thing I've ever done in my life, inayofuata to getting mauled kwa bears and Gwen beating me up.
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