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posted by smckinlay2
5) Brooke & Lucas | 82 Letters. Rain kisses. Cuddling on couches. These two were just epic. They challenged each other and were better people because of that. Their chemistry is amazing. I believe Lucas is the guy for Brooke and Brooke is the girl for Lucas. Despite not ending up together they are soulmates. Pretty Girl and Boyfriend always <3

4) Tyler & Caroline | I upendo these two so much. The connection they have is amazing. Tyler's went from being her boyfriend's best friend to her rock. They need each other and mean so much to each other. Also vampire & werewolf badass couple....
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posted by leytonfanlove

Bangel (Buffy the vampire salyer)
piper & leo(charmed)
oliva & peter(fringe)
joey & pacy (dawson`s creek)
ezria (pretty littie liars)
emily & maya(pretty littie liars)
Haleb(pretty littie liars
spoby(pretty littie liars)
max & logan(dark angel)
casey & cappie (greek)
payson& Rigo (make it au break it)
emily & damon (make it au break it)
kaylie & austin(make it au break it)
chuck & sara (chuck)
kris & juniour(wildfire)
jason & paige...
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posted by huddygirl2
We know about shipping when wewe pair to character together for romance but there are different kind of shipping

I know wewe all my life:this one means the people know ether all there life there ether best Marafiki au not but there do start dating some time. like Kim and Ron
your my best friend:much to the same thing as I know wewe all my life but this could ether mean that au there just best Marafiki most people could say there upendo ether other and the best Marafiki would say no but the to best Marafiki will one siku start dating like Moze and Ned
love hate relationship:one to people hate ether but yet there upendo ether au there hate ether but then later turned in to upendo ether will there start dating like Jimmy and Cindy
forbidden love:one to people upendo ether but there upendo is forbidden like Remo and Juilet (only one I could think of)
there are other such as wewe my partner your my boss your my employee the reason I didn't put it cuz there basely the same thing.
posted by swimchick
As someone who clearly loves TV couples (hence being a shabiki of this spot) I am open to any and all ships and I am glad to see that people have such varied opinions. But in one area, I simply must put my foot down.
POINTLESS COUPLES. Now some of wewe may have recently answered my pick on this very subject, but that pick alone does not reveal the depths of my annoyance.
Let's face it, most TV shows have epic couples, and not-so-epic couples. But there are shows out there who know just when to allow secondary couples to add color and variety, whereas others simply waste space and air-time.
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I have loved Delena since the very first episode of TVD. They had amazing chemistry, and I was really excited for this ship. But now, about nine months later, I have gotten to the point where I do not want to ship DE. Why? Because of the fangirls.

No one should ever have to stop shipping a couple because of a shabiki base, but some of wewe have made tons of my Marafiki quit the TVD spot. Because apparently if your opinion isn't pro-Delena, it doesn't count.

A small-portion of DE mashabiki have made it impossible for the rest of us to be proud of shipping them. They spam, troll, and are just plain rude....
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20.Will & Emma II Glee - I upendo them.They would be higher on my orodha but lately.Unbelievable how they screwed thatup with the dentist-storyline and everything.:( But i LOVED them in season 1 and I still hope...

19.Lorelai & Christopher II Gilmore Girls - Aww.I upendo them.Their sarcasm.IMO they are way better than Luke & Lorelai. I think they`re soulmates.He always knows why she`s doing what she`s doing and they are so cute and funny together.Typical highschool romance.aaaw.

18.Jessica & Hoyt II True Blood - Just SO cute. This couple is only in the tv series not in the book and...
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So many plots, from Doctor Who to Homeland, Sherlock and Lost to Fringe, would be much improved kwa ditching the upendo interests altogether

When the Doctor shared a kiss with his newest companion this Christmas, my response was not "Aahh" but the distinctly unimpressed "Oh". My disappointment was nothing to do with Jenna-Louise Coleman's performance as young governess Clara Oswin Oswald but because I am fast growing tired of the notion that every onyesha needs a sprinkling of romance to make our hearts beat faster. Some of them, I can't help thinking, would be much improved kwa ditching the upendo interests...
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posted by justme1997
Why I dislike Leyton
The Leyton mashabiki keep saying Brucas mashabiki only dislike Leyton, because we are upset that Leyton ended up together and not Brucas.
Ok, I admit it I am upset about it and it made me dislike Leyton a little bit more, but there are so many reason, I will give wewe a few:

-First of all Peyton kissed Lucas thrice, and every time Lucas current girlfriend broke up with Lucas au at least they argued a lot. If she hadn´t done it, maybe he would still be with Brooke (or Lindsey.)
-Then Lucas first proposal, she alisema someday, but in the end of the third season she proposed to Jake. Every...
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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
Ever since I first started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I've always felt that Angel was a better match for Buffy than Spike. To me, Bangel is the perfect couple and they're soul mates who are star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet. They've had to deal with things that no other couple have had to deal with but yet they've come out strong in the end. Angel is the one that Buffy truly is meant to be with because she told him she was cookie dough and not fully baked while Angel told her that he wasn't getting any older. They have been through a lot and I will always upendo them. I've always...
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My first kiss went a little like this
And twist
-kiss kiss-
And twist

Well my first kiss went a little like this
And twist
-kiss kiss-
And twist

I alisema no zaidi teachers
And no zaidi books
I got a kiss under the bleachers
Hoping that nobody looks
Lips like licorice
Tongue like candy
Excuse me miss but can I get wewe out your panties?

In the back of the car
On the way to the bar
I got wewe on my lips
(I got wewe on my lips)
At the foot of the stairs
With my fingers in your hair
Baby this is it

She won't ever get enough
Once she gets a little touch
If I had it my way
You know that I'd make...
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