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Jane's POV
"Sir, I have confirmed where miss Renesme is." I alisema calmly. "Excellent. Send some men to her EXACT location, bring her to me. If she refuses....Kill her." He alisema coldly. I smiled. "Yes sir!"
Edward's POV
I looked down at Renesme, she was sound asleep, her red curls fell in her face, I quickly brushed them away-Hoping not to wake her. But unfortunitly she awoke. Her eyes cracked open. I stared at her, and she stared back. "Glad to see wewe ok" I said. She had a confused look on her face. Then it changed. Her eyes were droopy and she was frowning. She sniffled, Then started crying. "Uhhh. Ness?! Whats wrong, why are wewe crying???" She didnt tell me, she just kept crying. "J-Jacob, Let m-me talllllk to hiiim" She wailed. I got up, turned around and motioned jacob to come forward.
Jacob's POV
"Babe? Whats wrong?!"I screamed,scared of might be coming. "B-baaby" She choked out. "Baby?.....Now?!" She weakly nodded. I gasped. "Bella! Edward! She's in labor!" They both looked at each other. "But its only been 4 weeks!!!!" Bella shouted. "Who cares?!" She didnt answer after that. Renesme screamed. We all turned our focus back to her. Knowing that the baby was coming soon.
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