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Jane's POV
"Sir, I have confirmed where miss Renesme is." I alisema calmly. "Excellent. Send some men to her EXACT location, bring her to me. If she refuses....Kill her." He alisema coldly. I smiled. "Yes sir!"
Edward's POV
I looked down at Renesme, she was sound asleep, her red curls fell in her face, I quickly brushed them away-Hoping not to wake her. But unfortunitly she awoke. Her eyes cracked open. I stared at her, and she stared back. "Glad to see wewe ok" I said. She had a confused look on her face. Then it changed. Her eyes were droopy and she was frowning. She sniffled, Then started crying. "Uhhh. Ness?! Whats wrong, why are wewe crying???" She didnt tell me, she just kept crying. "J-Jacob, Let m-me talllllk to hiiim" She wailed. I got up, turned around and motioned jacob to come forward.
Jacob's POV
"Babe? Whats wrong?!"I screamed,scared of might be coming. "B-baaby" She choked out. "Baby?.....Now?!" She weakly nodded. I gasped. "Bella! Edward! She's in labor!" They both looked at each other. "But its only been 4 weeks!!!!" Bella shouted. "Who cares?!" She didnt answer after that. Renesme screamed. We all turned our focus back to her. Knowing that the baby was coming soon.
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Okay so I was just looking through my pictures, and I found this:

 Characters Heights
Characters Heights

I can't remember where I got it from (possibly but I just thought it as really interesting.
I mean look how small Alice is, when the book says she's small I didn't think she'd be that much smaller than Bella.
And look how tall Jacob is...hmm maybe he would win in a fight against Edward...maybe not, Edward is good at everything afterall.
So anyway, I just thought it would be useful for people who have trouble picturing the characters heights -like me :).
Tell me what wewe think- does it help at all??
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


As I half-ran to class, my head was spinning faster than the bottle cap. So few maswali had been answered in comparison to how many new maswali had been raised. At least the rain had stopped.
I was lucky; Mr. Banner wasn't in the room yet when I arrived. I settled quickly into my seat, aware that both Mike and Angela were staring at me. Mike looked resentful; Angela looked surprised, and slightly awed.
Mr. Banner came in the room then, calling the class to order. He was juggling a few small cardboard boxes in his arms. He put them down...
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