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posted by sh0rtiinedward
I was pretty sure that since the horrific experience with the voltuari, our happy ever after will begin but something strange is happening to me I been having visions and this is very weird, because the vision thing is Alice's job not mine, but what I realize is that maybe are just memories from my human life, so this doesn't bother me anymore.
What I have to do is take care of my little Angel and don't worry about these stupid visions.
im planning to spend zaidi time with Nessi, she just turned 4 years Old but she looks like a 14 mwaka Old girl, She is so beautiful with pale and smooth skin, brown and curly hair just like mine and big brown eyes just like mine in my human life and she blushes a lot like a tomato, how I miss that.... Oh and she looks just like her father I upendo them, both.....

“Mom what are wewe staring at the window?” Rennesme asked

“Nothing I was just thinking! But what are wewe doing awake at this time??”

“mmm nothing I just want to hear my inayopendelewa story one zaidi time please!!”

I raised my perfect shaped eyebrows

“Haven't wewe had enough of the story yet?”

“Nope... “She alisema laughing

“ok where do wewe want me to start??”

I ask as I was brushing her hair

“of course from the beginning, the very first time wewe laid your eyes on dad?”

I smile; I knew that if I was still human my face would be very red.

“Well I began when I moved to forks with your Grandpa Charlie.”

“No mom! wewe edited out the good part.” She complained

“well time has passed and wewe already know the story anyways and am getting old wewe know.”

“Mom you're not that old.”

I songesha my self to the mirror and I stared at my self nothing has change at all, people who don't know us would often mistake us as sisters, I think it’s better than explain the whole adoption thing.
Rennesme jumped out of kitanda as Edward opened the door and walked inside the room

“Hey baby girl why wewe still awake did wewe mom is telling wewe scary stories?” He asked as he kissed her forehead

“mm No dad we were just here talking about wewe and mom and you’re magic upendo story”

“Oh ha-ha I know the story very well, well baby can I borrow your mom? I miss her already”

“Sure, Sure upendo birds...” Nessi whisper rolling her eyes.
Edward placed his arm around my shoulder

“Some thing’s never change wewe know. “Edward alisema staring deeply in my eyes

“Whatever THAT’S IS OUT OF MY ROOM NOW” she demanded

“Ok sleep well honey upendo you.” I crooned
and we close the door behind us. We started walking to our room. Me and Edward holding hands like always

“Awww look the upendo birds!!”

Some yelled behind us, I recognize the voice that sounds like a lullaby yes its Alice who else!!!

“What you'll can't hear me au what??” She asked
Edward and I laughed

“Yes sis. How can I help you?” I asked

“oh nothing I was just passing kwa to say good night and to tell y'all to don't make too much noise Nessi is sleeping!” She demanded

“Alice please.” Edward said

“what am just saying”

“ha-ha let's go Edward.” I demanded

“Alice don't worry we will be has quite has possible just like wewe and jasper.” I laughed

“Ugh Bella whatever”

“that's what wewe get,” Edward laughed

“ok have a good night”. Alice told us and she left to the living room were Jasper was at, and we enter to our room, and we close the door behind us.

I untangled my self in the graceful know that Edward and I got in last night it was One of the most amazing nights ever and he wouldn't let me forget it at all.

"Edward can we go hunting today" I want to have some mountain Lion... I asked

“well I was going to play baseball with the family is a thunderstorm coming sorry”

“Fine I go my self then.” I ran out of the house and went south

I caught so many and big ones, I hunt until I felt fully satisfied! so I took the road nyumbani I really didn't want to go to the game, I got nyumbani in just 2 dakika and for my surprise Rennesme was sitting down alone in the porch

“honey what are wewe doing in here? kwa wewe self??”

I ask very worried

“mm I need to tell wewe something mom,”

“yes what is it??”

“I don't know what to do I’m very confused?”

We were about to start talking when the Cullen's arrive home.

“Rennesme wewe want to talk about this privately?”

“Yes please but not now it can wait”

“are wewe sure??”

“Yes I upendo wewe mom”

“Love wewe too.”
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