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This is the sekunde book to my first short story "As the sun sets" This is a story about the life of Renesmee Carlie Cullen ( In her POV with some exceptions) now that she is a teenager!

I suggest kusoma my first book (as the sun sets), so wewe can better understand this one (Daylight) This will take place just where we left off in the first novel!

This chapter is small aswell because of school schedual, but starting inayofuata sunday - I will have a chapter up every sunday, Long, full length chapters. Ill be on everyweekday at 10:30 am est aswell

I'd like to first apologise to all of my fans. I havn't been uandishi lately because I havn't found time - au I got stuck, Just lots of reason. I used to be able to write 2 au three chapters in a matter of hours, now its hard to get one out.

But I wan't to thank All of those who have been messaging me. Thoose who have been saying they wan't the book to come back, they wan't to see the story, that they upendo me and that I inspire them.

All of wewe inspire me! You've inspired me to start uandishi again - So here it goes! Im going to be uandishi zaidi often now - All thanks to all of wewe <33

I would like to dedicate this chapter to my little cousin Megan, and to all of my mashabiki <3

Chapter 8

"MY MOTHER?" I asked in disbeife.

" I don't feel that way anymore - Not at all!"

He was anxiously running his words through - I didn't bother trying to listen to his reasoning. I can't tell whether im angry au .. She's my mother for heavens sake!

I guess I always knew somthing wasn't right, why the allaince with the Mbwa mwitu loups would start before i was born.

Now i see it was because they both shared one interest - My mother. And after I was born, this interest became me.

I faced jacob who was watching me wairily, almost regretting the decision to tell me. He sat quite still, holding his breath for a moment.

"Nessie please don't be mad, I know it's hard to understand but-"

"Jake" I sighed then smiled "It's okay - I'm not mad"

The last thing I need is to fight with Jacob. I guess now it's easier to understand why Alec is such a touchy subject to him. He doesn't want to lose out again, especially to a vampire.

But what scares me is the fact that it's different for us- I mean it's not like it was between my mother and him.

He let her go because he could, and i'm not confident that if it came to the point where I chose Alec (Which I wouldn't) that he would let me go without a fight.

He sat still for a moment - Debating wether au not i was lieing.

" Nessie .."

"Jacob, It's fine. We can't change the past - Anyways, It led wewe to me, right?"

He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. I was glad we weren't fighting. I never liked fighting with Jacob - It felt wrong.

The sun fell hot on my warm skin. It was a beautiful siku - I had Jacob, we were in a beautiful place..But somthing was missing..

That's when I remembered Elisabeth. I couldn't see her frolicing anymore - She had dissapeared. I quickly stood up, In fear.

Jacob suddenly turned urgent with me. He started examineing me..

"Renesmee, what's wrong, are wewe okay?"

I looked once zaidi for Elisabeth, but nothing. Brushing Jacob off I ran out into the field.

"I'm fine, It's Elisabeth! She isn't here!"

My moyo beated heavily in my chest. I was in panic mode - You'd think that I would learn to keep a better eye on her! Oh no, Where is she!? I stood in the middle of the field looking around, but still no sign.

Jacob followed behind me, Trying to calm me down. He grabbed my hand, Holding me still.

"Renesmee, She can't be far. It's alright! wewe used to dissapear all the time too!"

I thought for a moment - But then returned back into panic. That was true, But whenever I went missing there was no Volturi trying to murder me!

I turned around to go back into the room, and notice somthing in my perphial vision. Suddenly I let out a gasp, it was Elisabeth!

She was facing the ukuta standing still. She seemed expressionless, Like she was in shock.
I ran to her side, Jacob wasn't far behind.

I knelt down beside her.

"Elisabeth, Are wewe alright?"

I watched her - But not a flinch to my words.
I flashed an anxious glare at Jacob.

"Give her a minute" He whispered hopeful.

I turned back to her. Slowly, she started to speak,

"Renesmee, I saw her.."

I thought for a moment, who could she be talking about? Jane, maybe?

"Saw who?"

"The Woman from my dreams - I saw her , She went in"

Elisabeth pointed towards the door on the far east side.

Then I remembered A little while ago, Elisabeth had told me about this woman she kept dreaming about.

The woman was in her early twenties, She had peach, pichi skin, bright blue eyes and her hair colour; Identical to Elisabeths.

I never thought much about it - I mean Everyone dreams about people. This could've been someone she saw on the mitaani, mtaa , anyone.

Now this might be Elisabeth's only link to Marafiki au family..

Suddenly Elisabeth Bursted into tears - I felt my stomach drop as soon as she did. I held her in my arms,

"Please! wewe have to help her" She cried.
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