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Things are getting zaidi intense once again in the Twilight fandom. Girls are screaming for each and every one of the characters in the Twilight Books... au is it girls screaming for the characters in the movies?

This is a rant. So beware. I'm not as formal in this "opinionated article", but I hope I wasn't rude. wewe can tell me if I was rude if wewe maoni :) I'm sorry if I come off as a little harsh.

When vitabu are being translated into film, there are bound to be changes. Character development, plot, emotional journey, etc.

What I'm trying to establish is that THE MOVIE CHARACTERS ARE NOT THE CHARACTERS IN THE BOOK. They're different. Not every side of the characters' complex figure has been portrayed in the movies. The characters in the vitabu are the blueprints... but in the movies, they haven't built the full model of the characters... there are holes in the model. Missing pieces.

I see maoni about "I upendo wewe ________! _______ is so hot!" They are implying they upendo the character because the actor is good looking. I'm going to be straight up, because I've been filtering my comments, but... doesn't that seem just a tad bit shallow? To disregard who the person is and just go with looks? The books... that's the source. Everything we see in stores now, the merchandise, the movies, the magazines, all came from one thing... the books. They're the rock thrown in the pond, and the merchandise/movies are the ripples, the aftermath of the rock being thrown. Without the books, there wouldn't be anything. So wouldn't it make sense to read the vitabu to come to a full conclusion of which characters wewe liked better?

And I find maoni like this disturbing, from both sides:

1) __________ is UGLY! What's wrong with you?

2) What's wrong with your eyes? Can't wewe see he's ugly?

3) Your so stupid to like him better than _________.

This is not how people should treat one another for their opinions. Especially when the accuser is accusing the person based on their own opinion. It's hypocritical and unnecessary! It's okay to have different opinions. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. Even if people have a different opinion than you, it's still fun to discuss. wewe can learn stuff from each other. wewe learn from your mistakes and wewe learn from people. It builds character. Debating is also dangerous. Just be respectful. I know debates can get heated, I've been in a could of debates myself, but respect goes a long way. If wewe respect others, they will respect you.

Another thing... why on earth does it matter who has the better body? It's not on the outside that matters. Sure, it doesn't hurt that the outside looks nice, but it's what's on the inside that truly counts. Skin tone fades, abs fades, outer appearance fades. "Time passes..." The physical features are worn out throughout life. We grow weak and we eventually are worn out.

But the inside, that's what truly matters....

A person's soul, a person's heart... that's what truly matters.

People tend to forget that. Before all this hype, it wasn't about who was hotter. People actually analyzed the characters and all their traits. Their flaws, their strengths. Now... the extent of a character's "qualities" are "he's so hot" and "he's so fit" and "his hair is so hot" and "he's just sooooo sexy!"

The definition of "hot" when Twilight first came out was... the reader's imagination. They imagined their unique character that they fell in upendo with. The character didn't have a face that the actors now helm. Just the reader's imagination. I'd like to point out that I don't have a problem with the casting really, but sometimes, it's nice to think back on who your inayopendelewa character was before he had a face. Before the sinema came out and before the series were corrupted and is now just this moneymaker.

If wewe recently became a shabiki of the series because of the movies, I highly recommend kusoma the books. Because the sinema can be deceiving. Don't get me wrong, I upendo certain aspects of the movies, but sometimes, the viewer can be led astray with the characters. The vitabu are a fast read. If wewe like the movies, you'll probably like the vitabu as well. Maybe even better :)

So please... differentiate the actors and the characters they play. Rob is not Edward. Kristen is not Bella. Taylor is not Jacob. They may share qualities, but they are not their characters. They were hired to be a part of the telling of a beloved story that a lot of people found intriguing. I'm glad a lot of people have accepted the actors to helm their beloved characters. Granted there are a lot of haters, but upendo speaks louder than hate.

Separate them from the characters because they aren't them. I urge wewe to read the vitabu if wewe haven't. And I urge wewe to be respectful. That's probably the most important thing. Why get into a fight when the characters are fictional? It's understandable that the characters are vividly described to some people, but at the end of the day, it's a book and the characters are just figments of the imagination. wewe open the book, wewe enter into another world, wewe close it, and you're back to the modern world. wewe can learn from the characters and their good qualities and bring them to life. That's the thing about imagination and learning... they're compatible. :)

So be respectful, be open-minded, be salama ♥

That is all. :)

maoni are much appreciated :) Thanks for taking the time to read :)
posted by jamiesue00
Chapter 1- Questions
My life had changed in so many ways in such a short time. I’d moved to Forks, met the upendo of my existence, Lost him and found a best friend in a werewolf. Edward of course came back, neither one of us could really breath without the other. I had fought to save my life countless times, almost killing myself for our beautiful daughter Renesmee. Life seems to be almost normal au so I thougt.
Jacob and Nessie where never too far from each other, he would do anything for her. Edward always kept a close eye on the two of them, still never really trusting Jacob. It was on this...
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posted by _madz_
im sorry i took so long but i wont bore wewe with excuses. i know this is very short but i didnt want to leave wewe guys hanging.the inayofuata one should be longer :)

Bella must have felt me hesitating. Her beautiful face looked up at me, her gorgeous, melting chokoleti brown eyes shining, even though she was faint from exhaustion. The crease between her eyebrows showed that she was slightly irritated. I wanted to raise my finger to her brow and smooth it out, but before I got the chance, Bella started talking.
“Please, Edward.” She whispered, the words slurred together.
Anything, I wanted to say,...
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posted by i_luv_twilight
hujambo this is the first chapter of a story i m writing. if u like it comment! if ppl like it i'll post more!

I was walking outside of my house when I saw him. He was unloading a moving van across the mitaani, mtaa with who looked like his father. His hair was a glistening golden-red color. I completely froze. I was stunned kwa the beauty that was standing a few yards away from me.
He caught me staring, causing my face to turn a bright shade of red. I could tell he was laughing at my cherry-colored face.
I rushed into my house almost running my face into the door, because I didn't unlock the door fast enough...
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