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As morning dawned, I turned to look outside. It wasn’t sunny but definitely not rainy. We couldn’t hold the hope of going to the town to see Charlie today.

As I gazed outside, Bella came in front of me with Nessie in her hand. “Ready to go see our family?” I smiled. “We cannot be here without them, can we?” She smiled back too.

She looked dazzling when she smiled. A few rays of sunlight which managed to come through the clouds, made her skin sparkle. I touched her hand and felt its smooth texture. Then I took Nessie form her other hand.

I cradled her, in my arms and asked her, “Want to see your grandpa and grandma Nessie?” she smiled and touched my cheek; “You want to see Jake and Rose, do you?” She nodded.

“If we don’t go now, we’ll find an angry werewolf and vampire coming to our cottage Edward” Bella said. Of course, they couldn’t kubeba to be away from Nessie.

So let’s go I alisema and took Bella’s hand in mind. She carried Nessie in her other hand. As we walked we spoke, “You still fear the Volturi, don’t you?” I asked Bella. “I only fear that they will take Nessie away from us, Edward.” “Don’t worry! They won’t come back.

They already had a taste of fear, and I bet they wouldn’t want it again. But I am surprised.” Her brow furrowed when she asked “Of what?” “I was of the impression that wewe didn’t like the name Nessie?” Bella thought for a while before she answered, “At first I thought I wouldn’t give in, but Jake has al rights to name her. Doesn’t he? I still hate the idea of him as a son-in-law, but who else would be right for Nessie? So I gave up.”

Just as we passed a thick bush, I heard a voice from distance. It was a mind voice with pain in it. I immediately recognized it as Leah’s. Even though she was far away I could hear her from here. She didn’t know I was at hearable distance.

‘I wish Renesmee had not intervened. Jake has
imprinted and I can’t do anything. What a sick thing is this imprinting? I don’t think…it will be a hell lot of good…maybe if Renesmee’s not!’

She had caught my scent and knew I was there. She glared at me and Bella as we came close. Bella couldn’t understand her look. I just stared at Leah. I didn’t know she had such a wish. The pain she felt was so deep.

At the same time I felt afraid for Nessie. How could she even think? This was crossing limits. We had aliyopewa her enough chances already. I had to do something about her. Maybe Jacob will be able to silence her poisonous thoughts. Bella was staring between me and Leah, wondering what was going on.

Leah pleaded to me in her mind:
‘I wish wewe wouldn’t tell to Jacob Edward. I know wewe are scared whether I will take away Nessie, but I cannot…I want to speak to wewe alone. Can wewe come? I know it’s bizarre but I need to pour it out to someone.’

I wanted to rip her out for even thinking that way but I just nodded. I didn’t want to put up a fight in front of Bella. Bella was happy only after the end of the volturi’s advance last mwezi and I didn’t want her to be tormented kwa new problems.

I just nodded and then we left. “Are wewe going to tell me what happened there?” Bella asked. She was so observant even when she was a human and that intensified as she became a vampire. “When time comes, I will” I said.

She sighed knowing she wouldn’t be able to get even a bit zaidi from me. Then we silently approached the house. I heard the voices of Rosalie and Jake in front of the porch.
‘Look how he is gaping at Nessie! He is a stupid moron.

A whole apple wouldn’t fit into his hanging mouth! Wish he hadn’t imprinted on Nessie! He’s not letting her spend her time with her aunt.
She kept glaring at Jacob who smiled back cheerfully. He was so confident Bella was going to hand Nessie to him.

As Bella approached them closer, Jake’s hand shot forward.
‘Look at his hands! I will upendo to rip them off their place.’
Rosalie thought and alisema “Bella give renesmee to me, today’s my chance.”
“You look so natural at lying Blondie! Do wewe know the joke about the blonde who told lies?” alisema Jake.

“I don’t want to know any of your dumb jokes.” She replied. “Bella give her to me.”
“Why yesterday was your chance beauty queen, have wewe gone as mad as to forget the dates?”
“I’m perfectly sane enough to know that yesterday went off in Bella visiting her father wewe dog! So it is fair to give her to me!”
“From when did wewe start seeing fair and just? It’s all about luck blonde!”

‘Just wait for Bella to give her to me wewe dog, and then I’ll see to it that wewe shut your mouth.’ Rose thought.
Bella was confused what to do. But Nessie touched her hand to Bella’s face. “Oh!” she alisema and gave Nessie to Rose, whose eyes gleamed with triumph. “See! She wants me!” Then she alisema to Jake “Nessie wants both of wewe to look after today, so rose wewe can feed her and Jake can play with her!”

Jacob’s face began to light up and rose’s a little dull. She quickly said, “Well as long as I get to have her even for a dakika before that dog, I’m happy.” She took renesmee and went off to her room. Jake followed.

We went to the hall, where Esme leaned over Carlisle who was kusoma a newspaper. As he heard us approach he got up, “Good morning my son! Good morning to our pretty daughter in law- Bella!” Bella looked so shy that I doubted she would blush being a vampire too. “Don’t call me pretty Carlisle, wewe are embarrassing me.” She said. “Yes she is something zaidi than pretty Carlisle. Pretty isn’t the right word. How about...” “Stop it Esme! wewe always flatter me.”
“Ok then. Can I have my gorgeous Nessie?” Esme asked with a brilliant smile. “Only if wewe find a way to separate her from Rose and Jake.” Bella said. When their small chatter was going on, I heard a voice.

‘I need to warn Bella now itself’ I heard Alice from upwards. As my head shot upwards to see, Alice was already down the stairs. She sped to Bella. “Bella your mom has decided to check on you, this week she’s coming to Forks.”
“But Charlie alisema he had everything under his control, he alisema that Renee was convinced.”
Alice “Maybe she never really accepted what Charlie had said. I hadn’t been keeping tabs on her and I didn’t no she was suspicious until she made the decision to come here.”

“Now what do we do?”-I could see the plain tension on her face. ‘Edward! Should I tell her the other news too?’

I looked in her mind to see about what it was – ‘Jane is deciding on coming here that very siku to check on us.’ The Volturi had not entirely forgotten the shame that had been inflicted upon them. They wanted revenge but Aro was holding them back. ‘Jane wants to check for some loopholes. If Jane finds out Bella maintaining relationship with her human mother- but there’s a good chance that she does not turn up too!’
I gave a shake of my head telling her not to tell it out without being sure. Bella was too stressed enough to notice this small conversation between us.

“Renee will be too horrified of my look Edward! We can’t let her come here! She’s so tender hearted. And what if she brings Phil?” Bella said.

‘If she comes to know of Jane, I can’t even imagine. She looks quite freaked out kwa now itself.’ thought Alice.
“But anyway Renee has to see you, love.” I said.

“I have to go meet Charlie Edward! Maybe he has a way to stop her from coming. But I can’t tell him that Alice had a vision. What do I do?”
Jake and rose had come there kwa now. Only Emmett and Jasper were out hunting.

“Tell him wewe want him to talk to Renee and ask about you. Tell him that the last time wewe spoke, to your mom, she sounded upset. Ask him to call her and ask how she had taken your words to her. If she has any idea of coming here, she will tell Charlie.” Rose said.

Carlisle alisema it was a good idea, but he was worried a bit. Charlie was different from Renee. She was too observant like Bella too. The time when I went to Florida, she had guessed something was wrong with me and wanted Bella to thin before doing anything with me. If she saw Bella in this condition then she will definitely find out our secret.

“Yes do that Bella. That’s the best thing we can do now.” Alice said.
“I’m off to Charlie’s Edward! I’ll take Jake and Nessie with me.”

After Bella’s departure, Carlisle, Esme and Rose left to go find Emmett and Jasper. After they all left, I motioned for Alice into my room. She came in with a worried expression. “Alice can wewe see anything else now?” “I’ll try Edward!” She shut her eyes and began to concentrate. Her brow furrowed. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and her eyes went blank. I was seeing what she saw too. Jane entered Aro’s chamber-‘Master! Can I do what I had asked to wewe earlier?’
Then her vision abruptly stopped! She had only planned on asking him, but the decision was Aro’s. So we had to wait.

“Edward! We have to be careful! It will be nicer if Bella’s mom does not arrive here soon”. “Yes I hope so too! We should not give them another possible motive.” I said. ‘Should we tell it to Carlisle?’ “Not now! We should make sure first. Maybe tonight! Right now I have to go.” Alice’s eyes narrowed and she asked. “What are wewe going to do? My vision of wewe is becoming blank.” “Nothing that should cause your worry sister! Right now, I have to meet someone.”
‘Who would it be?’ She continued with her guesses as I sped out to meet Leah.
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