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 Untagged HQ's Of Robert Pattinson Arriving In Heathrow Airport London (Sept 4th)
Untagged HQ's Of Robert Pattinson Arriving In Heathrow Airport London (Sept 4th)
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 The Cover
The Cover
Ok, this is an interview that Rob gave to a Brazilian magazine in November and i translated it for wewe guys!!! (sorry if it doesnt make much sense!! )

*How´s your life in LA?
Rob: I always come here for work and i even like being alone here. In general i stay here for three months. This time, since i´m here for longer than that, i miss the London´s streets.

*How was your audition?
Rob: They look for me in London and, after that, i sent a tape. The audition happened in the director´s house (Catherine Hardwicke). Me and Kristen made a upendo scene. When i got there i was nervous and a little intimidated...
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