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Okay shapter 10 is finally ready and chapter 11 is well on its way (I think wewe will like chapter 11!) so keep looking for it!

Everyone was on guard; I was still recovering from Nahul’s... I couldn’t think about it brought back the unpleasant memories.
I had been right about what Jacob and dad had been doing, Nahul was dead. There was however one consisting problem, the newborns. The strangest thing was that everyone went on as normal except that they whipped around at the slightest sound that could mean an intruder. It was funny, everyone was on guard but they all acted...
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*by Stephenie Meyer*


When I opened my eyes in the morning, something was different.
It was the light. It was still the gray-green light of a cloudy siku in the firest, but it was clearer somehow. I realized there was no for veiling my window.
I jumped up to look outside, and then groaned in horror.
A fine layer of snow covered the yard, dusted the juu of my truck, and whitened the road. But that wasn't the worst part. All the rain from yesterday had frozen solid - coating the needles on the trees in fantastic, gorgeous patters, and making the driveway a deadly...
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Twilight Products as Enticing as Edward Cullen’s Amber Eyes

Twilight-inspired action figures, games, books, gift packs and accessories – even a special re-release of the Twilight DVD – are now available at Toys“R”Us stores nationwide, located in eye-catching boutiques, featuring graphics and scenes from The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Following is a sampling of Twilight Saga products available at Toys“R”Us stores and online:

New Moon Lifestyle [Edward] Gift Set from NECA® – Available Exclusively at Toys“R”Us
Show support for Team Edward with the New Moon lifestyle pack, which...
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I don't know why Bella was uigizaji so werid ,these past couple days.Maybe human stuff.
but that night i found out .....

"bella are wewe ready to go back to the cottage"
I asked her from downstairs alice ,was playing bella barbie.I would give her a few dakika to wash the make-up off her face.
i heard her opening the door and her slow footsteps coming down the stairs. i don't know why but these last couple days she had been super careful of were she was going ....ohhh little did I know.

We were walking hand and hand back to the cootage when i put my arm...
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I could feel no pain what so ever, I couldn’t talk au move, though I could hear ever thing being said. “Her moyo rate is dropping!” and then I heard a long buzz. “We have to get her moyo beating again au she’s going to die.” I could hear my grandfather panicking because it was me his first grandchild, here dieing. I could feel Jacob’s tension. He wouldn’t let go of my hand unless my grandfather asked for something then he grabbed it again.
    I could feel seven pare of eyes on me. I could hear crying not dry crying but from my babies. It was weird I didn’t...
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hey guys...
So... this is my new story... Hope Y'all like it... Don't forget 2 maoni and rate guys! upendo ya'll!

Edward's POV

It was time for going to school. I don't know why I even had to go there, after all these years? I was truly getting tired of school, with all those girls staring at me like they haven't seen a boy au all the guys trying to get close to me so they can get girls they want!

Alice was sitting beside me in the car and she was wearing a stylish dress, like always!

"Let's go"

Alice alisema while she was fixing her hair in the mirror. I narrowed my eyes and started the car and without...
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posted by twilight_fan_8
Five dakika that gives me 300 sekunde to get control of my emotions. Not enough time. I don't know who to feel for. Jacob? Because he is only doing this unreasonable thing for me? au Edward? Because he didn't do anything. I'm the problem here. Both boys would be better off without me in their life. I wish I never moved to Forks. I left my normal life back at my moms house. If I stayed there neither Jacob nor Edward's life would be in danger. But I'm too selfish to actually want that. I have my best friend here, Alice. And I have my boyfriend, Jacob. And, hopefully, another friend, Edward....
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Is anyone even kusoma this? Should I just stop updating?

If wewe are kusoma it enjoy!


Ring. Ring. Ring.

The sound of my phone woke me up. It was Alice.

"Alice what do wewe want?" I alisema into the phone.

"That's a nice way to greet your friend, isn't it? Well I don't want anything from you. I have information on Jacob for you."

"Really? How? Tell me!"

"Well it's kind of a lot and I feel that I should tell wewe in person. Not over the phone. Can I come over now?" Alice asked.

"Sure," normally I wouldn't let Alice over at this hour, but I wanted to know...
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The Character

Name: Leah Clearwater

Type: Werewolf

Special Ability: None

About Them: Leah Clearwater is the daughter of Harry and Sue Clearwater. Leah is the older sister of Seth Clearwater and is the ex-girlfriend of Sam Uley. Leah is the only female member of the La Push werewolf pack. Leah and Seth transformed into mtu-bweha during the events of New Moon. Leah is described as beautiful in an exotic way with perfect copper skin, glistening black hair, and eyelashes "like feather dusters." As a werewolf, Edward describes Leah as a "smaller grey wolf." Leah is angry and uchungu, chungu as a result of her...
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posted by teamalice_0

The plane ride over here was uneventfull, much to my dismay. No one even Lost their luggage, every item was found. My golden eyes were stasred at and they kept whispering 'Cullen'. And something that started with 'A'.

I was intrested in that. But we had to go to our hotel, that I booked. The class wasn't big so I could book one for each group, plus chaperone. I had none group, I was a leftover, since it couldn't be evenly.

I was supposed to be keeping track to the attendance, and make sure no one fell behind during our 'tour'....
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when i found out bella had a child i didnt know what to think,alice alisema that bella was the one and she was my lover and when i asked if she knew about Vicky she alisema yes but it was not my right to tell wewe and vicky is so sweet and she smells kinda like bella,so wewe won't be tempted like wewe are bella,thats what she told me

this what my family thought when i fell in upendo bella

alice thought-finally wewe are so lonly and she is perfect

Jasper-well i could never do that i would end up killing her but good for you

Emmet-she has a kid but at least wewe found some one

Rose-you fell in upendo with a human...
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posted by renesmeblack

It turns out that yesterday was Renesmee's "18th" birthday. I have a lot to catch up on. Renesmee was shopping at a fancy new dress store downstairs, where I ordered Alice to take her to buy two new dresses. One was for her party, the other for the inayofuata part of the night.
Meanwhile, I was at the jewelry store, looking at sparkling necklaces. One was perfect for Renesmee. It was a ruby-and-diamond flower, with a dhahabu chain. I bought it, and then felt my moyo race as the cashier asked, "Is that all?"
I looked around, eyes resting on a particular case.
"One zaidi thing," I murmured as I headed...
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posted by Bella_Swan3

"Black? As in, Jacob Black?" Renee said.
"Yes," I alisema nervously, not sure how it mattered.
Renee blinked and said, "Oh."

* * *

Half an saa later, Jacob and I were inaonyesha Renee our honeymoon pictures. She was so warm and accepting. I felt like I already knew everything about her.

Jacob had "magically" produced picha albums filled with copies of EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN PICTURE EVER TAKEN OF ME. None with my mom, though.

Renee cooed over how "absolutely adorable" I had been. Jacob told her she could have them.

"You probably want to see the pictures I have of Bella," Renee alisema quietly....
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posted by lovethecullens
Chapter 28: Personal Demons (Nessie’s POV)
The past few days had been such a blur. First the terrifying fact that my best Marafiki was almost murdered. It was very emotional; although Seth continuously blamed himself I knew it was my fault. If it wasn’t for me she never would have met Seth and learned the truths of our worlds; the very truths that ended up costing Sienna her life. We all waited in my grandparent’s house restlessly. Seth sat in a corner looking very pale and withdrawn; the only person who could get through to him was Leah. I was off in my own world as well consumed kwa the...
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posted by ktbminnie12
Charlie’s POV

    I’m so furious, it’s scary. My daughter has been kidnapped! The chief’s daughter, kidnapped. I’m so angry. I’m not angry at her au Edward. I’m angry at whoever took her. I swear when I find out who it is, I’ll kill them. I will take my biggest gun I own and personally kill them.
    Rene and Phil flew in a couple of days ago. I met and talked with Phil. He was a nice guy. He was good for Rene. I was glad she was happy. Well, at this very moment she’s not. She’s got a mixture of emotions. Anger, sadness, and scared....
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Jacob couldn’t wait for another time.
Charlie and I were sitting in the living-room, watching TV and talking, when someone knocked on the door.
“Will wewe get that, Kayla,” Charlie said. He was smiling. I didn’t like that smile. He knew something that I didn’t. I hated that.
I opened the door and almost had a moyo attack. Standing there, grinning crazily, was Jacob.
“Jacob!” I said, utterly shocked.
His grin vanished when he saw me. His eyes went from shining happily, to blazing angrily. His hands balled up into fists and he started shaking. I grabbed one of his shaking arms and...
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Kellan Lutz, 23, plays Emmett Cullen, the tall and intimidating vampire husband of Rosalie and adoptive brother of Edward. Lutz’s credits include HBO’s Generation Kill and this year’s revival of 90210.

VF Daily: Had wewe read the “Twilight” vitabu before getting the script?
Kellan Lutz: I hadn’t. I didn’t even know there was a book series. I read the script while I was in Africa and fell in upendo with it. I loved the vampire story. It felt so new and fresh, not the typical “let’s kill the vampire with a pitchfork” idea. It was really unique. They first sent me out for Edward’s...
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Robert Pattinson
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